MotorStorm Arctic Edge – Your Questions Answered

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After two console-based racing adventures on PS3, MotorStorm finally goes portable this fall with MotorStorm Arctic Edge. You had questions about the environment, multiplayer, and how developer BigBig Studios (Pursuit Force) is going to shrink the game without compromising the action. Fortunately, Game Director Richard Ogden was up to the task.

So, what do you think?

We’ve now shared all of our pre-E3 Q&A sessions, save for one. Look for our Heavy Rain interview next week.

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  • I would get it but im waiting for the PSP2!
    Dual analouge and HD screen or no sale!

  • Awesome! I can’t wait for the Heavy Rain interview!!!

  • Keysersoze10033

    I waaay off topic, but all I have is two word for ya’ll: PROJECT TRICO!!!!! Thanks SONY!!!!!

  • yea keysersoze10033 i just saw the trailer OMG , absolutely STUNNING , but then again its coming from team ico so it doesnt surprise me at all lol , im expecting an absolutely epic game and from the looks of it , i think thats what we are gonna get lol back on topic LUNATICS UNITE!!!!!!

  • trophies for psp?

  • Dice_for_Death_

    “..the snow and ice; that’s kinda cool..”

    I saw what he did there. Humor aside, this title looks quite nice.

  • cant wait to play this on the psp go,lol hopefully

  • Good interview Jeff, I love the fact that you use real questions from this blog. Hey I got a quick question, what ever happened to the first person shooter Punisher game that was a PSN exclusive, that was supposed to launch during the spring promotion?
    I know its late, but thanks anyways and keep up the hard work.

  • Will the PS2 version of MotorStorm: Arctic Edge be backwards compatible with 20GB/60GB or 80GB backwards compatible PS3’s?


  • nice interview ,keep up the good work
    just asking,where can we ask questions for the next interview ?
    and btw Man Utd FTW !!!

  • First day buy. Well, i already had that feeling the first time i saw the trailer for the game :) I like that time trial-mode he was talking about. Great fun! Really excited for this game.

  • good questions, i liked the ones on inFamous too. If you ask any more questions maybe a rough life expectancy of the game: like how many maps, vechiles is there a lot too unlock. Are they looking in to do co-inciding psp trophies which may interact with the PS3 system for added bonuses. [The last one has never been mentioned before but i believe lots of people would like this, it would unlock special content for PS3 game, etc. possibly?] Anyway looks good the real question will it top Burnout? Well that will have to be seen. Burnout is my favourite racing game on the PSP system at the moment but this looks fantastic, can’t wait. :)

  • almighty-slayer

    “Who knows if it will ever happen?”

    You do ;) Make it so! :p

    Anyway nice interiew, good to see some British developers being interviewed ;) haha

    Online multiplayer sounds good…Thanks for the interview Jeffy!

    Can’t wait for that Heavy Rain interview. Hope it’s with David. He rocks

  • Hey Jeff, any chance of Motorstorm: Pacific Rift and Motorstorm: Arctic Edge will have PSP to PS3 connectivity (ie, the way Resistance 2 and Retribution were set up). Thanks.

  • nevermind, i watched the video lol, so no psp to ps3 connectivity yet, hopefully they look into it.

  • @59, yes Motorstorm Arctic Edge will work on 20/60GB PS3’s as they contain the physical hardware from the PS2. Not sure about the 80GB yet, best wait and see if it gets added to the compatibility list.

  • Cool! Shame it isn’t coming to the PS3.

  • almighty-slayer


    Not in Europe they don’t.

  • Good interview, though the guys was not very enthusiastic about his game.

    I guess up next, MotorStorm Ocean Wipe-out.

  • Good too see more news on PSP games! I know this blog is for all PlayStation but I still think the PSP/PS3/PS2 sections should be split up so if your on a PSP PSN account when you log in your only going to see PSP posts, or PS3 posts, or if you only have a PS2 system you only want to read PS2 news you know?

    Not that I hate the current systme I would just like to filter out the PS3 news because I have no need for knowing it as I don’t own a PS3: My PS3 was crashing almost 4-5 times a day and I had to give it up Sorry!

  • Looks great. By the way Jeff, does your t-shirt have something to do with the new PlayStation official websites for Latin America? I have noted you launched websites for Panama, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and other countries, but sadly all the links are going to Mexico website.

    Any word on when those countries will get PSN support?

  • Great t-shirt jeff, I’m mexican and I love it :)

    Will the PS2 version play on the 80GB B/C PS3?

  • @71 sounds good in theory, but I login to the PSN on my PSP and PS3 using the same account.

  • @67: sadly that compatibility list is being ignored (or so it seems), you can’t find some more ‘recent’ games like Kingdom Hearts RE: Chain of memories, which was released on december 08.

  • just hope theres no choppy framerate

  • I don’t think custom soundtracks is that easy to include for PSP titles, hardly any developer has added custom soundtracks apart from Codemasters and Rockstar Leeds, also any custom soundtrack support for this game would only be possible for the PSP and not the PS2, unfortunately.
    Agreed though, custom soundtracks for MotorStorm Arctic Edge would be superb.

  • More Motorstorm is always welcome in my Gaming Room! My only suggestion is to give some more neat DLC, kinda like the celebrity cars in Burnout Paradise. Imagine how awesome it would be to tear up the track with a 80’s Delorean!

  • I can’t wait for this. I know I’m late to the party on it, but I just started Pacific Rift over the weekend and holy crap that game is absolutely fantastic. The tracks are amazing, the game is a visual showcase, and the vehicles and boost dynamic make it feel completely unique. More Motorstorm is a great thing, it has me wondering where we’re going to see the next game take place. The Amazon perhaps?

  • @50

    LOL. This isn’t an exclusive. It will be on PS2 also.

  • Hey Jeff it was a 0-0 draw, thanks for allowing us to win the prem just that tad bit earlier :-)

  • i would really love it if the new psp games started offering a reward system just like ps3. gives the games that much more replay value. and arctic edge does indeed look and sound awesome. can’t wait!


  • Live in your world, play in ours.

    That was one of the coolest slogans Sony used for the PS2…are you guys bringing it back?

  • I’m definitely looking forward to what looks to be another solid racing game for the PSP.

  • Will the PS2 edition include online and/or 16:9 setting? Those could be dealbreakers between which version of the game I pick up.

  • Loving Motorstorm: Artic Edge.

    Hey Jeff, Can I have one of those shirts? Loving the Live in your World Play in Ours In Spanish!!!

  • Ok, Jeff… Please answer a question:

    Will it support Neo’s Motion Sensor?

    If no, why not?

    Thanks! -PapaGanda (Huge Fan)

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