The PSB, SOCOM & Killzone Recap

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Courtesy of Cindy “Abigale” Bowens


Courtesy of Victor Zuylen – Editor, Killzone Community

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  • Thanks for the post Chris.

    Hey, I was reading a few blogs about the PSP GO and the post on You tube at the moment from the June Qore edition.

    I tried downloading that June Qore edition and sure enough it’s downloadable now.

    Guess this leaked out a bit soon, but it’s great news !

    I’ll be getting a PSP GO.



  • we PSP go going to be a huge e3 announcement? If so why release it on qore so early..

  • Are you guys gonna be doing a ‘fat princess’ style beta giveaway for UC2 on the PS Blog?

    I am unemployed, and cant afford InFAMOUS at the moment… so if you are, ill be checking the blog constantly lol

  • Sony E3 Press Conference will be so awesome!! Cant wait for Tuesday!

  • I’m only posting because you did your normal Socom update. I again state I will not purchase another /6 product including the new PSP game. Shame on you Sony and /6 for the lie that was Socom.

    Beyond that go KZ2!!

  • Wow I like the looks of that new redesigned PSP Go! I think I’m gonna trade in my two to get that. What about the games I already have? Will there be a way to copy or emulate those over to the PSP Go? Or are you guys gonna make select titles available through the store?

  • lol next week’s recap is going to have to be two seperate posts. Can’t wait till E3.

  • I was a potential psp go! buyer but i have been turned off by the horribly cramped controls, pointless slide screen (no touch screen). I hope there is more to it than what has been showcased.. or else this is bad.

  • It’s like a concept design, it looks good, but to actually use it would cause arthreitis. Also, lack of touchscreen makes it absolutely pointless

  • Hell yeah E3 for the win! I am going to be at the PSBlog tomorrow so see you all bloggers there!!! And I’ll be there early early for the ticket ;)

  • @10
    lol nothing in Qore that we didn’t already know about the PSP Go! It’s tiny, cramped, comes with 16 gigs of storage, and no UMD drive.

    Oh I think they did mention something we didn’t know. MicroSD Memory sticks, really nice of them to shaft those of us who might be interested in getting a go and already own a 16 gig memory stick. I’m more the ladder than the former, only thing I want on the Go is the Bluetooth abilities.

    Lets hope for a PSP4000 so I can get my Bluetooth storage lol.

  • Any major differences with the PSP Go besides the hard drive and lack of UMD, personally I like the feel of the 3000 better, guess I’ll wait a couple days till its announced officially.

  • errm bluetooth not bluetooth storage

  • I am such a Sony fanboy and have bought every generation of every console they’ve released. If the leaked pics are real, and the controls are really that uncomfortable, I shall be very much skipping the PSP Go! Pity, I was so hyped for it =(

  • Can’t wait for more news about the PSP Go!

  • i hope early next week we’ll see K2 patch…

  • So tell me this sony, who screwed up? :)

  • I hear that the June 2009 issue of Qore is downloadable but when I go to my download list, all it shows is the May 2009 issue and then the July 2009 issue, the June issue is missing. Others on the Qore forums have expressed similar problems. Did you guys yank it off the store, or should I contact somebody about my missing episode?

  • PsP Go!!!

    i wonder who got fired…

  • …or who is GO-ing to be fired.


    …see what I did there???


    Well PSP GO! seems to be all the rage today, a few more shots have been posted over at Engadget: for your viewing pleasure, just one question;
    Where’s the battery go?

  • Jeff who screwed up by leaking the PSP GO i mean come on i wanted this to be secret till E3

  • man psp go looks ugly but i will buy it if it has better graphics

  • PSP GO FTW!!!

  • FilliamHMuffman

    Without a touchscreen the PSP GO! will fail.

  • @19 – ye11owpharmacy.

    I think Sony figured out June Qore was available and pulled it for now (maybe next week it will be there again).

    I did download it and see the article on the PSP GO.

  • Just wanted to give any Killzone 2 clans out there a heads up about a TSR tournament that has been set up to start on June 8th at 10pm GMT. More details here –

    PS. Well done to the EU blog squad for a great start in this new arena. Keep up the most excellent work.

  • wat does ftw mean

  • Man, it seems that the leak is the REAL story going on here. Honestly, the original PSP (and it’s latter iterations) were a little too cramped for me. Playing for a significant amount of time hurts like hell for me (though I have fairly large hands).

    I DO, however, wonder who’s getting fired, because I find it hard to believe that no one’s going to pay for this mistake. I definitely like the Bluetooth since it allows for people to actually use the voice-functions of the system. Buying a custom headset just doesn’t work for me. The built-in memory is awesome too. MicroSD or Pro Duo- it doesn’t matter once you’ve got 16GB built-in.

    Let’s go kick some ass at E3, Sony! :D

  • “wat does ftw mean”

  • Not entirely sure placing 30% of your readers on a revenge list is appropriate for not grabbing inFamous immediately upon release… I’m going to get it eventually, hopefully sooner rather than later. Funny though- “Gravity.” XD

  • it sucks that the PSP Go got leaked, oh well i hope Sony has more tricks in its sleeves though!!

  • cant w8 for E3, SOny just keeps surprising everyone including myself!

  • I doubt that the PSB would confirm or deny the obvious existence of the PSP-GO, they do work for SONY after all, give them a break guys..

  • Why did the playstation store take forever to update?

  • PLEASE focus on PS3.

    I cannot wait to see videos from all the titles here. It’s goign to be amazing.

  • I hope this leaked was on purpose and not by accident.I hate to see people lose some of their jobs.

  • Will E3 be streamed live or afterwards at HOME?..if afterwards…are we talking about a couple of a hours or until the next day?

  • Assuming it was leaked on purpose (trying to get a jump on June 1 Zune HD news?). If leaked in error I hope they fire the person responsible.

    Strange that a store update done weekly comes hours late when you’ve had 2 years practice but the ONE thing you might want to keep under your hat for a few days gets leaked.

    Anyway…on the fence about the PSP Go. Seems to not have a place to add peripherals so the GPS and Keyboard seem to not be options unless you use a BT Keyboard and a BT GPS dongle. Nice that I should be able to use my PS3 controller and my BT Headset though. Waiting to see if there is an upgrade from UMD program available (bring umd to Gamestop to be destroyed, pay a few bucks and get a download code for the digital version of the game)

  • we all know about the psp go and ps3 slim. they have the same packaging. you might as well get it out of the bag.
    my parents want to buy a ps3 because they see how good mine is. but i told them to wait until after e3 because there might be.. either a price drop or a ps3 slim. i hope they price drop the fat ones.

  • haha, they aren’t even commenting on the PSP GO! at this point…I guess they are just doing damage control and are figuring out how to rearrange their press conference….but at any rate….I like the Go and will be getting one……………btw, this is the best thing to come out of Qore

  • How much crap is the guy that let the Qore episode be downloaded early in?

  • @41…………truckloads….but I’m guessing it’s not one persons fault

  • when does the uncharted 2 beta begin?

  • and the PSP GO leaked!

  • The PSP Go is a failure unless add another analog stick and they let you buy games at the store on flash memory like the Nintendo DS

  • PSP Go looks awesome. Make it $99 and it’s SOLD!

  • I dont know about you guys but I dont like it. All they added new is bluetooth. The UMD I was happy to see go but they didn’t add what people like me wanted in a new PSP. Like being able to buy games at a retail store on flash memory and having another analog stick.

  • I wonder is Sony still have any secrets left for E3? I just saw the new PSP Go. I’m not sure how I feel about the new design. I’ll reserve my judgment until I actually see one in real life. Its not very attractive.

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