Crash Commando Patched and Demoed, DLC inbound

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Crash Commando new screenshot

We are pleased to announce the release of the Trial version (available tomorrow) and Patch (available now) for Crash Commando. We released Crash Commando on the PlayStation Store last December for $9.99, and people who bought it seem to love it. We have been listening attentively to our loyal fanbase and have been improving the game in as many areas as we can.

For those of you who have not been brave enough to buy the game (what!! after our excellent reviews??) then now you can try a level in the single player offline mode. Just be aware, to get the most out of the game you need to go out and get online and frag everyone out there!!! But nevertheless we are sure that you will really enjoy it :o)

Here is a list of all the improvements we have made to the game:

  • Home Game Launching Support
  • BGM, custom soundtrack functionality
  • Team auto balance
  • Increased auto balancing intervals
  • Rankings
  • Added a Friends filter
  • Added Country flags
  • Matchmaking
  • Added Country flags on found games
  • Improved matchmaking game-browsing functionality
  • Match details now displayed when selecting a game, so the player knows more of a game before choosing to join

Game play & UI enhancements:

  • OSD icons are now pointing towards players carrying blocks in Espionage
  • We now show icons for players with enabled mics
  • We now display player ID labels when using the turret gun
  • We now show health icons above team members
  • Only team members with less than 100% health have the icon
  • Only visible to team members equipped with the CAB
  • We now show hostile mines
  • Red flashing light turns on when activated
  • “Blip” sound when in vicinity with volume increasing when the player gets closer to the mine
  • Includes enemy mines and mines placed by the player
  • The killed & suicide messages display icons instead of (“KILLED”,”DIED.”)
  • Players can now see which weapon or vehicle that was used
  • We now show icons for when the player is speaking
  • Ingame next to ID label
  • Lobby next to player slot
  • We now show icons for when you are taunting other players
  • Symbol above player ID label
  • Aimline/aiming improvements
  • Prevents vehicle aimline to go beyond aim limits to better illustrate where a vehicle can aim
  • Voice Chat enabled by default

In the near future you can look forward to some all new exciting downloadable content and game modes. We appreciate your support and strive listen to your feedback.

Thanks for Playing!

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  • I always wanted to try this game out, tomorrow’s my chance.

  • Wow, you guys added everything I wanted to this game. Guess I’m going back to it now, yay!!

  • This is great. I’m not too sure about the mine changes, though. I like how easy they are to hit. Haven’t played for a few weeks, but sure this will get me back into it. Thanks! Especially for the background music add! Awesome.

  • I totally forgot what this game was. lol

    After seeing that picture I remember why I never got it. This game is just not for me.


    I had bought this and gave up because of issues to it(just like what I’m soon going to do with Socom) but now reading this I will be making a trip back into the game once again. Thanks for the update, even if it’s for just a 10 buck game. Hint Hint /6

  • might get this

  • @47…technically Warhawk was the first downloadable game to support Game Launching…but this is the first download only game to be patched.

  • Awesome news, frankly I think this is probably the best PSN game there is.

  • I LOVED this game, but when I got it, there hardly anybody ever online. Is there more people online now? More than 20 people TOTAL?


    i had a pain trying to raed what was on the tv screen!!!!

    and the AI on any difficulty besides easy is cheap!

  • I hope the update fixed it. It’s about time it was supported. I pretty much gave up on it actually but will come back. Before I could never find any games. There would only be 2-3 to choose from. I hope it changes with this update.

  • good news indeed. cant wait to see if the DLC is a few maps.

  • Wow, what a solid update. Gonna go brush up on the skillz!

  • I bought this game and wanted to play it but every time I joined a game everyone else left due to some connection problem. I hope that’s been fixed because it basically made the game worthless to me. But overall it’s definitely a fun game.

  • bought this game long ago and I love it. Really fun 2d shooter I love the way it has all the best elements from modern 3d shooters incorperated into the 2d gameplay. I got 100% of the trophies long ago and I look forward to any DLC that will add more trophies to give me the incentive I need to get back into the game.

    Thanks I would recommend this game if you like shooters in general.

  • this might actually want me to play it again

  • i am so going to re download this game, this was my first game i bought from psn, NO REGREATS! and for 9.99 its in na great price! see you guys online!

  • Ok i will try this game again because of these updates. They say major improvments.

  • Dude… you guys are Awesome!!
    you just thought of everything i wanted in it (And more)

  • Finally, finally, omg finally!!!! I have been waitin for a reason to play this again. Now, if we can have more weapons in the dlc. Maybe some customization for the characters too.

  • Cool finally a psn game i own gets a new update

  • Great update but plese, patch to an open mic, i had to stick a 20$ bill it the L2 slot to talk. Hope the dlc is great

  • hooray finally some support for this game! Good job guys, keep it up :D

  • Wow, this is good and all but I see anything about taking away the copy protection off. Would be nice to back up my game save before my HDD crashes again.

  • O man! I was REALLY hoping for offline/online split-screen!! I really hope they come out with this in the future…but this was still a great update…

  • This will be a great update. Everything that I disliked about the game seems to of been updated, so I’ll have to give it another try. Hopefully this will fix the team stacking I always ran into.

  • love the support and promise of future updates!!

    for me this game is already a classic, I know the years will pass and I’ll remember it just as I remember SNES games these days

  • Awesome game! Thanks for the patch!

    Those who didn’t play it yet should definitely get the demo! :-D

  • Great game ! Please release game soundtrack, it’s great!

  • Been enjoying the updates. Love Crash Commando. Definitely looking forward to the DLC!

  • Awesome. I dont’ know what this game is, but I love that more and more games are getting the custom soundtracks feature. Incredibly important to me and I will consider a purchase.

  • Its the 29th… no patch yet… anybody else get it?

  • @ 82

    Patch has been out more than a week. Launch the game and it should prompt you to update. Or are you talking about the DLC?

  • I heard good things about Crash Commando but never pulled the trigger to get this game. Lately, I have been very disappointed with most of the PSN games thus far, and decided to wait on purchasing games instead of buying on impulse. I am glad to that RE1 is available as I know how much of a good time I had with the game years ago.

    But, I will try the demo this weekend and hope that it gives me a good impression, enough to get the full game. We’ll see.

  • I havnt tried it

  • ok its da 31st an game launching STILL not workin wtf

  • ShinobiTheNinja

    A lot of great stuff was added with this patch, but one thing that really bugs me is the change in jetpack physics. Now I can’t lift off and roll at the same time. It’s like there’s a ceiling above my head! Change the jetpack physics to the way it was before the patch please!

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