Dante’s Inferno PSP Q&A with Senior Producer Justin Lambros

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Obviously God of War: Chains of Olympus pretty much blew every other PSP action game out of the water. So EA is tempting the same action audience with Dante’s Inferno, a game that is already looking seriously impressive on the PSP. Slated for next year, there’s quite a ways to go, but Senior Producer Justin Lambros explains how Dante’s Inferno is moving past the “port” mentality to deliver a huge console-like experience. Check out the video for some great first details.

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  • I’m sorry Sony but NOBODY CARES ABOUT PSP OR PS2!

    Don’t waste most of your E3 conference talking about PSP and ps2 games,It’s pointless, THEY DON’T SELL, NOBODY CARES anymore.

    We want NEW ps3 exclusives, And new firmware updates with intresing features we want.

    I love Sony and ps3, but I have to be honest with you.

  • My problem is that why would I want to get this experience on the PSP when I can get a better, bigger experience on my PS3. The PSP story should be different so it stands out from the console versions…

  • the xbox’s full body motion control just looks stupid.. and what about that milo kid, looks like an interactive game aimed at pedos.. gross

    sony, just relase gt5 in october and everything will be fine

  • @51: I care about the PSP. A lot of other people do as well, so please STFU…

  • This game sounds awesome
    and i like the story

  • @54

    PSP Is a pointless handheld you play on the bus for ten mins, I own one ffs.

    Sony will be a laughing stock if they just announced more PSP and ps2 games,

    Wish sony would just kill off the PSP and ps2.

    And put FULL development into ps3 games and features, That what everyone wants

  • Well i usually complain about complainers but this time i think you guys are right. You guys paid $400 – $600 for a system and still losing the games that made the PS brand and what it used to be. I still love the few Sony exclusives that wee stil got.

  • sorry for swearing on the blog my bad

  • I, for one, would like to apologize on behave of the ignorant people posting all over this blog entry, if you wanna complain amongst yourself, take it to the forums.

    That said, interesting q&a, I’ll be keep an eye out in the future for it.

  • will we get motion control if not im buying a xbox360

  • i just want a zapper or whatever the wii gun is called i could play killzone2 with

  • @56: That what everyone wants? No, thats what you want. I’m not saying that PS3 isn’t important (I have one and I enjoy it a ton), but Sony works on a 2 pillar front. PSP and PS3 are equally important. Just because you don’t think so doesn’t mean everyone else thinks like you too.

    I think the PS3 has enough incredible exclusives this year and I’m positive that it will have a bunch of good ones for next year too. However don’t prosecute Sony just because they support ALL of their platforms (unlike certain OTHER companies). I personally can’t wait to see if the rumored Killzone Liberation 2 gets announced…

  • lol @ #7

  • I’d just be happy to see some more avatars, some voice chat, and couch logins coming asap. Could care less if my 360 will get some MGS action… I didn’t see anything Microsoft announced that was game worthy. Facebook? Since when is that considered gaming? Announce something relative to gaming, not some bullcrap scam. Geez, little babies in this blog just so ticked because now everyone can play stuff. I’d rather we only have 1st party exclusives and 3rd party stuff going to everyone.

  • Nice!!! =P

  • Jesus christ, what are you guys, 12y old? There’s even a very high probability that the Metal Gear game with Raiden is multi-platform so I honestly don’t see why you’re so upset.

    And you can’t blame Kojima for this either, it’s Konami’s decision and Kojima is oly producing the game, so he really has no say.

    The Metal Gear series was never really big, so it makes sense to bring it to other platforms.

    Way to blow things out of proportion.

  • i can imagine justin lambros checking the comments for feedback and this is what he sees. you guys are a disgrace to playstation fans.

  • i guess even kojima is feeling the global financial crunch so he’s going where the money is – bill gates! the guy is so stinkin’ rich!

  • @68
    i don’t think Bill Gates cares about money as much as you think since 1) he doesn’t really do anything with Microsoft anymore and 2) he’s out curing disease (or spending money).

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