PSP Firmware (v5.51) Update

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A new PSP firmware update, v5.51, will be released soon. System software stability during use of some features has been improved.

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  • Can we get ps3 update soon please?

  • everything running 14-17% smoother. Great Job Sony!! also all the movies that wouldn’t stream before now do. thanks!

  • everything running 14-17% faster.


  • Wow that’s to many psp features! @.@


  • @40
    hey! photo gallery is really good. i use it alot showing off my photos..

    update :D will download asap!

  • Alarm clock what can be useful for anybody who use the psp 24/7 (like me). Flash player 10, calendar and .srt file support.

  • That’s way too obvious. Would it kill you to try and be a little more vague Eric?

  • @4 – “I hope the PS3 update comes soon and hopefully will add something a lot of people want”:


    – Support for NTSC and PAL formats.
    I need both, even though I reside in North America.

    – Longer text allowance on the Friends list “Comments”. I currently can’t even type a sentence…who the hell thought that crap up?

    – I want the ability to add a personal comment to a friend for my benefit (like a computer based messenger does). Sometimes I forget who’s who.

    – Restrictions on personal text chat? Blocking out our ability to commune as we see fit? What are we, two?!

    – Sorting options, sorting options, sorting options…why do we have so few?

    – Ability to protect installed items (Games etc.) Actually anything we choose should have this ability.

    – When I back out of an email, I should just go back one place, not have to navigate back to the messages again.

    – Improve the XMB quality…it’s choppy. Why?
    …Sony prides itself on quality…stick to what you preach.

  • – Ability to create a gradient background…actually in addition, give us more colour options.

    – Allow us to set when the controller turns off. Currently, I would like to have it power save, but only at certain times with whatever time setting I choose (1 min or 1000).

    – Support for NTFS as well. FAT…meh.

    – A setting to choose a simultaneous download / install. One then the other is sometimes annoying.

    – I want to set an image of MY choosing for a folder cover, not the last thing installed.

    – Use an image instead of a video as the icon (take screen shot instead of a sample video). I have some things that are too short to allow the video as an icon…therefore I’m stuck with the bland look of the default…pfff!

  • – When installing Linux…why the heck can we not discern the amount of space we would like to use for each drive? One preset only????? OMG!

    We can only set a tiny amount of space for one and the rest on the other? Sometimes I wonder about Sony devs…seriously.

    I can honestly go on forever with the amount of things that should’ve been easily added already…but start on that PLEASE and don’t be afraid to ask me if you need help.

    I HATE restrictions; some things are warranted, I’ll grant you that, but others are simply laughable as to why they have yet to be implemented.

    Rarely do the things asked for most find their way to priority sequence…why?
    Come on Sony…if you are having trouble figuring out what is most important…give me that job.

  • Oh Sony…. if only you fools would focus more on getting the PS3 firmware up to speed. Such as Cross Game Voice Chat, launching more online games from Home, speeding up XMB, etc.

  • just did my update lol

  • Does anyone knows if PSP go will have the same firmware as the other PSPs?

    I’d also like to know if the PSP go has a better internet browser with more ram and can browse every single page on the internet!!

    A pdf reader and support for all video formats would be a nice addition!


    DEMAND IT PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oh phinnv8 if you could focus more on shutting the hell up. Such as Cross Game Voice Chat – no one will use because who wants to press the ps button and leaving them out in the open. Launching games from home is not Erics job you trool learn to insert your discs in your PS3. Speeding up the XMB – wait 3 seconds.

  • Please support Arabic language in PlayStation 3
    it will be good idea for middle east and you

    if you can’t support the console fully with Arabic language, just support it in keyboard and browser, and keep the menu as English

    We can’t typing messages for friends in arabic language, and can’t see the arabic web sites in Internet Browser of PS3. so these features useless for us.

    Please support us, there are many of Arabic Gamers for PS3 and PSP, and you Eric Lempel can be assure of that through the Network and knows how many people have registered from Arabic country and buy from store.

    and please see this :
    and how many Arabic people was sign in

    we need support, thanks

  • I would also like suggest a rss function on the ps3. Similar to the psp’s rss. I’d like to download webshows like “Co-Op” and “Tekzilla” onto my ps3 without going through the browser. It would be much easier to just update the feed and download directly than to do all the mucking around to find the right file on the website. Thanks.

  • Hey guys, thanks for the heads up on this. Much appreciated. Also, when if any time soon are we gonna see some more visualizers on the PSP/PS3?

  • Alright Sony here is my input on some of the things the PSP needs…

    – More Music Visualizers
    – Ability to Change File/Folder Names thru the PSP
    – Add Friends List with ability to send text messages, invites, and possibly voice chat from the xmb
    – Trophy Support
    – Better Compatibility with Remote Play
    – Up to Date Flash Player
    – Divx & Xvid Compatibility
    – WPA2 Security Support
    – Comic Book Reader

    and some things I want to be a little more specific on such as…

    to be continued…

  • Sub-Folder Support

    1. The whole sub-folder thing is very disappointing. We are only able to go one extra folder deep. When we have a ton of files on our Memory Sticks we want to be able to organize it efficiently for example we should be able to do it like this

    Music – Genre>Artists>Album>mp3
    Movies – TV Shows>Fox>Simpsons>Season 1>MP4
    Pictures – etc…>etc…>etc…

    I mean I know you guys made the effort but sometimes I wonder why you try at all. I know you guys at Sony aren’t stupid and would know that people would want more than one sub-folder to be created so we can organize our files better. I certainly expect that the next PSP firmware to rectify this error in judgment and when the PS3 gets this feature it won’t have the same problem, because if it does you really are wasting your time.

    To Be Continued…

  • Better Compatibility with Remote Play

    2. Now I have a PSP 1001 with a Original 60GB PS3. My Internet Service Provider is AT&T and I am using their U-verse service, which comes with a 2wire Gateway. Model # 3800HGV-B

    Now apparently this Gateway is affected by whatever the problem is where the PS3 automatically turns on by itself when Remote Play via the Internet is on. So unfortunately this feature at this time is useless to me & I want to get as much out of my $800.00 + investment as I can out of my PSP & PS3.

    As for Remote Play I have tried contacting 2wire & AT&T about it and of course they have no idea what Remote Play is. I want someone to be working on this or I would hope you would collaborate with AT&T & all other Router/Gateway producers to fix this issue instead of just putting out a “Little Disclaimer” so you don’t have to do anything about it. Then once Remote Play is up and working you could then hopefully allow us when in Remote Play to download Music & Pictures to our PSP’s wireless from any hotspot in the world.

    To Be Continued…

  • and finally when it comes to the PSP…

    I would like to see Original PSP 1001 owners have the ability to send their PSP’s to you so you could upgrade their PSP’s to the PSP 3000’s Specs of course for a fee something like $40 or something like that. So the early adopters don’t get screwed over you could add the Video out,Mic,More Ram, while leaving the form factor the same.

    Well I hope you read this and take some of my idea’s and implement them in to the PSP & PS3 firmwares.

    P.S. Ohh and one more thing please try and give both the PS4 & PSP2 more Memory & Wireless N support so they can interact with each other more easily and be that much more compatible with each other.

  • When is the next PS3 Firmware update?

  • Ohh and while I’m at it I will also add what I would like to see added to the PS3…

    – Shuffle Option for Video’s
    – Playlist’s for Video’s
    – More Music Visualizers
    – Internet Radio like the PSP
    – Move the Battery Icon over when trying to view the time.
    – Add a Sleep Function to the Music & Video menus so you can Play Music or Movies before you go to bed and have the PS3 shut down after a certain amount of time (i.e 15,30,45,60,120 mins)

    and while your at it the whole Cross Game Chat sounds good too.

    I’m sure many would agree with my list & the PS3 & PSP would definitely be a force to be reckoned with in the industry. Come on Sony make it happen!!

  • Can you guys please include WPA2 Security Support.

  • When will we have a REAL PSP Firmware with new functionnalities ? I’m upset with “improving stability” firmware :(

  • LOL @ 64!

    Anyway, I just updated to 5.51. I know *I’M* sleeping well tonight!

  • Sony ur soft sux. When give u us mp3 during the game on both platforms?

  • Oh gee, thats great. How about you give me a PS3 update that allows me to use voice chat on all my games with other friends.


    DEMAND IT PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wish i had a PSP again xD

  • Give Eric Lempell a break guys, everytime he posts these minor updates you guys rate him down XD

  • I want a Dual Analog patch for PSP! lol

  • I agree with Pandora and Flash 10!
    Hey Sony wants to be the center of media attention in the living room/on the go bring on the Firmware that does it.

    Also on a side note it would be SUPER awesome for Sony to include the AIR platform so home brew could have a secure place to run software without the danger of piracy or system stability.

  • Funny.
    Coming Soon = Now

  • @68
    PSP has Sub folders now.
    Go get Media Go over at Sony Creative Software.
    It’s FREE and sorts your Music into folders when copied to the PSP.

  • @69
    I have AT&T U-verse and the 2Wire and my PSP-1000 and 60GB PS3 works fine.

    However I have a Linksys WRT610N doing the heavy lifting on my network and the 2Wire acts as a modem.

  • @60
    I doubt very highly that the PSP Firmware Dev’s are the same as the PS3 Firmware Dev’s so your statement fails.
    How do you know they are not working on the PS3 Firmware? Just because they released a stability update for PSP?

    As for your Home launching why don’t you contact the game dev because they are the ones that have to patch the game to support it.

  • @13
    HAHA! you want Sony to fix something that’s your fault by holding down the power button for 3 seconds.
    How do you accidentally do that?
    It is a VERY good feature as it saves more power by completely shutting it down as opposed to only suspending it.

    RemotePlay works FINE! I know because I use it EVERYWHERE!

    If you need help setting up RemotePlay contact me …

  • @70
    You can get Wireless N for your PS3 right now it’s the Linksys WGA600N Game Adapter and converts your Ethernet port to wireless N.

  • I want a new GOW for the psp sony and Ninja Gaiden would be nice too please

  • How about voice messages on the PS3 and Trophies for the PSP!

  • @62

    The PSP is the same software and hardware whether a go or a 3000. No extra ram…no different browser. You are hoping for a PSP2 when the PSPgo is a PSP4000.

    Flash 10 is NEVER coming to PSP…you can stop asking.

  • Wow do I really care about this update seriously not really PSP is 5.51 lol-Versus’s The PS3 is still way behind it needs more updates for IN GAME MUSIC REPEAT FOR ALL OUR GAMES WE OWN! TROPHIES Needs a resetting for games that are not Sycning with Little Big Planet, Uncharted Drakes Fortune, Burnout Paradise! Oh yeah fix your Data Corruption SCEA Wipeout HD will not let me play on the American Servers!..Live Chat should now be for every game we own or just a feature thats incorporated on the PSN! If you can pull this off I will stop Complaining Sony! Because 3 years is pretty sad! And no HOME is a waste of my time I don’t care much for it either you have a bad selection in Music let us use our own MP3’s in HOME Sony!..Peace!

  • Give us Skype, google chrome on our ps3, in game chat, show our HOME avatars of me and my friends on the xmb please Sony listen to us.

  • So MGS PSN US will require this just like FF7 wanted 5.50, eh?

    Guess it’ll be time to update my version.txt, AGAIN to get PSN downloads I legally bought to run on my PSP. Good job, Sony!

  • Ok, so I no longer can access the store from the PSP without the update.

    Makes sense that, of course, it’s not ready for download.

  • Hey Eric Lempel your not getting away with that commment you said about Vid Zone is never coming to the States!..Your Pathetic!
    I don’t need a new PSP I have had this PSP since 2005! and it still works just fine SCEA needs to Concentrate on Fixing the PS3 especailly the Syncing with Trophies! your last update was a joke it was just like 2 months ago network Stabilty? when are we going to be able to finally be able to play our own music in all our games as well as Live chat in HOME and on the Entire PSN!?.Stop Slacking off Eric Lempel/ Jack Tretton you the President of Sony Computer Entertainment Of America with the rest of you Moderators!..Locust-X Cydonia-X You are making our time in HOME and the rest of the PSN more then a pain in the a$$ when you Censor our texting etc..Man who do you think bought this Console?.ADULTS SONY ADULTS READ IT AND WEEP!..Peace!

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