UNCHARTED 2 Live Chat with Naughty Dog Tomorrow at 2PM Pacific

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You took on the Naughty Dogs in the Uncharted 2 beta. You met the talent behind the game. And you even heard about the movie straight from the horse’s mouth.

So with all the Uncharted news of late, could there be a better time to get back into the live-chat swing? We think not, and that’s why tomorrow, the Dogs will be here to field your questions via live Q&A. Specifically, we’ll have Creative Director Amy Hennig and Game Director Bruce Straley from Naughty Dog on board, so do whatever you can to be here at 2PM Pacific tomorrow armed with your Uncharted 2 questions. See you in 24.

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  • I’m saddned that the beta is over but ill be sure to be here tomorrow because i hv a few questions.

  • Good to see socom was compeltely ignored… and its customers. There is no spoon.

  • People, we need to ask questions about the movie. Will Emily rossum play elena is my question. You guys should definetely henpeck them about it.

  • Give me back the Beta or release this game already DAMMIT

  • *Don’t attend, they won’t answer my questions…*

    Alright, fine, I’ll try to attend, only because it’s Naughty Dog. Can we please have some real questions? Not just fan appreciation comments? WE ALL LOVE NAUGHTY DOG, AND WE ALL KNOW IT. :)

  • Alright, I wonder if earlier notification for us readers about this live chat thing would be better???

    Jeff, did you guys just finalized the date today or something?

  • Of course, the first one I catch before it happens is happening on a day I can’t watch it live. :(

  • Will be there :)

  • That screenshot looks amazing btw

  • Hi I would love to see a type of feedback feature on the PS3 XMB where we can give devs or publishers direct feedback on the games that we play.

    Give publishers and devs their own pages and allow them to post up their FAQs and Features on current or upcoming titles.

  • Naughty Dog FTW!!!!!

  • Really exciting, don’t know whether we put forward questions on this blog?

  • Sweet i really like naughty dog

  • im not sure how a chat works here BUT i will tune in somehow! cant wait.

  • What will be the balance of platforming, puzzle-solving and shooting?


  • This is gonna be great . cant wait for this game. This why Ps3 is the best console .

  • To bad that’s @ 23.00 hours in The Netherlands… But maybe I’ll be there.

  • I want…!!!

  • QUESTION: Not referring to multiplayer, what are some examples of something from uncharted that you wanted to have, but now have had time to work through and have in the second? Can someone ask for me?

  • Played Uncharted 2 beta, was really really cool… I guess I played it at least 50 times already…looking forward to see chat with ND :)

  • Co op would ruin the cinematic gameplay of Uncharted. People like World at War co op, but the story strength is weak. That’s why Modern Warfare 2 dropped co op. So if we can expect an Uncharted 3, please keep the multiplayer but ditch the co op idea.

  • There’s no reason why co-op would “ruin the cinematic gameplay”.

    …besides, I’d rather have dynamic, enjoyable, co-op gameplay than static “cinematic” cutscenes.

  • I will not be able to attend, bummer!

    But if someone could ask.

    1.If they are thinking about an Uncharted 3?
    2.Also, Are they going to have any input into the Movie?
    3.Timeline on single player?
    4.Are trophies multiplayer to?
    5.If Uncharted 3 is made, would they consider Sony’s motion controller as a option?
    6.Custom multiplayer be available.
    7.Will we be able to play other characters in the story?

    Ask ND to take a look at
    Roy Dupuis to play Nathan in the Uncharted movie.

  • Wow you guys really need an East Coast Editor, already past Noon here.

  • @74
    Then your clock is fast because it’s only 11:28 am EST

  • By the way, I can’t get into the PSN store or account management because of error (80023017). I hope this will be fixed soon, because I was planning on purchasing something.

  • I wish i could be here but i’m stuck working :( “I think i’ll call out sick lol” Hmm maybe i can use one of the computers at work wayyy back in one of the rooms. Darn i have to come up with a plan..

  • I agree with #11, A chat with Square-Enix on Final Fantasy Versus XIII & Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep would be cool!

  • at least you guys posted the time zone for pacific?

  • Isn’t there a new BETA for people who reserve the game from GameStop?

    The chat will start in a hour and 30.

  • I can’t find a site to watch it on, what website shall I go on to watch the video, can someone please send me the URL on this thread, please.

  • @ recon_unleashed , I don’t think Drake and Elena were ” in love ” at the end of Uncharted, I think they just kinda warmed up to eachother and are now friends as they were just two people doing business before-hand. But that’s just my opinion.


  • Ruthless Ed. There is no way possible that co op gamelpay can be cinematic. Let us play the real games and you can play cooking mama and critique it.

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