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Hi, I’m Mike Kennedy, a Senior Producer at Vogster Entertainment, and I’m here to talk about our upcoming brawler for the PSP titled Unbound Saga. Right off the bat, you’re probably thinking “Vogster who?” A reasonable question, considering we’ve only put out one title so far (a critically praised RTS for the Nintendo DS called Robocalypse), but with several more hot titles in the pipeline (including the persistent-world next-gen Shooter CrimeCraft), you should be hearing about us more in the months to come, starting with Unbound Saga dropping onto the PlayStation Network in July.

In a nugget, Unbound Saga is an old-school, arcade-style brawler that puts you in the shoes of Rick Ajax, a surly comic book tough guy trapped in a world of endless trouble. The thing is, he knows he’s a comic book character, and after 30 years of dealing with one ridiculous plotline after another, he’s had about enough. So you get to take him on an epic adventure to escape the pages of the comic in search of The Maker, the mysterious entity responsible for his daily misadventure.

So why make it a brawler? Well, aside from the logical activity perpetuated by the lead character, we frankly couldn’t get enough brawlers growing up in the 8-bit and 16-bit days, and there doesn’t seem to be enough of ‘em coming out any more these days. We were hooked on games like Streets of Rage, Final Fight, TMNT Arcade, X-men Arcade, Captain American and The Avengers, etc. They were colorful, visceral, over-the-top, and tons of fun. The gameplay was easily accessible, with simple to understand controls — Punch, Kick, Grab, Throw — that could be strung together to pull off easy-to-execute combinations. There were no blocks, counter-blocks, reversals, deflections, none of those thorny hardcore fighting game maneuvers. Just the satisfaction of knocking down bad guy after bad guy in rapid succession. Sure, nobody would credit any of those early-90’s plotlines as any sort of attempt at Shakespeare, but that campiness and Hollywood-style machismo is what made them so magnetic. Mohawked street punks and muscle-bound mafia hitmen wandering gutted city streets and other action-movie settings, occasionally having to fight a kangaroo in colorful boxing shorts or a robot zombie or two… it was that sort of over-the-top unpredictability that made us want to keep playing. That and the endless head-smashing.

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With Unbound Saga, the team wanted to recapture some of that fun and nostalgia, but with many layers of extra awesomeness. While sticking to an accessible arcade-style control scheme and the fixed left-right perspective, everything has been ramped up with the latest technology: sharp 3D graphics, real-time physics and ragdoll reactions, real-time lighting FX, etc. The gameplay itself has been given some extra strategic depth with the ability to switch between the two main playable characters, either Rick and Lori Machete, on the fly. Each of them has a completely different fighting style, with individual abilities that can complement the other character when things get sticky.

Rick is the muscle, the tank, the heavy hitter who relies on bodyslams and brute smashing strength to get things done. Lori is more about speed, stealth, and her bag of ‘ninja tricks,’ like smoke bombs and gas grenades, to finish the job. Both characters can be upgraded through individual skill trees, allowing the player to tailor their characters with more unlockable powers and moves. Both offer unique gameplay experiences, but you’ll have to take advantage of each one’s strength to get through the campaign.

In the next entry, we’ll talk about bringing the comic book world to life in our game, and how we’ve partnered up with experienced, recognizable industry talent to give our brand some authentic comic-book style.

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  • Would love to see a PSN distributed PS3 version of this game, and many other PSP games now that I think about it.

  • @41

    XD isn’t that a little early?

  • I wish this was also made for the PS3

  • sounds like a ripoff off of the premise of Comic Zone

  • “THWAD” ?!?

    I always wondered what sound it would make if someone got kicked hard enough for blood to fly out of their a-$.

    Now I know. ;-)

  • Here’s a question – will this game have a simultaneous worldwide launch like the other PSN titles coming out soon for the PSP Go?
    Gran turismo and Motorstorm Arctic Edge will be out in both the US & UK on the same day, so I was just wondering if we’ll see something similar for this game.

    BTW Day 1 purchase for me, we need MORE brawlers on the PSP!

    • That is the plan. Still going through final cert, so things could change, but we\’re hoping to make our launch a global holiday.

  • Thanks for bring us a new school brawler. You can’t lose with brawler games because it’s always action till the end.

  • Dude give Mike Kennedy award for like most responses ever. Kudos to you man, people love responses!!!

  • Aww thought this was PS3. Anyway hopefully you guys get 4-player co-op because if you really grew up on SoR and TMNT you know the full appeal was having to save your buddies a** or figuring out who would take on the guys on the left side of the screen. Memory Lane

  • Looking good :D

  • I’m another that wants this for the ps3 as well. Make the co-op work for the psp, then blow it up with HD, 4 player coop, more content, and voice chat for the ps3. But, it would be sick if you did all that for the psp as well.

  • This game sounds awesome, you can count me as a definite day one purchase!

  • It looks really good. :D

  • i love the art style. but i hate old school beat em ups. i hated them when they were new school.

    unless its as good as maximum carnage or river city ransom…i dont think i will be getting this game.

  • If this is coming out when is Crimecraft coming too I’ve been accepted for beta

  • I’m in.

  • I would never waste money on this garbage game. I rather buy a super mario game. this game is garbage sorry

  • A stylish beat ’em up from the makers of Robocalypse? Hells yeah! Keepin’ my eye on this one.

  • When is the exact date of release, and how much $ will it be?

  • I love the old-school brawlers. Pretty much any of them, too. Though I have to say Brawler Bros kinda sucked… haha. I’m excited for this title though. Looks very impressive and, if everything that is claimed is true, it sounds like a lot of butt-whoopin’ fun.

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