Introducing ModNation Racers: Play, Create, and Share on the Race Track

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Greetings from United Front Games, in Vancouver British Columbia. We’re really excited to finally be able to talk to you about ModNation Racers. It’s rare as developers that you get the opportunity to make the game you’ve always dreamt of creating, but that’s the fantastic situation that we’re in. We wanted to make a game that had the pick up and play accessibility of a kart game, with the depth and handling of a classic racer. So, we made ModNation Racers, a fresh take on a classic kart racing game that empowers you, the player, to personalize the entire game.

ModNation Racers

Vinyl art & collector toys were an inspiration for us as we set out to create a game about creativity and self expression. It was in this spirit of creativity that we developed our character, kart and track editors. We wanted to give the user the ability to make whatever they wanted, but do so in a way that felt like playing and not working. For example, you just drive and the track is created behind you, so it’s intuitive and fun.

ModNation Racers ModNation Racers

An expression that came up early in development was “anonymity to superstardom”, which is exactly how we want the user to feel. You create your ideal character, kart or track, then upload and share it with the world. Next thing you know, you’re ranked as one of the top designers in the ModNation community!

In the coming months, we’ll be able to share a lot more information with you.

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  • I loved this game at the conference, it looks like allot of fun, thanks Dan for posting and you can consider this one SOLD!!! :D

  • I do have a question about the track editor. How extensive/in depth will it be. I would like to recreate tracks like Nurburgring Nordschleife and Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps.

  • @29…


    ‘Another game for a kid….’

    Really? PS3 doesn’t have ENOUGH kids games imo. You probably think LBP is for kids right?

  • I want this. This looked amazing at e3.

  • @Dan…

    Welcome fellow Canuck.

    Can you divulge if you are working to bring SONY IP into the games as skins in the same manner LBP and HSG are?

  • this game reminds me of a really tight Excite Bike, i’m ready to get my hands on this…

  • Im old. People who classify games into age groups are fools. I found entertainment in many games you idiots would consider ‘kids’ games.

  • I can’t wait! :D

  • I liked this better when it was called TrackMania.

  • this game looks really fun. i cant wait to see more info on this game as the months go by.

    anyways, is there going to be a firmware update at the end of e3 or not? also there’s speculation that sony is going to announce something tonite at 7:45 pm (pacific time) is this true??

  • to me this was the best part of e3 , i really like look of the game

  • One of the coolest games shown at E3. As soon as I saw weapons, I said to myself “I’m sold!” It’s like Mario Kart, but more exciting and fresh!

    I wish it was coming out this year, but I guess you can’t have everything in life.

    Keep up the great work guys!

  • looks like a lot of fun and can’t wait to see more :)

  • ive been wondering, is this a downloadable title or full retail?

  • I liked LBP, so I will keep an eye on this.

  • Also @ Dan…

    In your E3 presentation you said this could ONLY be achieved on the PS3 (of all consoles)…can you expand on what makes it so?

  • This is a really interesting idea. I like that it’s not just a racer, either, since there are weapons involved. It’s kind of a DIY Wipeout, and what could be better than that?

  • *Cough* Trackmania *Cough*
    I’m not saying that this couldn’t be an awesome game and that it couldn’t improve on TM, but everybody seems to be thinking that this is the very first of its kind. Even the name a could be called a rip-off ( Trakmania Nations, the newest version, Vs. Modnation, not to mention the fact that TM supports mods. Quite a few similarities, eh? ).

    Hopefully it lives up to its name and lets you actually create mods for it, then it could become truly awesome.

  • This concept is incredible. My only gripe, is that the cutesy style is really irrelevant to the game. LBP had Sackboy because his concept fit in with the whole make-shift environments from fabrics and materials alike.

    But MNR could easily be AS epic in terms of concept, with normal looking characters.

  • One of the best games at E3. Track creator looks incredibly simplistic, even i could manage to build a half decent track with it!!!

    Looking fantastic. Nice one United Front”


    Will it be a PSN download title?

    Will it be patched for motion controls?

    Will it feature XMB Music?

    Will it have a battle mode with the ability to build maps for that battle/arena mode (most import thing to me in a cart racer)?

    Weapons (incase the previous question doesn’t hold)?

    Downloadable characters like what LBP does for Heavenly Sword, God of War, Killzone etc?

    Outside of PSC (Play Share Create) features will this game attempt to extend the Kart Racing Genre in any other way?

  • I thought this was brilliant when I saw it yesterday, shown during the conference. Particularly, in the ease at which you can create, intuitively – but you still have plenty of options. I can only imagine the extent of tracks that could be uploaded to this, and the countless hours that can be spent racing.
    Looking forward to more about the game, Dan – don’t be a stranger! :)

  • best game at e3 for me
    i want it NOW
    i cant wait until spring 2010!!

  • Day 1 buy!!!

  • MOD nation racers looks awesome. I wonder what the guys at Media Molecule think of it considering their the inspiration

  • Wow, Sony’s really slapped Nintendo around the face this E3. Good stuff.
    Can’t wait to see the communities take on real world racing circuits with this game!

  • Wow looks good. when will this be out? and will there be any more of these types of games? (similar to LBP)

  • My most wanted game of E309 I cant wait! Day one purchase for me!


  • I enjoyed watching the video for this game. I’m not a LBP fan but this game looks mighty cool.

  • I’m glad that canada is getting into the good gaming industry (PlayStation), because ps3 is just so aweosme that it deserves awesome devs and creators.

    is this a PSN game or Blu-ray?

  • Mario Kart got owned.

  • Oh hell yea! LBP meets mario kart!! Day 1 buy for me. The only thing I wish they would have done was to team up with Media Molecule and use sackboys as the drivers instead. That way we could have used all the aquired costumes/stickers for the characters. Alot of us have already spent alot of money on LBP DLC like that and it would have been awesome to be able to use that stuff in other games as wee. Or they should have just made a LittleBigKarts games instead. But I guess we cant have it all. Still though great job UFG and kudos to whomever created the Hellraiser lookin character.

  • Looks fantastic.

    All I need to know is when I need to be at the store to pick it up, guys.

  • this game will be EPIC. at first I was thinking. Hmmm not so sure. but when i saw the gameplay and track editor it went from MEH to. MUST BUY ON DAY ONE!!!!

    cant wait for this game!!!

  • I can not wait=)

  • this was my fav of e3!!

  • I can’t wait for this to be released. A definate buy for me.

  • This game looks awesome

  • Looks cool, but I see the same problem with LBP happening here.

    In the demo as they create the track you can see the little “Track Remaining” (Thermometer) filling up, and by the time he was done with that little 30second track it was already half full.

    I understand there will be laps and everything, but I guess I was hoping to be able to make any track I want (Just like I wanted to make any level I wanted in LBP).

    Oh well, it looks great and I’ll definitely be trying it out when it comes out!

  • This game looks really fun. I was surprised at how easy it looks to create a track. Definitely looking forward to this one!

  • This game looks soo awesome, expect people remaking levels of Mario Kart games :D

  • I want this game so bad now!

  • ok ok….so its gonna be uncharted 2 then Modnation then GOW then GT5.


  • this game looks pretty cool, i love racing games and i love the fact that i can create races.

  • This game looks fantastic. Definitely my E3 “Game of the Show”…

  • From E3, this is the only game I’m looking forward to..

  • Will there be a beta? :[

  • Cool…I can’t wait to try this game out.

  • I’m sold for this game! I hope this game can really live up to LittleBigPlanet Play Create Share legacy! (just in case Im also interested in helping if there is a Beta in the future)

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