inFAMOUS Live Chat with Sucker Punch

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Well, well, well. Here were are about a week launch, and you’re probably thinking to yourself, “This is the perfect time for an inFAMOUS live chat!” And while we’re not Hall and Oates, we do make dreams come true. Today starting at 1:00PM Pacific (4PM Eastern), our friends Nate Fox and David Meyer from Sucker Punch will electrify the Blog in live chat form. So get your last minute questions prepped because we’re T-minus 30 minutes!

UPDATE: Thanks to Nate and Dave from Sucker Punch, and thank you all for making this another great live chat. Awesome questions, amazing game. Only a few days left — hope you love it! And remember, you can view the entire chat by hitting the “Replay” button below.

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  • OOps i mean david, my friend Dave’s here so I accidentally posted Dave

  • Can’t believe i missed yet another one.

    Jeffy, can you tell us the time in BST next time aswell?

  • Wait it isn’t Jeffy…Chrissy, next time could you list the time in BST? I will love you forever…<3


  • Is there a demo on the psn store currently its may 20th today.

  • almighty-slayer: don’t be sad that you missed a live chat, thet’re really not that fun to be at unless you somehow get a guestion through.

  • Techp13: The demo goes on the PSN tomorrow with the next update.

  • will the soundtrack become availible for purchase? i already have the Lair and Uncharted soundtracks and would love to add this to my collection.

  • When you guys say something about this relating to home.. exactly what do you mean? Like give me an example of it cuz i cant picture anything right now.

  • It’s actually really funny….my name is Nate Fox too.

  • Game looks great… definitely going to buy it. I’m just curious what the thoughts on as far as Prototype coming out soon and the fact that both Prototype and Infamous have a free-lancing super human based concept where “anything is possible”… what is it that you think will set Infamous apart from Prototype? Do you think this “anything goes” fully “creative” style games are going to become more common as gamers become bored of movie-game and low quality releases?

  • Sorry this is gonna be something I am going to have to demo first before I bite. So much awesomeness already coming and don’t want this to be a bridge title until something better comes along..ahem cough cough Bioshock 2

  • nice cover art in au btw.

  • I wanted to know is it only you can use the electric power on enemy? or you can use punching and kicking also?

    Can you do any special moves on the

    Would you offer quest in the game?

  • man i missed this chat again! i want my questions to be answered :-(

    in the 3 i saw, i got at least 1 question got through per chat, you just gotta ask a question before anyone else has the same one.

  • WTF!?! Nate Dogg said “skeet” :p

  • ok im like going crazy i cant wait for it to come out but this morning i cheked my email and it said that the games demo would come out today since that moment i have been cheking playstation store and nothing ;( no demo no nada ,,,, y eso me saca por el techo mano ojala y salga antes de que se me caiga el pelo

  • Was fun to join the chat! thanks for answering my questions.

    now to the point

    from the demo I can tell already that infamous is going to be one of the greatest games ever created. It just flows so perfectly, controls are spot on fluid, graphics are amazing, good storyline and voice acting, replayability, freedom of choice. It just all comes together so nicely infamous is already #1 in my book. Great job Sucker Punch you put together one hell of a masterpiece and I know it will sell millions, for me I couldnt get the game soon enough, but day 1 for sure. For now ill just keep playing the demo over and over again lol.

  • i have to admit i got bored pretty quick playin the demo. but i’m gettin it anyway, cos i still believe my hope that its goin to be somethin special. ooo the juice. roll on 29th

  • Any chance for a 1080i patch for us 1080i/480P television owners? I’d love to pickup this game but I don’t support 720P only PS3 games.

  • ty :) Was Dave next to Nate or did he just not talk or..? :P I didn’t like the health system on the demo hopefully the game will be slightly better or i’ll be better for the game? :P Have been looking forward to it for an age :P Ty again :D

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