E3 Comes to PlayStation Home

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In case you haven’t noticed, the almighty Internets have been abuzz with gossip about E3, PlayStation Home, and where the two will meet. Well I’m here to put the rumors to rest once and for all, and confirm what the community has been whispering about in the corners of Home over the last month.

PlayStation Home media & events space

Here’s the deal: We will be showcasing a special taping of Jack Tretton’s E3 Keynote Address in-world come Tuesday evening. We’ll also be bringing you tons of showroom floor footage, developer interviews, sneak peeks, and other cool vids courtesy of our friends over here at the PlayStation.Blog. All you have to do is head over to the Presentation Podium to watch it on the big screen. This special Events space is accessible via the Menu Pad – just press Start > Locations > World Map then select the PlayStation Home World Map chip and press X. This will break out into several other chips; just scroll over to the Presentation Podium chip, press X, and teleport your self to the party.

This shindig is running for the entirety of E3. That’s right – 3 full days. So whether you’re a morning bird or a night owl, you can come into PlayStation Home and check out this hot footage. We’ll also be giving away limited-time, exclusive virtual items. But you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled and make sure that you are in-world all-day, every day if you want to get them all…

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  • I just saw the MS conference.
    All I can say is WOW!
    Sony there is no excuse for the lack of 1080p video and surround sound on the PSN Video store now.
    Also get Pandora on the XMB under Music that works INGAME!

    Project Natal eehh whatever …

    Come out swinging tomorrow Sony I need some good news!

    O yeah I have a 60GB but you still need to bring back PS2 play on the PS3.

    Here’s to tomorrow morning! =)

  • Home sucks! If Microsoft did something similar to home they’d do it the right way. Not this half (DELETED).

  • I still don’t get it. Will it be live the first time it loops? Is it the whole press conference or just a best-of etc. ?

  • Don’t worry takifugu look at it like this we get big boss and both sides get raiden.

    MS is just throwing money away but if you look at the big picture. What is sad on both sides is they(MS) can shell out this money for multiplatform games or temp exclusives then fire over 6000 employees. But it is all in “good” business :( …

  • This is the year that will make or break Sony’s PS3. Microsoft’s Day 1 was impressive. I hope you guys at Sony have something up your sleeve for tomorrow. I still have a bad taste in my mouth from that flop called Socom you guys released missing half the features on the box. Don’t let us down Sony!

  • That’s what i’ve been asking since Tokyo game show in the closed beta. Keep up the good work. I’m in a good karma these days in infamous.

  • anybody watch ms e3? a big ouch for nindendo, looked very casual overall, come on sony you could take 360s hardcore gamers then xbox can have nintendos:P

  • If metal gear goes multi platform, im done. go to hell, kojima

  • Ya betta get ssomething betta den dat just saw 360 press conference amazing, please come up with something amazing

  • Sony lost E3 before it started.

    I am buying a 360… i cant let myself miss out on all the good games. Im jumping in.. whos with me?

  • lol millerdude i remember you!!! Anyway yeah MS just dropped MEGATONS! wow Sony will have to deliver big time to beat that! Still NOTHING going on in Home just so you guys know lol I dont know when this three days is supposed to start but I hope its soon.

  • You know guys, Metal Gear Rising is a new Metal Gear experience. I don’t understand why you are all griping about Metal Gear Solid being lost.

  • sweet
    are you gonna show ea and ubisofts part?

  • Yeah, Sony just got pimp smacked, just like last year. I remember watching their press conference, waiting for THEIR megatons, and none came. Might be the same scenario tomorrow.

    Speaking of Home, remember when we were promised we could watch out videos with our friends in Home and it never happened? Microsoft just added that feature to XBL. Just thought I’d let ya know!

  • Can we please get the keynote on the Store like we did last year, I really enjoyed watching the conference that way.

  • How much would they give me for a 60gb ps3 at gamestop?

  • Can’t wait to see MAG again! Just like last year when FF XIII got announced for the 360, they decided to show a CG trailer of MAG. This time, after losing Metal Gear, we will see MAG again, but this time we will see it in all its glory, with its PSP graphics and terrible framerate.

  • damn ms came out like a beast i really want a 360 now, sony you better have something huge tomorrow if not i gess ill jump in.

  • E3 items sounds cool, except that there’s a weird issue everyone has been having lately where whenever you win something, all your reward items disappear.

    Will this be fixed before the E3 stuff starts, or should I celebrate E3 elsewhere?

  • MS conference was meh. Not interested in anything they’ve got coming. And if I wanted to play games without a controler or “be active”, I’d go outside. Nintendo will have the same wagglefest and games locked to one system as every other year. In my book, Sony could easily overtake this years E3. All I need are the RPG announcements. We know that FFXIII and WKC are coming. We know that an eventual release of The Last Remnant and Tales of Vesperia are coming and that FFVII has been approved by the ESRB. But what else could Sony have up it’s sleeve in the RPG department?

    PS – Couldn’t care less about the PSP Go. Unless it has some significant improvements over the 3000, then I don’t see the point.

  • Smart move by SCEA staying away from the blog because you guys need to save face. It’s such an embarrassment at what is happening. Time to watch more videos of games at your E3 right? and give us release dates like “Coming Soon”. Will be waiting to hear about your promises and not deliver. This is the Sony I’ve learned to love since the launch of the Playstation 3.

  • @ 60

    Dude, you need to stop posting on this blog. Id never jump ship.

  • to be honest the only good blow was metal gear the Milo thing was more of a punch to nintendo face =S

  • Sony best announce Facebook and Twitter integration but I doubt it. Microsoft has it completely integrated into their NXE dashboard.

  • Can’t wait to see new Home furniture, I bet that will steal the show…

    What a disaster.

  • home furniture ftw!

  • I’d suggest some E3 leaks right about now Sony. The PSP Go isn’t going to cut it…

  • Hellman I’ll buy your original 60GB gamestop would rape you in terms of money you would get back. Just send me a message on psn. I’ll be glad to have 2 60GB just in case something happens

  • What Sony would need to impress me after what I saw from MS.


    -In Game Voice Chat
    -$299 price point / PS3 Slim
    -New Web Browser that actually WORKS, webKit based or something. So Facebook, live.fm, and all that stuff MS announced actually WORKS on PS3 without special software!!!
    -Gran Turismo 5 announcement
    -Project ICO announcement
    -New good exclusive
    -SOCOM 1.50 that actually works with free DLC
    -FU for losing Metal Gear exlusive

    -PSN titles like Chrono Cross, FF-VII


  • I like how microsoft didn’t spend a bunch of time with charts and numbers. The thing is, G4 showed all of MS’ number prior to their showing. That was clever. It was just games after games.
    Sony, please do not spend too much time on the PSP. PS3 focus E3 please!

    I bet Kojima still won’t update MGS4 with Trophy support. Guys, try to reserve your judgements until we actually see Sony’s conference.

  • Sony can’t just bring what we know is coming. They need to completely wow us tomorrow. I honestly think Microsoft’s tactics of just humiliating Sony is just low, their marketing tactics are just as low and deceptive. But then again, Sony can’t just keep playing the good guys or they’ll lose every franchise they have.

    I was hoping for a PS3 port of Left 4 Dead but now the sequal has been announced that’s out the window seemingly. Plus, is Metal Gear Rising exclusive to 360? If so then that’s very frustrating. I was looking forward to a raiden game.

    The motion controller I thought would be useless because that’s not how I want gaming to go in the future other than Nintendo. But I have to say it looks like it could actually produce some good games. Even if most of the stuff they showed was mini-games with no lasting appeal.

    However I still feal that Microsoft should stay focused on their hardcore audience and that they’re kidding themselves if they think the wii’s audience will come flocking to them. It’s not happening.

    Finally, is Forza 3 really the best driving game? I mean it looks good but there’s only 1 elite driving game and it’s coming to PS3 and PSP and I’m very excited for it.

  • you know things are bad when you can’t even keep up with the console that has a 70% failure rate.

  • Sony – You know I love you, but after seeing Microsoft’s press conference…you need to have something big. A new PSP ain’t gonna cut it either. You need to lower that price, you need some more exclusives, you need to dump more money into Home or dump it altogether. You can do it! I have faith in you! Bringing back PS2 backwards compatibility would be a big hit too!

  • will it preload or will it buffer, because i have a poor connection and when i go to the mall to watch pulse it buffers every 5 or 10 seconds

  • Sony needs to bring their whole alphabet….


    DonnyG | June 1st, 2009 at 12:26 pm
    After what I just witnessed Sony better bring their A game.”

  • Gran Turismo 5 is losing it’s flare right about now. They are taking wayyyy to long. Fortza is building a major brand name during GT5’s absence.

  • @ 81

    The new MGS is not exclusive. It’s going to be on both platform. It’s a damn shame that it was announced on the 360s conference. That’s a kick in the nuts while down man!

  • So many haters in here.

  • platforms**

  • OMG, I cant stand Morgan Web! I feel sorry for the guy who ends up with her. GRRRRR!

  • @88 haters? PS3 is currently my only console. We are just pissed of people who are calling it like we see it not blind followers.

  • @87…

    Did you hear the part of MS conference where the said ‘Everything from this point is exclusive’….a little later Kojima was out there.

    That would seem to indicate exclusive.

    Sony…I’m a PS hore but unless you match the Xbox’s media center functions tommorrow IN CANADA I will be buying an Xbox this weekend and buying all my media on it. I love SONY but I’ve waited long enough.

    Here is to hoping.

  • After seeing Microsoft’s conference, Sony better be having some kick ass stuff to show off. I’m sooo glad I have both console’s tho :D

  • been aps fan forever but this will be the first time ive ever taken part in e3 cant wait thanks sony now go kick micrsofts @$$

  • What the hell did MS do that was so special? They finally showed off some new games for the first time in about a year. Big freakin deal.

  • Microsoft really brought some cool stuff to live e.g facebook, twitter…Now its your turn Sony give us Skype, cross game chat, google chrome or firefox plus custom gamercard avatar e.g HOME avatar and revamp the xmb the ball is in your court Sony.

  • Umm…I had a question. Are these exclusive items going to be given through redemption codes or will we randomly see unlock messages appear at the top corner of the screen? I really hope is the former, considering what’s been going on in Home lately. People have been losing items by playing mini games or unlocking prizes from said mini games. Therefore, I’d hope we’d get redemption codes so that we can simply unlock our items when it is safe to do so, since I’m still pretty sure this bug is present. Can someone put my fears to rest?

  • I don’t even think Sony can get Twitter and Facebook on the PS3. If I know Microsoft, they probably signed some kind of exclusivity deal with twitter and facebook.

  • Great. I can enjoy it for 5 entire minutes until Home crashes and freezes my PS3. Thanks Sony.

  • I dont think sony will wow us this year… they might be on the deathbed this generation. I regret getting rid of my 360 for a ps3. I think I might dump my 60gig for a 360 now.

    A real webkit browser, a psp with a touchscreen that can interface with ps3 and be used as a keyboard or a real gaming peripheral. those would change my mind. But, I doubt sony would think like that.

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