E3 09 Virtual Booth Tour: MAG

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Here’s the 2nd in our “Virtual Booth Tour” series: MAG (click here for the guided tour of God of War III).

You’ve probably seen some quick demonstrations of MAG, but that’s not enough time to do this complex game justice. In this video, Zipper Interactive designer Ben Jones takes us through the flow of a massive 256-player battle.

Apologies for the audio pops – it was quite loud on the show floor!

We’ll have more video booth tours coming this week!

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  • excellent video Jeff, this is some of the best footage I have yet to see… thanks…


    Jeff, I’m not sure if you’ll see this comment, but if you do, it would be awesome if your replied. I have a question:

    Do you know when the next live blog with Zipper will be? I missed the last one, and I have some questions I’m eager to ask them. Thanks in advance :)

  • loooks really awesome with more ppl online there will be no stopping this kind of war!!

  • I really like the fact that its tactical i love those games…

    Also, Jeff: if you get to try it out, make sure you throw grenades because I heard they’re pretty bad and aren’t realistic… And I always throw grenades

  • Hey Jeff,
    Just wondering, how is the sniping?
    I have seen so many videos on people going around with an assault rifle but never a sniper.
    I would also like to see some footage of actual character customization (like in game)as well as selecting your weapons and such.

  • Can’t wait for MAG! I hope there won’t be any delay for the release this Fall.

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    The sound is so bad that I can’t watch this.

  • looks good

  • i hope everybody that do buy this game have a mic. another thing Sony should make this a bundle this season.

  • I hope Zipper will be working on the next SOCOM. This game looks good but FPS give me headaches and I need a good TPS and Socom: Confrontation is far from it.

    Oh and please never allow another game to be made by SlantSix Games, thanks.

  • Rising_Phoenix92

    Will the weapons be based on real world weapons?

  • nice,hopefully they can revive socom after this.

  • Hey kinda OT but what size monitor is he using?
    24-26″ ?

  • Can’t WAIT for this game. I really want to play!

  • I think MAG is going to be the game that pushes the 360 owners to get a Playstation 3 and it really shows how dedicated Sony is to the online space.

    Also Jeff could you do an interview explaining character customization and level progression I think it something people are very much waiting to see.

  • So the game ends after a time limit or if u achieved the objective?

    the mentioned dedicated servers.. does that in anyway mean that no single player is “host”. Cus i can imagine that a leaving host will cause a lot of frustration and anger if the game ends from 1 leaver.

  • im going to love this game…looking foward to updates and info…

    video saved lol

  • the game looks great, I love how everything is made by a realy persone. when is the gaame coming out and dose it have a story mode

  • You really need to spread this video around because this footage will blow minds away. I’m picking mine off the floor as we speak :P

  • When the game first launches who will be the leaders? Won’t everybody have low experience?

  • Looking forward to this besides Killzone 2 lawlz :D

  • I can’t wait for MAG. I hope i get into the beta.

  • here’s a Q….
    is there customizable games like in KZ2?

  • The gentleman in the video was stating that battles will last 25 mins each. I think a good idea would be having servers with different time limits. ie: 25 mins, 50 mins, 75 mins. It might make for a better battle when all 256 players are skilled in FPS games.

  • Well, I’m sold

  • this looks great. I’m getting this someday!

  • I got late question why the hell does it look like a COD4 clone?

  • everything about this game looks amazing, also i think the first person view seems better because its more realistic and i think that buddling this game with a mic is a great idea.day 1 purchase:-)

  • please please please make sure that im in this games beta i will give amazing feedback. This game looks awesome by the way and cant wait to get my hands on it!1!

  • dang makes me want to play this more man i cant wait until the beta comes out

  • i can’t wait until the MAG beta.

  • Hey Jeff just to ask like please tell me this game aint rated M man cause id really love to play and Now i know there is no LAG but is the grafix look like ps2 ps3 ps1 (jk about ps1)like really i love the gameplay and evrything but grafix mean alot to me!!!

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