Xi: The Secret is Out!

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The mystery behind Xi has finally been revealed. Today, for the first time, all visitors to PlayStation Home can discover the full truth about Xi, Jess and the alpha zones beneath our virtual world.

All the Xi spaces will stay live for a few weeks yet, so if you want to finish off any of the games and puzzles – or if you’ve never experienced Xi before – you still have a chance to play and explore.

When you’ve had your fill of mini-game goodness, you can go to the Xi Hub and face the story’s dramatic conclusion. Just make sure you’ve got everything you want out of the game, because once you’ve seen the ending, there’s no going back.

And if you already know how the story ends, no spoilers please! Some of us are still trying to collect those last few butterflies first…

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  • i’m really sad about Xi ending. i really enjoyed it. oh well, i got 3 collectible in-game trophies for fineshing Xi! fare thee well Xi, you will live on in our hearts untill we forget about you in a week or two.

  • Xi has been awesome! Sorry to hear it’s being taken down though. I hope there is more to look forward to. Thanks

  • I never understood the purpose of Xi. I completed them all just to see what the secret was and if anything cool came out of it, but it wasn’t anything really. I really wish the Home staff would focus more on bringing us stuff everyone wants like:

    Universal Game Launching for All Titles

    Bring Back Public Chat Support or At Least Enable for more callers at a time

    Trophy Room

    Video Sharing

    And the list goes on.

  • OK time to start Xi – oh wait, haha I haven’t had time to jump in. but it was a really cool use of Home.

  • Sadly, I won’t be able to finish this mystery adventure as my PS3 is in a coma. I don’t feel like starting over with my Wife’s PS3 and once my PS3 is repaired/replaced, it will all be gone…

    Hopefully, there will be a number of ARGs down the line for our newr Home members. It was all fun.

    I love a mystery!

  • Well good times with this Xi hunt. Hope nDreams make more like this on PlayStation Home.

  • this is an epic fail

  • @JiggaSam

    LOL! Yes your retarded attempt at trolling was an epic fail.

  • You’re getting rid of the spaces!?

    I for one think Maximum Tilt should remain…or be built upon and return in some fashion.

    Xi was a pretty fun thing. It was pretty rewarding figuring out all there was to figure out. Teamwork made it easier though.

  • I was so excited about the whole Xi experience and then I met some of the people that are obsessed with it. I asked a simple question and then was treated quite rudely when I apparently didn’t know as much about Xi.

    I work at a park where we hold a religious event every year and there are some serious religious fanatics the type that through water at you and question your beliefs this felt like that.

    In short this experience turned me away from the Xi experience.

  • @60

    What did you ask them?

  • i wish it wouldn’t go but oh well, i had a great time with XI

  • Still working on it lol

  • ThEosSiE | June 11th, 2009 at 9:35 am

    I agree that it was a great addition.. It shouldn’t be taken down.. maybe it goes away after we end it, but all the new people jumping into HOME will never see what was added with Xi.. if the spaces are gone, right??

    I agree. I finished the story (a little anti-climactic, but whatever) and am sad that I can’t visit the spaces any more. Seems like a waste of a lot of work just to have them disappear in a few weeks.

    Xi was a GREAT addition to Home. It certainly got me to visit. I hope they do more things like this in the future.

  • @61

    “How do the games tie into Xi?” What I meant was the games individual game themes. They took it as “Why put the games themselves in?” I got a lecture on how could I possibly begin to understand the greatness that is Xi and how “real” it is that there’s this big conspiracy that Sony is trying to bring to light. Lol Then I realized that if this was the kind of people that were into this that I didn’t want to be apart of it.

  • lol @ #2

  • Sorry to double-post.


    Really? In my experience, people would go out of their way to get others started in the right direction.

    Also, there is plenty of help on the Boards (accessible from within Xi, though the browser is even worse than the normal PS3 browser) and at

  • @65

    To some degree, every game gets those kinds of followers who jump at the chance to defend it even if what the person is saying isn’t meant as an offense. There are plenty of helpful/stable people who participate in Xi. I wouldn’t let those few that you ran into sway you away from enjoying the rest of it. I played through the entire thing from start to finish, and it was very enjoyable (aside from the lackluster ending). You should give it another chance.

    To answer your question, though, the games really didn’t tie into the story too much. They were just kinda puzzles you had to figure out/unlock before the game would grant you the information you needed to proceed. While they don’t add anything to the story for the most part, I really enjoyed the variety they provided to the experience.

  • well it still a secert to me

  • good riddance! i hardly have time to do boddy-bop at the aerosmith sports complex! oh, the motorcycle-tilt thing sucked! pffft!

  • Im gonna miss this……

  • I feel so lost. As an honest-to-goodness totally blind gamer, Home is inaccessible to me in almost every way. I’ll ocasionally start it up and go into, say, the theatre, and just stand there listening to whatever video is playing. You may’ve seen me. And mostly, I don’t mind this. As long as there’s something live to listen to, sure. I’ll give it a go. But this Xi thing almost makes me wish there were spoilers allowed. There’s no way I’ll ever know just what this was, and no way I can participate. Sony, if you want to hire me to be an accessibility consultant so these wonderful things can get out to everyone, I’m all ears. No pun intended.

  • Thanks a lot for Xi nDreams and Sony!

    I hope by them being taken down in 3 weeks you mean the game won’t be going on anymore, but the spaces themselves will remain up, possibly on the Locations menu then?

  • Well, i didn’t quite explore Xi, i just went to the end. It is a very interesting story. I’m not sure if it relates to the real world or not, it very much might. but it sucks that it is gonna go in 2 weeks. I wont say too much as i don’t wanna spoil it, but i do hope to see more games like this in HOME, and more that relate to the real world as well…

  • please… y is xi going away? secondly im having a very hard time getting out of the white hall. i get pass the video and then die in loading..

  • please fix glitch?? the xi butterfly trophy doesnt go up when pressing R2 at teh chamber apartment. it stubbornly stands stuck on the floor

  • @2 LMAO – So random, loved it! :D

  • Thanks for the game, nDreams and Sony. I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. My only epilogue like wish for Xi is a mission to help our li’l buddy Stapler! :)

  • @ 25

    “off topic but i need a new ps3…i want 120gb but i also want 4 usb ports…does the 120gb have 4 or just 2?? any one know??”

    What I know is that if you live in the US there is no such thing as a 120 gb. The current offering are 80 and 160. And they both only have 2 USB ports, however you can use a USB hub to add more or find an older 80 gig w/BC….

  • xi here i come

  • Oh, come ON! Seriously? Why are you taking it down already? I had ignored Home for several months, and Xi got me curious, so it was one of those things that got me logging into Home again. I just barely started Xi, I’m still quite confused and not entirely sure what to do, but I love the aspect of solving hard puzzles and riddles, because games today are sorely lacking in them! It’s good to have brain workouts for a change =P

    Anyway, why take down one of the unique draws to home? Is it because it will only get harder to play and catch up with when you’re so behind? Well, how am I supposed to play through the whole thing in 3 weeks? Am I supposed to just ignore InFamous and the Uncharted 2 beta? I think not.

    I appreciate this unique experience, but don’t be so quick to remove it.

  • I loved playing in the “Hub” but I was hoping for something more exciting after hours of hard work ^_^

  • LOL HOME to me is a joke how dare SCEA say that HOME is being aimed to adults ages 25-40 Demographics? LMAO!! You wish nope its for kids now ages 8-16 Zzzzzz I personal hate HOME its nothing what SCEA promised from the last E3-shows..And now Europe has Music Videos and there Previews are way better then the American Theatre Shame on you Sony!!—> no IN GAME MUSIC AS OF YET FOR HOME NO MUSIC VIDOES..Damn you people for not listening to waht we want! New Arcades The NAMCO ARCADES! The KINO THEATRE FROM EUROPE!! This Theatre plays 6-9 Previews!! The American one plays at the most 2- Zzzzz God Get your Act Together SCEA!

  • Oh yeah I quit with your stupid Xii Stupid ideas coming from Europe?..Nice job omg you people are dumb..I quit after trying to play that stupid game Maxium Tilt on Hard! Unioriginal ideas made from kids?..Who knows but Xii couldn’t been much better if you would just listen to what we want you idiots!..
    REAL ARCADES! Better Puzzle quests games not Atari Generation Graphics! omg seriously Xii is Pathetic I don’t like collecting Butterflies!..Hey maybe you should pay us for your dirty work! lol..

  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! Told you if people don’t like it it will be taken down pffttt to Maxium Tilt stupid junk lol..If you people were trying to copycat Space Harrier not even close!..Omg seriously SONY GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!! XMB IN GAME MUSIC FOR HOME IN GAME MUSIC FOR THE PSN FOR ALL OUR GAMES BY NOW!! OMG PUT SOME TRANCE IN HOME!!! I HAVE 9 DIFFERENT CLUBS BUT THERE STILL BLANK WITH NOTHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO!.. LAME!!

  • I went in to the light, and I was scared

  • okay???? if you’ll browse through the comments… you’ll find that noone cares, and that you’ve quite possibly caused the readers brain damage by reading this. . .

  • I don’t care if any one cares, I’m just saying something

  • I never seen the interest in Xi. I think it was pretty boring.

  • Home should be,and could be even better, taking down XI was probably a mistake, you could have made it even more, sony you had something there, keep flowing with it, make home biger better, and maybe do another arg but extend it and add to it,

  • SONY must create a other mystery like like IX its so cool!!!!!!!!!

  • Im eargly awaiting the first details on the next Sony/NDreams because ndreams said they cant say a nything at this time.

    stuff like xi is why i used home.

  • I haven’t got on Home for a while and was wondering what happened to Xi today. Guess it’s down. Damn, I spent a lot of time doing puzzles and didn’t get to see the ending.

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