New MAG Developer Diary — PMCs

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We’re back with another behind-the-scenes for MAG! This week, in the third “MAG Mondays” dev diary installment, Zipper Interactive gives us an in-depth look at each of the three PMCs in the game: Raven, S.V.E.R., and Valor.

Do you associate with the high-tech, polished Raven, or are you drawn in by the traditional military style of Valor? Or perhaps you’re into the edgy, aggressive S.V.E.R.? I’ve chosen my allegiance; which private army will you join?

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  • @ sNsKid.

    Hell yeah brother!

  • looks great! but i think i only saw 1 dying animation in the whole video O.o

    anyways i got a question,

    what will happen if there are unbalanced pmcs? for example team Valor has more people than the other pmcs combined?

  • is it just me or is the ps blog getting real boring

  • Question for the SCEA/Zipper marketing folks…

    Who thought this game would be a good idea?

    Technologically? This game is impressive; I can’t argue with that. But, so was Motorola’s Iridium project– technically genius, but solving a problem that nobody had.

    If I was training a bunch of soldiers, it might be useful.

    But, the practical logistics of this game are dooming it to fail.

    If 256 people start a game at the same time, then great. If everybody is satisfied with the section/objectives that they are assigned, great. If everybody sticks around for the full game, great. If you can consistently get 256 different players– all with low-latency network connections, so it’s not the same people/game over and over again, great.

    But, guess what? Not all those things will magically come together at once.

    Players will get tired of waiting for rooms/games to fill. Clans will jump in/out of games, based on the progress of the battle. Entire 8-man units will drop out when they get shafted with their spawn/objective. People will get bored fighting the same clans that use the same (cheap, but successful) strategy, every single game.

  • Look at gaming trends…
    PSN, XBLA, Apple App store, PSP, DSi, etc are all skyrocketing game sales with games that offer small doses.
    CODs, SOCOMs, and every other FPS offers shorts doses (multiple rounds).
    MMORPGs succeed because they give a constant escape to an ongoing world that can continue without you there. If you and friends drop on MAG, then everybody else gets shafted.

    Yes, MAG will be a cool experience, if/when it’s firing on all cylinders, but there are too many things that HAVE to go right, that won’t, making this destined to be a short-lived game.

  • I don’t remember where maybe in gameinformer or something but it said that you would be playing like a mini map with people until the main game starts. I wonder if you can beat a side for example the game chrome hounds for 360 had 3 factions two of them could battle over a spot on a map it would be a world map each side started with 10 controlled spots and it would kind of be set up like the board game risk and it would take so many victorys on that spot to push them back and then once they were gone whoever was in that faction then could join one of the two remaining factions

  • MAG looks like the biggest multiplayer game ever at E3 conference! I might buy it. :]

  • this game is lookin really good right now

  • this is really lookn good

  • while all 3 of the factions definitelly have a great feel of authenticity to them, i am wondering if it will wind up being “unfinished” as in Confrontation where we were promissed that picking a SOP faction will bring this uncanny feel of being a part of that faction while in reality there is barely any difference with exception of 1 different weapon and 1 single set of armor?

    Hopefully Zipper is considering “locking” us in with that faction but with appropriate differentation, and rewards to really “feel like being a part” of that particular PMC as one of the guys said in the video!

  • nice

  • So… what happens if everyone happens to play as the same team, then will there be no competition?

  • Looks like I’ll be using Raven.

    Hope this game doesn’t launch with slow servers and freezing problems like Bad Company. Otherwise it looks like it might be a great online game.

  • yeeeAAAH!!!this game is looking good! TEAM Raven FTW!!! see you in the battle field…….when the game is launched…or BETA idk, I’ll just see you there.somehow.YEEEAAAH!!

  • Wow the graphics are shaping up, or my eyes are playing tricks on me

  • loves these videos keep them coming

  • I want this so bad, i’m chooseing Raven though. I already saw this yesterday though. Can you guys post these on monday next time?

  • There better be crosshairs on the hip fire.

  • this game is going to be awesome but they should fix some things like the grenade throw, the bullet streak should be more shorter because it looks like lasers, and the weapons should look better, with that this game would awesome!!!.

  • this looks very nice indeed,if I ever play is S.V.E.R.!!!, or nothing yeah!!!.

  • let’s go Valor! Right now, and reading the forums, Valor seems like it’s underrated, with everyone going to S.V.E.R. or Raven. I’m thinking of joining the Men of Valor clan, too, since I’ve never been in a clan.

  • i want this game so badly!!!!

  • @skips_one
    your right about the bullet streak.

    this game is going to be awesome!!! i hope i get into the beta because i wanna play it so bad!

  • I played MAG. It is very promising. May be the next big FPS title.

    And I even met Andy at E3, pretty cool guy so far. :)

  • Like #49 said… MAG finally cough my attention too now. You people really need to show this kind of customization in game. In the videos everyone look the same and the game feels ordinary.

  • I’m really looking forward to this game!!! Me and all of my buddies are getting it!! I’ll probably be playing this over Modern Warfare 2 because this is something new.

  • well done guys

  • death_magnetic84

    i was also wondering if we can change factions at will. if they all have their own cool stuff to check out it would be a shame to only be able to play as just one. i get that the “shadow war” keeps going even if i am not logged in, but is there ever a decisive victory? it seems that every so often the dev team should declare a victor for the time being, then everyone can switch up factions and start fragging again.

    and to everyone that claims this game will fail because of the sheer scope of it, what with all the technicalities of keeping 256 players logged in to a match, i’m sure the devs have thought of that, or at least working on it.

    these people aren’t morons. have a little faith. and if the game comes up and isn’t up to par, it’s not like it can’t be fixed. plus it’s going to get a ton of support from sony since it’s exclusive. so let’s just wait and see before we start bashing it.

  • I’ll be joining S.V.E.R.

    Can’t wait to play, looks like fun especially since it has that shadow war going on. I’m already trying to get my friends on my side so I wont have to be going against their teams haha.

  • Man I wish having a headset would be mendatory they should do like what they did with socom confrontation sell the game for 49.99$ and with 10$ more u get a bluetooth. Plus Raven’s looks sick, can’t wait

  • Will s.v.e.r have sniper rifles or any good weapons? How exactly will they be balanced when Raven have all the top of the line weapons?

  • RurouniSaiya-jin

    Go SVER!

    Hope to hear news about the beta in the near future


  • i cant wait 2 play this game so when is the beta and how do u get in it

    also im going 2 be a raven

  • Got mine pre-ordered. looks awesome hope its got all or most bugs fixed though.256 online man sounds like a battle royal!

  • whats the point of character customization if we CANT SEE OUR CHARACTER SINCE ITS FPS?!?!??!

  • It seems to me that Valor = the generic one, SVER = the bad ass one, and RAVEN = the futuristic AND bad ass one.

    I’ll be on Raven.

  • This game just keeps looking better.

  • Here’s ta a hopein Zipper gets the basics right

  • Team Raven baby! Great work Jill.

  • Ill probably pick Valor since I identify with them more since I was in the Army. But I must say Raven is looking impressive as well. i do hope we can change it up every so often though.

  • I think I will go for Raven. Do they play different?

  • raven all the way!

  • ivetusmcsat8202

    I’m with Valor all the way!!

  • Cant wait for this game. Its gonna own. I just hope there are enough smart people on each team that actually will perform the commands of the higher people.

  • VALOR!!

  • will MAG also have a singleplayer story mode? or is it a right-out-of-box multiplayer game?

  • oh and i’m siding with SVER. woot

  • i think it’s going to be great and can’t wait for it to come out

  • Valor Nuthin like the good ol mililtary

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