Killzone 2 Patch 1.27 Details

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Even though the game has been out in stores for a while, Guerrilla remains committed to keeping Killzone 2 one of the strongest multiplayer experiences for PLAYSTATION 3. This week sees the release of Patch 1.27, which introduces a number of tweaks based on direct feedback from the Killzone community. We sat down with Eric Boltjes, Guerrilla’s Lead Multiplayer Designer, to walk us through the most important changes and the reasons for their implementation.

First of all, Eric, can you run us through the highlights of Patch 1.27?

Sure! Most importantly, we’ve added functionality to make the process of finding and playing with friends much easier, tweaked the Skirmish Mode to keep it interesting for players with lower-bandwidth network connections, introduced a new ‘High Precision’ option to the controller configuration menu, and improved the overall balance of the game. There’s also a host of smaller changes as well, but I’ll save that for the change log.

Let’s start with the first one: finding and playing with friends. How has that been changed?

We’ve examined how party systems work and added similar functionality to our game where possible. The ‘Join Friend’ option has been changed so that the player can automatically join a friend’s faction and squad – even if faction balancing is on. In addition, squads and their factions are now persistent over multiple games, so friends can keep playing together continuously.

Killzone 2 Patch 1.27 Join Game

You said the Skirmish Mode been tweaked – can you explain?

Well, we’ve decided to unlock all the badges in Skirmish Mode. Considering that the game has been out for a while, and that many players have already reached the rank of General, we believe this is a nice way for players with lower-bandwidth network connections to experience the full range of weapons and abilities available in the Warzone.

Control-wise, what exactly does the new ‘High Precision’ option do?

When this option is switched on, it makes the analog sticks more responsive to small movements. Turned off, the controls behave exactly as they did before the patch. It’s not a radical overhaul of the control system, so the layout and the ‘weight’ of the controls remain the same.

Still, a lot of us here at Guerrilla really enjoy the new High Precision option, so we’ve decided to switch it on by default for new players. Existing Killzone 2 players will have the option turned off by default after patching – we wouldn’t want to force a sudden change to the controls on you!

Killzone 2 Patch 1.27 - high precision

How have you improved the overall balance of the game?

For starters, Patch 1.27 allows players to switch factions manually if the factions are unbalanced. If the factions consist of, say, 13 players versus 11 players, a player from the largest faction can manually switch over to make it an even 12 versus 12. Switching in the other direction is not allowed, so players from the smaller team can’t defect to the larger team if the battle doesn’t go their way. Players who switch over retain all their points, but squad affiliations will of course be lost.

Furthermore, we’ve removed the temporary invulnerability awarded to players who spawn at a spawn point other than the base camp. The players will still be safe at their own base camp, but custom-placed or mission-based spawn points do not yield temporary invulnerability anymore. This will hopefully give opposing players already at this location a fair chance.

Finally, we’ve made a couple of changes to the Badge abilities. The Assault Badge, for instance, was deemed too powerful by many players – so we tweaked down its Armor ability from 100 hit points to 50 hit points. The Tactician Badge’s secondary ability (to request air support from a Sentry Bot) has also been tweaked to make the Sentry Bot more useful. It can aim more accurately now, and its health is a little higher as well. To make it even more useful, we’ve reduced the way automated turrets target them, so they’re not shot down as fast. It should certainly make the Air Support Specialist ribbon easier to obtain!

Thank you for your time, Eric!

Thank you, and thanks to all the Killzone 2 fans out there! We hope this patch demonstrates our continued support and dedication to Killzone 2. Stay tuned for more downloadable content and more tweaks coming in the near future!

Eric Boltjes

Eric Boltjes, Lead Multiplayer Designer, Guerrilla Games

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  • Are there more trophies coming along with the upcoming ‘DLC’?

  • Great game and great support..

  • daym nice patch!

  • Awesome update Guerrilla! This is what I love about this update…

    -No invincibility off of spawn grenades. I hope Tacticians other then myself will start being smart about where they place the spawn grenades.
    -High precision sounds cool but I never thought there was a problem with the controls.
    -Less body armor for the Assault class is awesome!
    -Joining games with my clan will now be easier as well which is what we really needed.

    Keep up the good work!

  • That’s an outstanding update. I recently got to 100k points, played for almost 400 hours and was wondering how long I’d keep playing but these are gonna help a lot! Removal of spawn invincibility is something I’ve wanted since the beginning! Thank god.

    One thing still missing tho is for you guys to give us more search options. If you give the players the freedom to change the settings in so many ways, then we should have enough search options to find games with the settings we want.

    Why can’t we search for games with Friendly Fire on? Or with the Assault class banned? Why did you guys remove the option to search for maps within a rotation rather than games with just one specific map? More search options for the next patch please.

    Appreciate your excellent commitment to the game. I love KZ2.

  • 1-rocket needs to be an ability, with 3 rockets ammo, BUT you have a 30 sec/1 min delay and you NEED ammo for it.
    2-extra armor goes as an ability too, works when the rocket one works.
    so you click left on the d-pad, you get a rocket launcher and armor.
    3-this class gets the LMGs.

    but rockets STILL NEED ammo like any other rifle!

    Please reply!

  • Did they reduce any of the pointless GUI effects? Because I honestly only played multiplayer once and gave up because it physically made me sick with all the crap the screen was doing. Its just subtle enough to make my head spin.

  • This is THE best patch in all of gaming history and for this game. Now the last thing for a patch to do is.. have a setting to turn off language in story mode because there cursing gets so anying that I wanted to quite story mode 12 times.

  • Looks like an excellent patch. But the spawn point invulnerability change worries me.

    I’d have thought it’d be better to stop the spawning player’s weapon working during their invulnerable time.

  • ive been waiting for this patch for so long, looks like i am gonna be back to warzone once again.
    Thanks GG so much:)

  • thanks for the support, but i’m kinda mad about the high precision mode, i liked the way the controls were.
    but thanks for removing the invincibility for spawn nades

  • Keep the updates coming GG, love the fact that you can get badges in skirmish now

  • I;m looking forward to this patch.
    KZ2 has been gathering dust on my shelf because I hated the games dead zone so if the precision mode is what I hope I may finally start playing this game.

    GG Nay have another DLC sale tomorrow.


  • Umm.. important question..

    So if the badges are going to be unlocked for us.. how do we get the trophies associated with them?!

  • so there isnt actually a party system. sounds like a great patch, especially with the controls thing. but why cant they put a real party system in the game!

  • YEAH BABY! Killzone 2 is Freaking SWEET

  • Now this is what I’m talking about!!!

  • Awesome. Thanks for the continued support!

  • still the party thing needs to keep improving ALA COD4

  • Great to see the game continually being tweaked for improvement.

    I’m not sure about getting rid of the invulnerability at player made spawn points, seems like a sniper could just sit back, watch the smoke and rack up the points and make the spawn point pointless. Hopefully they listen to feedback on this change if it turns out to be this way.

    Very happy to see change on the air support. I thought it was just me having trouble getting any ribbons with them. Glad to see the changes.

    I would love to see a new set of skins for each class of both ISA and the Helghast be an upcoming DLC, to add variety to the battle field.

  • Hmm, I have mixed reactions to the temporary invulnerability when spawnin from a beacon other from the base camp. It shifted the tide every now and then, makin it excitin. Plus it gives those who are losin a fightin chance to come back. On the other hand, it makes defendin sooo hard. I lay 3 close up shots wit the shot gun and the guy won’t die. Plus it allows the more dominant team to be more dominant. Therefore, I’m confused. But, lookin at this new enhancement again, it could yield new possibilities for both sides again. I don’t know, nevermind.

  • Oh yeah, mooooooooooorrrrrrrrrre, weapons please!!! If you didn’t hear me, more new weapons please.

  • And, thanks for tweakin the controls, very much appreciated.

  • This is awesome. I’m gonna have to take a break from Nazi Zombies and inFAMOUS and play some KZ2 again.
    I wish my clan would stop playing Socom for one night…

  • the back of the box and manual said i could play with bot support and experience the game to the fullest (leveling) with just my friends but they seemed to have changed it and lied. No offense but Eric is just not Cliff B. This game is so over hyped. The story line and the military in it are a joke. Very poorly done. Good for kids though.

  • This is awesome just when I was thinking that this feature would be a nice addition you guys beat me to it, keep up the good work.

    If we can get the “have multiple weapons being able to change out the pistol for something more powerful and secondary fire for those weapons” would make this game that much more awesome.

  • OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!, i wrote a long thread back in like march on the forums stating what should be improved, my biggest complaint were the useless air bots and how the turrets would shoot them down in 2secs.. THANK YOU for hearing me and others. and thank you for your continued support, please keep up the outstanding work!!! 2nd map pack cant wait!!!

  • useful air sentrys? no more invincibility from custom spawns? faction balancing? tweaked assault class? PARTY SYSTEM?! it’s like someone has been following me through my games and recording my gripes/issues.

    tip from a decent KZ2 player: aim for the head

    anyways, glad to see you guys are really listening to the players and keeping pace with this game. here’s hoping KZ2 will in fact become the HALO of the Sony camp. keep up the great work!!!

  • It’s about time the stupid air bots got tweaked! They are just useless and the air support specialist medal is the only one I need to complete all online trophies.

    Anyway, thanks for the patch. We really appreciate the continuous effort you put in to make this game better and I look forward to playing on the next map pack.

    It would be nice if you guys added a new class or two in the near future with new weapons and abilities (or to existing classes if not new ones).

  • Add K/M support thanks.

  • The game keeps getting better and better!!! =D

  • Thats whats up, maybe now i’ll finally be able to get my air support badge. Thanks


  • awsome, that is a cool update.

  • great work GG, I particularly am pleased with the controller sensitivity update and the air bot update. I think the only other update I’d like to see is some kind of instant tournament action.. planning tournaments ahead of time doesn’t work well with a random gaming schedule like I unfortunately have.

  • Please increase the FOV in this game, like the bioshock developers did!

  • i still cant believe i cant find this game! :( i so have to borrow from one of my friend so i can try this update, i hope one of my buddies will be willing to let me borrow it, they are so addicted to KZ2 that i am not sure.

  • “Furthermore, we’ve removed the temporary invulnerability awarded to players who spawn at a spawn point other than the base camp.”

    If there ever was such a thing as epic fail, that is it. Anyone who drops a bad spawn point (so people spawn facing a corner or wall or with their back to the target) is pretty much screwed. The same period of invulnerability should be had anywhere you spawn, but if you spawn anywhere outside of your base, you should lose the invulnerability immediately upon attacking, be it melee, grenades, or with a firearm. This way you can’t slaughter enemies who don’t have a chance to harm you, but if someone drops a bad spawn point and you spawn in a corner, you will be able to turn around and hopefully fight your way out instead of being immediately shot in the back.

  • BIGG_Boss_Dog_DJ

    All right you people need to stop complaning this update are great at least they are updating they could just stop i mean they already got you to by da game

    But the spaw smoke needs invinsblity so people wont camp and just fire random shots

  • “we wouldn’t want to force a sudden change to the controls on you!” um… you already did that. You should of introduced the new control scheme as an option to be turned on or off like this hp mode. You could of called it whine baby mode lol

  • Hi guys, Any news on getting fully customizable controls. all the preset layouts are really cumbersome for some of us lefties.

  • The only thing that could have made this any better would have been, HOME launch support.

    that would just set this apart.

  • great job

    Thank you very much

    only miss that the shotguns works in long range are too powerfull in medium and long range.

    regards from Europe.

  • very nice update, this will keep me playing longer

  • wow. everyday something new for KILZONE. Thanks SONY and GUERRILLA.

  • all badges will be unlocked?? does that mean that I don’t have to get them anymore?


    I was having fun trying to get them…I don’t want them to be automatically unlocked

  • I think he means that you will be able to get the badges in skirmish mode instead of just warzone.

  • I think he means that you will be able to get the badges in skirmish mode instead of just warzone. Or usable in skirmish? I don’t know but you still have to earn them for warzone

  • Where’s mah update?

  • What’s the difference between “Skirmish” mode and “Warzone”?

    Offline vs Online multiplayer?

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