Heavy Rain – Your Questions Answered

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Last month I caught up with David Cage, CEO of Quantic Dream and writer/director of Heavy Rain, a game that many of you are very interested in. To a room full of press, David presented a new scene that introduced new characters, new gameplay, contextual additions and more…and what was shown was simply stunning. Following the preso, I asked David about Heavy Rain and its progress, and grilled him some of your very own questions.

Also, make sure you check out 1UP’s week-long Heavy Rain coverage — including a hands-on preview — as well as two new videos on GameTrailers.

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  • This game looks absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to play it. I’m blown away…

  • looks like a happy medium between Twin Peaks and CSI.

  • Impressive game and great interview. Thanks Chris.

  • The game sound like nothing I ever played before. I am really digging it. Plus it looks great so far.

    Thanks for the update


  • Awesome Interview

  • On GTtv, Keighly said the game is coming next year. is that true?

  • Looking great, one of my most anticipated PS3 releases.

    Having a release window nailed down would be nice, but I’m sure that will be discussed at E3!

    I hope David includes the Taxidermist scene as an additional piece, maybe an unlock or something. Would be nice to play through :)

  • I saw a lot of the coverage on gametrailers tv. While the game looks really nice, it is still a series of quicktime events. This harkens back to Dragons Lair. There is some controlling of the characters but it boils down to action where it’s “Simon Says”.

    It looks pretty though…I could be wrong about it but I’m planning on passing.

  • One of my most anticipated titles. Glad to finally get more info on it.

    @ Audioboxer:

    Not sure if I’m remembering correctly but I think they said it’s possible for them to release that scene as the demo for the game since it has nothing to do with the actual storyline. Believe it was asked in an interview…

  • Hey Chris! Nice to see you are showing yourself more on the web! Haha. Thanks for the interview! Heavy Rain looks as promising as The Indigo Prophecy! See you on the PSBlog meet-up!

  • ALPHA?! And the game looks that good?!

    That, is mind-blowing.

  • i like what i have seen and heard about this game so far. but i do find it kind of disappointing that he says at the moment it is a 10 hr play through. i figured this game would be much longer. but then again i guess there is replayablity trying to find other variations of play through, since a death has such an impact on the story

  • bit off topic, but any dat eon the EU Blog launch?

  • please be in 2009 please be in 2009 :(

  • I need to have some In-GAME XMB MUSIC support in the upcoming Sony EXCLUSIVES!

  • I love how the game SEEMS to be shaping up, but whats most important this summer is getting a solid release date. I don’t want to be waiting until 2010 for this. We don’t need another FFXII or MGS4 wait time.

  • Only 10 hours of gameplay?

    Seems a bit short…

  • @17
    10 hours is not short for what Heavy Rain is. I urge you to play Indigo Prophecy (or Fahrenheit in non-US countries) to realize how much content that really is. You’ll be blown away

  • @18

    I am in the same frame of mind #17 is in. i am not doubting it will be a very impact full story, i just figured it would be closer to the 20hr mark then half of that.

  • I am going to love this game soooo much… indigo was so awesome,bar the crazy inca ending.

  • Thanks for the interview. The game looks great.!!!

  • i need some socom dlc!

  • R2 movement sounds odd. I hope we get save anywhere functionality, rather than the annoying designated save points.

  • OMG i cant wait for this interactive movie! i loved indigo prophecy such a well done game. this is a great game to play with the mrs. especially so because she is such a huge csi and crime drama fan.

  • I’m with #8 dime5150, the game reminds me heavily of Dragons Lair which I was never really impressed with. Maybe even a mix of D and Dragons Lair, which is even less appealing.

    Don’t get me wrong I love a good story in my games, but I don’t want to feel like I’m god intervening at the right moment (or wrong moment). I want to be a participant with consequences for my actions in that world. This is more like leading around by a carrot.

    I’m gonna have to pass as well.

  • i love the dark and mysterious environments in Heavy Rain, it reminds me Twin Peaks.

    Love it!

  • What a great interview. Thanks for posting it. I started to forget about how good this game looks. I’m no fanboy, well maybe I am. :D
    But the ps3 is truly a powerful awesome machine.

  • Only 10 hours of gameplay? I was expecting at least 20hrs… but I can admire the awesome graphics with 10hrs. I guess after you’ve beaten the game, you will tend to play it in a different way.
    I’m hoping there will be episodic DLC as well…

  • I am from brazil.. ‘heavy rain’ has the same meaning of ‘pouring rain’? just curious…

  • really cannot wait…

    i love games with a good story
    story means just as much to me (if not slightly more) than gameplay
    and this looks like it has an intriguing mix =]

    plus the emotions lloooook amaazzzzzzzzing

  • @15

    i really dont think custom soundtracks would be a good fit for a game like this. this is story driven game, the music is going to help tell that story by setting the environment. it wouldnt have the same impact if you were playing JayZ or Rolling Stones over it.

    only use i see for custom soundtracks are Sports games(including Racing) and online shooters(excluding Socom)

  • Can someone who has played Indigo explain the “gameplay” style. From the video, I can see that you need to tap in a bunch of Quicktime Events, but other than that it doesn’t look like you’re involved in the slightest. Do you move around, with the ability to control where you walk?

  • Good job on the interview chris! I’m so psyched for this game, i can’t wait to hear more at E3. I wanna ask you though, did he mean 10 hours to explore ALL the possible outcomes and variables or is that just once straight through? Because what im thinking is that even though this game is relatively short in one playthrough (which 10 hours isn’t too bad) there’s a lot of replay value so you could essentially get more out of it, something like 20 or 30 hours, because of all the different possibilities, would you say that’s fairly accurate?

  • yoo-nusual!?

  • @33

    you hold down R2 and that makes you walk. with L3(i believe) you control the head. so if you hold down R2 you will walk straight ahead. with L3 controls the way you look, once you move that you start heading in that direction.

  • L3? Sweet Moses….that will be awkward.

  • Very ambitious game, looks very good,

  • @36 how so. you control movement with L3 all the time.

  • @38:

    You mean the left-stick then, not L3.

    L3 means you have to click down the left stick and then move it (like activating RUN in some FPS games)…which is awkward to say the least.

  • One of the things that got me pumped for this game was the possibility of the storyline developing differently according to your decisions. I hope that means multiple endings, multiple build-ups to said endings and so on.

  • @39

    i consider the entire stick L3 not the pressing down acton

  • @41

    But everyone else considers L3 the clicking down action, hence the confusion with your comment.

  • @ HatmanTc

    Consider it whatever you want, but the “L3 button” is the button clicked by pushing the stick down. The stick itself is know as the L-stick or left stick.

  • In before QTE complainers. Did I make it in time?

    Looking forward to this game.

  • Nice woot shirt Chris….”seed of evil” if I’m not mistaken :)

  • @43

    now you’re just splitting hairs. either way you use the stick to move the head and r2 to move the body

  • Looks pretty awesome!!!

    Excellent interview btw Chris.

  • OMG, this game looks so unique! i prefer by far single player game whatever the time it takes to complete it. The atmosphere is awesome.

    I cant wait to get my hands on this game
    Good job Quantic Dream

    Continue to bring more uniques games like this one

  • Great interview. Is there a release date for Heavy Rain yet?

  • Am i the only one to realise that the footage we see on this video isnt the quality of the 1st video we saw at the E3 last years? I may be wrong…
    Anyway , im waiting for this game!

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