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As you’ve no doubt read, Atlus is bringing Demon’s Souls exclusively to the PLAYSTATION 3 this fall. But what changes are they making? How does online play work? And is the game really that difficult? At E3, Atlus’s Aram Jabbari fielded questions…

Aram will be back on the blog to talk more Demon’s Souls, but if you’ve got any questions now, please ask them in the comments area. I’ll make sure he sees them :-)

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  • Are there going to be any improvements for the NA release or should I just import it so I can play it now?

    • If nothing else, it will be much clearer in the NA release as to what items and equipment do. The translations in the Asian edition are mostly very good, but every now and then there\’s something that\’s actually the exact opposite of the original meaning. We\’ll be fixing all that.

  • Hey everyone, happy 1 year anniversary for the release of MGS4!!!!!!!

  • Just give it to us now! :(

  • This game looks great. I’ll be picking up the NA version at launch.

  • I’m going to attract alot of attention here with this but, this is a definate NO purchase now.
    I do like a challenge and have had the privellage to play the Asian version & I was really hoping for the difficulty to be toned down for the Western release. It is BRUTALY difficult.
    With a game as massive as this you can easilly top 100 hours of playing time just walking through it & it looks increible but having to slog your way threw every minute of the game & endure the endless re-tries just makes it feel more a court sentance IMO.
    But that’s just me, if you don’t mind the difficulty i’m sure you will all love this.

  • I imported the game months ago and its too difficult and frustating for me, so I sell it and I was expetec they change some thing form the US release to make the game more enjoyable and I see they don’t do that so I’ll pass on.

    I advise futur buyers to buy this game wisely. Its waaaaay more harder than Ninja Gaiden or another super-hard game you may think.

  • It looks so amazing. It’s going to kick ass. It looks incredibly convoluted in terms of menus and upgrading, but I’ll try my best to figure it out.

  • man im gonna be soo broke this fall with these PS3 and psp games

  • Wow, I will admit, I was not very interested in the game as the trailers dont do it much justice. But after this interview video I must say I am impressed and really want to buy the game now.

    Atlus, don’t let us down. You’ve become the new Working Designs. :)

  • @49 Happy Anniversary! Metal Gear 4 is the best game of my whole life.

    Thanks Sony and Kojima!

    Demon’s Soul is already a must to buy.

  • Who is publishing this game in EU? And is it even announced for Europe yet?

    Sony really need to change the regions, NA, UK, Australia and New Zealand should all get the English game at the same time, the rest of Europe should have to wait for localisation. :(

  • Hmmm…how much do you record that you end up dumping? I specifically remember being on that kiosk behind your right while you were interviewing Aram (you turned to say hello) or, is there more to come?

  • Jeff, is it true that White Knight Chronicles wont be released until 2010??

    I thought it was said before here that it will be released this year?!

  • Good to hear about this game finally. I ended up importing it and it’s very hard, it’s a great game but not for the weak hearted. You will die a lot. It’s very deep, lots of customisation and upgrades. One thing though, they need to fix the Tendency bug. People have been complaining about this.

  • Some questions:
    -is there Home support?(avatar knight suit)
    -can you play on WW servers?(with asian players)
    -more content included for US release?

    Also could you tell the devs not to touch the difficulty? i want to play the game as intended! thanx!!

  • This guy needs to take a chill pill…

  • hey Jeff tell atlus that i said they thank from bring better RPG then square enix and bring to the OLD USA i was waiting from a Hardcore RPG exclusive for the PS3 since i see on on the japan home so long now but for now but folklore will fill emptyness until this game come out. so thank oh ask they

    if the game going to be diffenet every time you play even after you beat the game thank

  • Why was the official English trailer not put up on the PSN Store? This is a SCE owned IP FFS, treat it right….

  • I’m so glad I waited till E3 to see if this game would be announced for North America. I was pleasantly surprised when it was actually announced a few days prior to E3.

    Having said that, I really hope the developers don’t dumb down the difficulty of this game for the NA version. Please keep the difficulty high, and I will be there day 1 to pick up this awesome game. :)

  • Some answers to questions asked in this thread (I have the korean version of the game):

    1.) Is there a lot of customisation:

    Yes, you can tweak every character stat there is.

    2.) How is the class system:

    When you choose your class, you get a starting package of certain stats. Because you are able to tweak EVERY stat while leveling up, the class system only acts as a starting point, so every character can become anything, basically.

    3.) Will there be a lock on system:

    There already is.

    4.) Will other players be able to come into my game and just anhiliate me:

    Yes, but at a risk. If they die to something else than you in your game, they’ll lose stats.

    5.) How hard is the game?

    Think Ninja Gaiden Black and then some :)

    6.) I thing RPGs = Final Fantasy. Will I like the game?


  • I have this game imported and it is a must have! yes it is brutally hard, you can go into this game thinking it’s another hack and slash or you will die, a lot! after you beat the game you can continue with your items and lvl but expect all the enemies to be much harder, if anyone has any questions you can send me a email my psn is allenstergess.

  • This game looks amazing. You can change how the night looks by equipping different weapons no? or is it just the same character model the whole time because either way I’m getting it.

    • Yes, your character\’s appearance can change drastically according to what you have equipped. Some pieces of armor, like the monk\’s head wrappings, can leave you looking very strange…

  • why do some people ask question that was answered in the video.

    and that jessica305 chick sent me a invite last nite. claiming she just a ps3 and she needed friends.

  • Equipment shows on your character, so it’s not like in those JRPGs where your character looks always the same no matter what you equip.

  • First day buy!
    i love atlus! , and i love SCEJ (and i also love Level-5 ! , can’t wait for White Knight Chronicles!)

    guys you do know US Playstation owners love RPGs alot right? please keep the good games coming ^_^

  • Where’s the MGS4 one year anniversary blog post? I thought we were supposed to get some news? Liars. >_>

  • Thank Jeff 4 da Demon’s Souls update.I can’t wait :)

  • man never heard of this game!

    looks amazing!!!!!

  • Atlus saying this… but isnt it all ready full English support except the manual? I imported this for $74 and loved it.

    Black Phantoms for the win!

  • Jeff! You are the man with interviews. You actually ask what we want asked. Thank you!

  • Remember seeing it a few months ago and it looked cool but i didn’t think about buying it but the new stuff i’ve seen has me really wanting to purchase it. this and quantum theory or now quantum i guess are third party exclusives that i really want to play. Nice job Atlus and Can’t wait to play it.

  • @ 19

    The only way to get invaded by a Black Phantom (player wanting your dead body as his) is for you to go to an area in which you havent beaten the boss. You need to be in Body Form for him to invade your game.

    However if you’re in Soul Form (50% of your max HP, 70% with Cling Ring equiped) then you wont be attacked by Black Phantoms.

    @ 25

    To lock on to an enemy, just press R3 button. You can switch targets by moving the right stick.

    @ 33

    The game’s difficulty (enemy damage, enemy attack pattern) seems to change as you Soul Level Up, change your Soul Tendancy to White or Black, change the World Tendancy to Pure White or to Pure Black…

    But the most noticeable extreme difficulty change is when you finish the game and play on New Game+. Dying is extremely expected. If you’re not sure about an enemy, shoot arrows and run away!

    @ 46

    I know your pain. BUT! I found out that if we level up our luck to at least 20 and equip the Large Sword of Searching and put the World Tendency to Pure Black. Rarer items could be dropped easier.

    My luck is at 22.

  • @ 53

    If you’re complaining about the difficulty, then it’s not the game for you.

    Seriously, why would you want to gimp the game’s feature of what made it popular?

    Anyway, for those that are curious. Black Phantom Medusas are the worst opponent to fight in close quarters. You have been warned!

  • Well it look like we are not getting WKC this year. Demon Souls will do :)

  • because this game was published by Sony I didn’t see them publishing it stateside. Needless to say I imported it (Asian/English version). I’d very much like to know whether or not I’ll be able to play online with the rest of my fellow Americans once the games released in the states. Or will I be stuck playing with those who have the import?

  • We need these guys to copy their Demon’s Souls blog posts and paste them here on the PS Blog for all to read. Really looking forward to this game.

  • My Care-O-Meter go up and explode with this news. Thanks Atlus, Sony for bring this to US officially.

    I can’t waaaiiiittttt :)

  • This is the first time i have heard of this game. But it looks really cool. It could sell really well if they advertise it like a god of war or something along those lines.

  • The more I hear about this game, the more excited I get.

  • I’m waiting on my import copy to ship from Play-Asia. I couldn’t care less about grammatically correct text. I just want a good challenging game for the summer.

    Off-topic…just finished Ghostbusters last night…AWESOME game.

  • cant wait

  • I was sceptical about this game before but after seeing more and hearing about the online features, which I think are really cool, I’m beginning to turn around to this game.

    My only concern is the difficulty. I usually don’t let difficulty scare me off from a game but I don’t wana be frustrated and even hate an otherwise great game because of it. I would like to know if there are different difficulty levels or if the difficulty is automatically adjusted depending on the player’s skills.

    Suppose if I get stuck in a section or a boss fight and none of my friends are into this type of game, how easily can I get players online to help me out other than just looking at their ‘ghosts’ or ‘notes’? Are there are any actual in-game lobbies/taverns/villages or whatever where players can meet up and discuss strategies, go on quests? I’d love to know more about community features in the game, the exploration aspects and what facilities there are to trade/upgrade items and so forth. I’d really appreciate if you can kindly address these questions in another interview.


    • It\’s pretty easy to recruit players to help out if you\’re in a jam. What you do is drop a Soul Sign, which lets people know you\’re looking for assistance, and anyone nearby on your server can see it and decide to give you a hand.

  • penguins win!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Will the Asian/Japanese/Korean version servers be together with the US version? its better if we all play together!

  • Your gonna need to change your pants before the next part. lol

  • You cannot choose who enters your game, whether they are blue (friendly) or red (phantoms). When you have your body you have the option of asking for help by placing a stone on the ground and the game matches you with another character within 10 soul levels. It’s handy, but unreliable, as while you have your body you can be invaded at any time by hostile players, who aren’t always within 10 soul levels thanks to an interesting attack performed by a late game boss.

    Cosmetic character customization involves several sliders, like most games in the western RPG genre. The only unusual slider is “gender” which gives characters softer or sharper features appropriately.

  • Characters gain levels by turning in souls, and upgrading stat points 1 category at a time. The cap is level 712 (99 in each stat), and you can endlessly replay through the game via a New Game+ system that increases the difficulty with each completion. You can find descriptions of the stats on the Demon Souls wiki, which I’d advise just looking over once or twice to get an idea of the game mechanics.

  • First of all THANK YOU ATLUS!! :D, I really wanted this game but didn’t want to import and you guys have become my heroes for bringing this awsome game here XD; now for the questions:

    1) Will the US version have shadows? (I know that the Asian, Korean and Japanese version don’t have shadows and in the videos I have seen of Demon’s Souls in E309 the characters have shadows)

    2) Will the frame rate be addressed? (I heard that the game can get slow from breaking objects or in some other situations)

    3) At what time more or less will we have a solid release day and will there be a pre-order bonus (please let it be concept art or an art book >_<)

    If I heard right you guys are already fixing bugs that the game had in the other versions of the game so I am REALLY looking forward to buying this game day one :). Thanks for your time and I hope someone gets to answer my question.

  • I’m very excited for this. Only Uncharted 2 tops this for my most anticipated game. Finally, us PS3 users get the action-rpg we have always been waiting for…you know…since Bethesda has screwed us twice already…

  • My second most anticipated game!

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