Meet Nathan Drake: Uncharted 2’s Nolan North

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It’s very unusual to meet someone you feel like you already know. I got that chance a couple of weeks ago, when I ran into Nolan North at the PlayStation Booth during the final hours of E3. If the name’s not familiar (or his face), perhaps his voice will – North is the talent behind the witty remarks of Uncharted‘s Nathan Drake.

Now North is a bit of a talker, but if you’ve got a few minutes, he’s got some interesting insights on the role of actual acting in video games, and how Naughty Dog gets such great results out of their voiceover stars for the Uncharted series.

Next up: An interview with the ladies of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

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  • Nolan North friggin awesome!

  • Haha, the ending with the rest of the cast coming out no where was awesome.

  • Ryan Renolds would make a great Nathan Drake, he has the Charm, Humor and Build for the role. He would pull it off and give the character that same feel we have with him in the game.

  • Thanks for the awesome interview, hope we get even MORE behind the scenes stuff with the cast of Uncharted 2.

  • I’ll just jump on the bandwagon and say it, Nathan Fillion would be pretty great for Nathan Drake. His personality in the roles he has done before are almost a perfect fit.

  • Excellent Interview. It makes me want to pop in Uncharted again. Seriously, why can’t all games have quality acting and production like this? It’s 2009, Naughty Dog and their team set the bar. I will forever compare voice overs from here on out with this group and I am going to prepare myself for disappointment.

  • Perhaps most actors like Ryan Reynolds can play Drake but it just won’t be as authentic if it isn’t Nolan North’s voice on screen. He should play the role. It wouldn’t surprise me if the movie turns out to be the best game to movie conversion ever. Uncharted 2, I can’t wait for it!

  • My Name is Nathan. I might have to pick up this game.

  • Excellent Interview Jeff

  • Nathan Fillion needs to play Nathan Drake in the Uncharted movie.

    This guy gets games and it’s nice to see someone like that.

  • I think Nolan should get the part to play Nathan Drake in the upcoming Uncharted movie!!!!

  • Nathan Fillion, he has a Nathan Drake feel to him, especially in ‘Serenity’

  • We’re all rooting for you to get the role, Nolan!

  • hahaha
    did’nt know he was deadpool in
    hulk vs wolverine
    but man that was really weird XD
    and the other girl said ryan reynolds
    haha and he joked about it
    but i agree im a reynolds fan
    he should play it :D

  • I would like to see Nathan Fillion in the role as he is an Excellent Actor and is very under used and I want to see him in more Movies!

    Bring Back FireFly and make a Second Serenity Movie!!! :D

  • Nolan as Nathan! In the movie of course!!!

  • I think it should go to an actor with good comic timing and in good shape. My first choice would be Michael Manning Weatherly, Jr., who plays Anthony DiNozzo on NCIS. I think he is perfect for the part. He even looks a lot like Drake. check this link in a tab:
    As for the comedy if you haven’t already check out a couple of episodes of NCIS. Nathan Fillion I blame Firefly demise on his hack acting. I’m sure others will pick Ryan Reynolds. He is funny. and in great shape due to his training for the part of Deadpool for Xmen Orings: Wolverine. Actor aside if the script and budget aren’t to the challenge its doomed to fail.

  • let tom cruise or ben afflict do it!! or samual jackson

  • Nolan North should play Nathan Drake in the movie. He already knows the character so well so why not cast him as Drake? He IS Drake, I can’t imagine anyone else as him.

  • awesome! if they ever make a film it should be him! im sick and tyerd of hearing nathan fillion or whatever his name is! his build is 2 big for drake and nolan north just said it he brings a part of himself 2 nathan drake he is drake why should anyone else play him?????????

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