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By now, you should have seen the PlayStation E3 press conference, either by streaming or downloading from the PlayStation Store (yes, it’s there now!).

But if you haven’t had the chance, we’ve snagged a few of our favorites for you here. Enjoy!

Gran Turismo 5

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves gameplay

Gran Turismo for PSP

Hustle Kings


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  • gt5 awesome
    uncharted awesomer
    psp go and gtpsp awesome!!

    can’t wait for vidzone on the 11th of june :D

  • @43 “It honestly sounds like a highly compressed MP3 of a lady screaming into a $2.99 PC Mic.”

    It does. my friend told me when watching tv and that commercial came on and at the end my friend said that my tv speaker might be rip but it was the commercial lol.

  • What has become of the psp 290? seriously i’ve been holding out for it.. and it seems that no mention has been made during e3.. are we still going to be able to get this????
    also, is life with playstation a dead project or is more coming for that at some point?
    Excited about the motion controller next year though! looks pretty cool!

  • UNCHARTED 2,GT5 and that PSN game HUSTLE KINGS looks sweet.

  • bobo têtête ^^

  • WOW!!!!!!!! the Uncharted video looks sick!! i cant wait!!!!

  • That Uncharted 2 gameplay was staggering in so many ways. Of course, it is technologically impressive, going from that beautiful rooftop vista to the interior gunfights seamlessly. The directing was great, the animations, the writing…just amazing all around!

  • When is that ‘Hustle Kings’ coming out? Looks amazing :P

  • I just saw a wonderful EyePet trailer and one of the commenters at Joystiq had a marvelous idea – make Sackboy a friend you could play with!

    That would sell like hotcakes! Hell, I’m 23 and I would buy PSEye for this!

  • Great stuff.

    On a side note though, I really do hope that sony has something in the works with similar capabilities to project natal, because after reading impressions and seeing the demo, it looks amazing. Don’t get me wrong sony’s motion control is great but if they also had a project natal killer and a wii killer that would take away both microsoft and nintendos competitive advantage.

  • The God of War gameplay was amazing, when do we get our hands on the demo.

  • [sighs] so many games coming out, so little money

    i can hardly keep up ,and the best thing about it is, all the games look promising.

    nonetheless thanks for sharing the gameplay trailers with us and making them available for download on the psstore

  • uncharted 2 looks awesome. my only problem with the first game was the amount of cut scenes, it drove me crazy. 2 minutes of jumping and shooting followed by 5 minutes of cut scene.

  • uncharted 2 looks awesome

  • We need gameplay footage of GT5 and GT PSP!

  • The Last Guardian!

    720p. Do it now plz.

  • The E3 2009 Sony Conference Part 3 have a problem during the demo of God of War III.

    Can you fix it!?

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