Uncharted 2 Beta: Last Chance to Take on the Naughty Dogs!

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Please allow us to micromanage your Thursday evening just a *teensy bit more* :-) Yes, we want you to watch the giant God of War III demo on X-Play tonight. But you can always TiVo that or watch one of the replays. You’ve got other plans: tonight is the final Play with the Devs event in the Uncharted 2: Among Thieves beta.

From 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM PT (What time is this in my time zone?), we encourage you to log in to the beta, and try to take on the Naughty Dogs who’ll be out in force. How will you ID them? They’ll be the ones wearing these special shirts:

Uncharted 2 Beta

Also, they’ll be kicking your ass :-)

What, you *still* don’t have access to the beta? OK, last chance, we’ll give one to the next 50 people that @reply us on our Twitter account asking for a code.

Note: You must be a U.S. resident and following us on Twitter to receive your key!

See you tonight!

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  • ND – nice idea to encode the beta codes into 2d barcodes. Took me a while to get proper software on my phone to actually decode that, too bad I was too late again

  • I want story mode more than MP. I have a extra beta code for MP for who eva.
    Your Welcome!!

  • I didn’t get it. Ah, I never win anything.

  • that what im talking about kicking ass taking names watch out naughty dog


    i didn’t win…:(

  • Man, I didn’t have a twitter account so I had to create one really fast. Have all of the codes been private messaged yet?- if they were the first 50?

  • The Beta is hella fun, and I will be there to kick some Naughty Dog ass!


    not sure, but i doubt i won. I should have though because i said please. lol

  • no…I should have won because I said pretty please. :)

  • did the codes been sent ?

  • Jeff,

    I got my E3 Uncharted 2 Shwag Bag from the mail today. Thank you very much! :)

  • is that Pacific Time Jeff?

  • Are the codes still being distributed? I got no DM :(

  • Aw man…I missed it the first time and my PS3 died on me last night =(

  • I’ll definitely be out there to hunt some dogs! Good thing you reminded me, I’ve been wanting to play with the devs since you announced that we could, but I forgot about it.

  • Mero-Geru-Soildo

    have you guys finished sending the codes? I didn’t get anything in my inbox yet?(and i figured out where my inbox was :) )

  • oooh its on.

  • sadly i’m really sick so i won’t make it.

  • i replied in like the first 4 minutes it was posted and i didnt win… noooooooo!! when did the 50th post get recieved?

  • I got one of the codes out of the 50. I replied like 2 minutes after it went up.

  • I’ll try to be on tonight.

  • Sweet! Cant wait to kick some Naughty Dog ass!
    Even though i will probably fail horribly… *sigh*

  • SONY!!! Thank’s for the YROD!

    A 600€ investiment… DEAD!

    1 week after the warranty expires… and now what?
    Another PS3? to be 1 more in your sell’s?
    C’mon i’m poor like “everyone”..

    God Damnit!

    That’s system restart after play this beta… :(
    This is crap.. i’m in pain… MEEEEDIC!!!!!!!!

  • I thought the dogs had to be professional. I beat cog182 so bad e left halfway through the match…

    I wanna be a pirate.

  • may i plese have beta code

  • omg jef i have replyed like 6 times no awnser jeff do somting jeff reply me!!!

  • Aww man i never win any big things like this man wish i had a beta code

  • got the code from the clues contest a couple of weeks back – great beta! but, i need a real challenge. hahaha! your kung-fu is weak! :D

  • dang it forgot all about this luckily i played a little on tuesday

  • i was wondering if anyone could tell me how to get the code if your a qore subscriber and havent recieved an email or anything?

  • Hey jeff, this is my first reply on the blog, though have been following it from the beginning. Just saying job well done and can’t wait to see how the blog will evolve in the future.

    By the way, is there anyway we could get some Square Enix reps to come on the blog? I would definitely like to ask them a few questions.

    On topic Uncharted was my first PS3 game and my first platinum as well! Bring on Uncharted 2! My most anticipated game for 2009 right now (considering I have no idea if WKC will launch this year.)

    Keep up the good work and didn’t get to officially say congrats on the baby thing!

  • platiinum_parker

    Damn I must have missed them! That’s what I get for being distracted with family…

  • lol man i miss this! last time to play with the devs!

  • i am going to miss this because i dont have a ps3 yet……

  • Mero-Geru-Soildo

    didn’t get a tweet. *cries.*

  • I suppose I am far to late to get in on the Unchanted MP beta code, but I would sure love to have one if at all possible.

  • My code was no good, unfortunately. I even magnified it in Firefox until it filled the screen to be sure that I wasn’t mistaking one letter for another.
    Oh well, that was the first code Sony sent me that didn’t work, so I can live with that :)

  • Woohoo! It works now. I wonder why it didn’t before. Yay.

  • im super happy about this new 3 way co op that they have got going on. they just need to change a few things, such as when you grab someone from behind there needs to be a diffrent way the kill them. Seeing the same thing every time gets rather old. the same thing for when the enemy grabs you. there sould be a way to get your self free, maybe a button combo. the hand to hand combat needs to be a little more advanced. you should have a block a dodge and a counter. other then that this game is looking to be a bad ass game.

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