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Talking with media members and other folks on the show floor last week, I had gotten the impression that PlayStation put on a darn good showing at E3. But it wasn’t until I got home and sorted through literally thousands of stories did a couple of themes really hit: we’ve got an incredible lineup of games heading your way in the next year, and to hold the PSP go is to want it.

After a week such as this, and even with a list such as this, I’m sure we missed a few good stories. Add your links to the comments below.

We’ll have a lot more E3 coverage and info coming your way this coming week, picking up again tomorrow.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of June 1, 2009)

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  • I never heard of Undead Knights till now, and that is now my most anticipated psp game which is saying a lot

  • Great E3 Jeff, and great post. A lot of this I hadn’t read yet.

    Just wondering Jeff, did you get a chance to play Battlefield 1943? If so, what’d you think of it?

  • games games an dmore games why is no one talkng
    about firmware.
    sony is like nintendo they dont care about online look atxbox now they have an in game party chat with up to 8 players.

    and sony will not let us have 2 taling to each other they know we want it but they dont cared.
    God i am so mad.

  • Any word on how our already purchased umd’s will make there way to our new go’s?

  • E3 was epic for you guys, make me thankful of having my PS3 a year ago and seeing all that it’s stored in the future makes me a happy owner of this all-powerful console. But I was hoping at least a specific month for Heavy Rain release date.

  • Jeff, is sony releasing street fighter alpha 3 Playstation classic

  • Things to do to succeed with the PSP Go and to compete with PSN and PSN video store.

    1) Let people with UMDs send them in to an exchange program to receive serial for a digital copy. For extra goodwill send them back their UMDs too.

    2) Let people download unlimited copies of the software content (videos, games) they own like on Steam and iTunes. This guarantees a better adoption rate. I am an avid Steam consumer and I couln’t see myself buying content in any other way.

    3) Deliver a syncable platform solution for Mac, PC, PSP, PS3, Cell phones(and perhaps other portable and not so portable units) with the Media Go. Support conversion for ALL popular softwares like FLAC, Apple Lossless, DivX, Xvid and different HD-formats. Also build a strong podcast platform that can rival iTune’s. Let users backup the games they don’t want to have on their PSP by unchecking them in Media Go. This way they don’t have to redownload them from PSN everytime they want to switch games on their PSP.

  • 4)Introduce a fully functional PSN Store with a video store for ALL regions and make it possible for early adopters to buy content from other regions. Delivers 1080P content streamable. Start selling music and let consumers download music in differen qualities FLAC, 320 kbps, 192 kpbs and so on. Support unlimited downloads to purhased content here also!

    5) Create a nice virtual media shelf viewer so that consumers can se ALL the content they have bought from PSN and PSN video store. In this way it can stimulate the collector in certain consumers to sort all their content nicely. Support different filters to the shelf like “Purshased Games”, “Free Videos”, “Demos”,”Addons” and so on.

  • Jeff could you please tell us what is Sony’s plan regarding UMD disc based games that we already own, and their use on the GO?

    I really like the concept of the GO and would be interested in getting one because I fully embrace digital distribution, but I own about 10 UMD based games that I cherish very much and do not want to part with.

    Obviously there are many people like me, who don’t want to and will not rebuy games that we already own. That’s the biggest problem for me right now. What is Sony’s plan to take care of fans like us?

  • Is there more coming from white knight chronicles or are we going to continue to be left in the dark.. I want the game badly…

  • @45 | phinnv8
    “Sony isn’t listening to us, we want FEATURES not just games.”

    Are you out of your freaking mind? I have a PS3 to play games, not to act cool with the gang and check twitter… What do I care about what people are listening to while I’m in the middle of a FPS deathmatch, or trying to be engulfed by a world of RPG?

  • @61

    Thank you!

  • Jeff Rubenstein
    unlike you SEGA never reply my comments T.T

    god I don’t want to learn jap but I would end doing that just for Yakuza Kenzan ,Yakuza 3 and now sega its doing Yakuza 4!!

  • Hey Jeff,

    I have two thoughts, assuming you get a chance to read this today.

    First, when looking at all the video interviews you guys do on here and then seeing all the E3 stuff that hit the store last week it occurred to me that these Blog interviews would add a lot. I love the developer diaries the store gets and I think these exclusive interviews would add to it. It may step on Qore’s toes though, so I understand if that is an issue.

    Second, Gran Turismo is the reason why I buy a PlayStation every generation (and I know others that think the same). Getting an interview, or even a Blog post, with the guys at Polyphony Digital discussing GT PSP and GT5 would be very welcomed.

  • hey jeff

    liked the e3 footage as for myself im missing the rpg genre they just dont really make much rpgs im kinda bummed and final fantasy 13 has taken forever its driving me nuts and does anyone know when the new map pack will be out for cod waw

  • I agree with all the social comments.

    What Sony needs to do. I don’t demand anyone because I’m no one’s father but I’m just recommending. I know I’m probably not someone that’s much important but I know I’m speaking the truth and everything you guys are up to for your company would progress at higher speeds if you join a company which are experts at what you need. Sony is a hardware company not a software company. That’s why all of their software didn’t come out as efficient as it was supposed to be. Apple is a software company. Joining with the best can make you the best at what your doing. Microsoft only have great features to their gaming system because their also a software company. Their features run perfectly because they are a software company. Some of Xbox360’s great social features are:
    *Private Chat*
    *Invite to game*(Which invites and sends you directly into one’s game inside their match or w.e.)
    *Join game*(Similar to Invite to game but just joining instead of inviting.)
    *Watching media with many friends* (Watching movies, tv shows, or videos with many people on your friends list.)

  • All of that would make the Playstation 3 more special than it already is. It would certainly make more sells also. People in this generation are more into the social life not the lonely life.

    They need to join up with Apple(The Best Software Company).

    If Sony was to join with Apple Inc. they would probably be unstoppable.

    You would be making more money. Everything would be easier for Sony.

    Since people at Apple are experts.

  • ^ OMG- My eyes have rolled into the back of my skull… help.

  • i’m not happy about this E3 and the Lineup deleyed to next year…Microsoft steal exclusive every year…FFXIV isn’t exclusive…

    i hope Sony bring more exclusive to our console and also in Europe…

    Many People are sick of it…

    Yakuza 3 in the 2009 Lineup will be a Huge announcement


  • well… I’ve seen xbox live and this really rocks. Not this ps3 “live junk” :(

    still great games but it’s not only about games it’s also about platform.

  • Why didn’t sony put R2 and L2 on the pspGO or at least another joystick. It looks to have room for both of those. This way you can put top games on the system like Modern Warfare 2.

  • I understand that they were trying to make a unique system but you’d probably sell more if the gaming experience was closer to what you got on PS#.

  • Awesome! Great job on the press conference! I know I am posting this comment way too late, but at least, it’s better late than never! :-)

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