The Last Guy Getting Trophies Tomorrow, Add-On Coming Next Month

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Hi everyone – Josh Miller here. I recently launched Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic, but today I’m here to talk about a quirky little game called The Last Guy. I’m happy to announce that tomorrow the game will receive a free update that adds Trophies to the game. I’m excited since it gives me a reason to play through the game again.

The Last Guy Screenshot

If you haven’t heard of The Last Guy, the game came out last summer, preceded by an “interesting”developer diary video. It’s a classic and addictive “line” game with simple controls that uses satellite maps of real cities around the world, including San Francisco, Tokyo, and Sydney, as its levels. You play a hero who rescues people hiding out in buildings and leads them to the safety zone for evacuation while avoiding zombie monsters that roam the streets. The bigger the line, the bigger the bonus. But bigger lines also make it harder to avoid monsters, who make people scatter when they get close.

You can use thermo vision to see where people are hiding, and pick up power-ups scattered throughout the levels to stop time, fill up your energy meter and more. The game is available now for $9.99 on the PS Store, and there’s even a demo if you want to try it out before you buy it.

Here’s a trailer to get an idea of what the game is about and what the visuals look like.

There will be 15 Trophies in all to reward you for getting good ratings on stages, rescuing VIPs, getting lots of fireworks and more. The Trophies are not retro-active, meaning they won’t be unlocked automatically when the update is installed. You’ll need to play the game again to unlock them.

I also am pleased to announce an add-on coming for The Last Guy next month. It will add 3 bonus stages to the game, which are unlocked by fulfilling certain conditions in the main game. The add-on also includes 8 additional Trophies to help you rank up your Trophy level.


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  • Excellent news! The Last Guy is one of the best PSN games available and I love it to death. Can’t wait to play through it again for trophies and I know the add-on is going to be a blast. Thank you SO MUCH! :)

  • Hey Josh-
    Are the bonus level unlocks retro-active? I hope so! I may wait to play through it again for trophies if I’m going to have to do it AGAIN to unlock the bonus levels… :(

    Please let us know!

  • supercoolmanchu

    Sweet… I am so looking forward to play this game again! :-)

  • Awesome news !!!

    I haven’t really played TLG in a few months.
    Tomorrow I will be deleting my save file, and starting from scratch.

    And your DLC will be a day one purchase.

    Good on ya’ sirs.

  • The last level is a pain! I still haven´t finished it but maybe I will now when I´m gonna play it through again to get the sweet trophies.

  • @48 – yeah, HSG definitely deserves trophies – love that game.

    When do The Last Guy trophies go live?

  • Will the UK get this Trophy patch aswel?
    Haven’t been asked to DL a patch yet :(

  • Nice to see this game’s getting some much needed attention :D

    Will this update be released in Europe too?

  • This game deserves more support.
    It’s really addicting at times but it’s a fun addiction. lol Is there a such thing? lol

    Thanks for the update on the update?
    Hope to hear more cool things for this title.

  • Awesome news. I really enjoyed this game, and will definitely try collecting trophies.

  • Now if only the American producer for Hot Shots Golf would add trophies, all would be right in the world.


  • Thanks Josh, actually read about this on a few other gaming blogs but now know it’s reality.

  • nice, I’ll have to check this out.

  • Cool had this game the day it came out. Thanks for the trophy support! Capcom take note.

  • This game rocks and now it rocks even more!
    Thanks to everyone still supporting older games!
    Can’t wait to play this tonight!

  • @64
    Capcom you trophy anti-whore

  • StalkingSilence

    I like the mini-game in WTF! (PSP) that this game was based off of. This game is pretty fun, liked the demo and depending on the ease of the trophies – I may finally get it.
    Props to the teams adding in trophies to liven up old games!

  • Woohoo! Been meaning to get back into this game, and now I have a great excuse!

    And, though it’s off-topic, I’ll echo the requests for a trophy patch for Hot Shots Golf – that would be awesome!

  • VEry cool! I loved this game but was ticked it didn’t come with trophies after I bought it. Look forward to replaying it as it was addictive fun!

  • is that for Europe to ?
    or are we going to have to wait just like Blast factor? (never released trophie patch in europe?)

  • @70

    I think It will be :(
    Come on Sony (Or SCEE) realease the Last guy Trophy patch In Europe(UK)!!

  • @71 Let’s hope. i mean the Trophie Patch for Blast Factor isnt here also!

  • The patch is up in the US :)

    All of the trophies are secret so its a mystery as to what they are….

  • Sounds pretty good to me. However I would rather have it on BluRay disc so it looks like I will be importing mine like Quest for Booty and SIREN. I guess developers in the US don’t want my money.

  • @ 73 here in Europe its isnt up so i think sony is forgetting Europe again :(

  • I purchased The Last Guy, last year, due to Greg Miller’s vocal support and the humorous developers video. I feel the game has a simple, but challenging arcade gameplay. I really like the game design style.

    I hope the added trophy support and DLC will generate new sales of this title.

  • awesome. I beat the 1st few stages of this game and although ive had fun, ive been busy with other things but now, I have a reason to play it again with Trophies.

  • Europe sees no love for this game. No trophy update here :-(

    What are SCEE upto? Do they even care?

  • Hope They make a Bluray edition like the one in japan :D

  • How is it possible to release an update for a game just in US??
    What a hell is up with that?? I pay my hard earned money for these games in Europe, so, I think I am entitled to the updates as much as anyone else around the world..
    This is totally disrespectful, from ANY angle you use to justify.

  • Better late than never. Thanks.

  • I’ve been playing TLG for the last three months and am #15 on the Most Rescued list. Why when I play now my most rescued amount doesn’t go up? When I play now my total rescued was reset to zero, but when I check the most rescued list my 2.5+ million rescues is still listed, but the old total remains the same. Will the two totals be added together? Will the lists be reset? I would hate to lose my 2.5 million rescues. What’s the plan Josh?

  • Someone please answer WHEN the patch and addon will be available for EUROPE please!

  • Well still waiting for the patch from Europe. Long time waiting for the game, and now the patch/ addon.

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