New Limited Edition DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY PSP Entertainment Pack

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Great news for all of you Final Fantasy fans out there! Today, we announced the availability of a new DISSIDIA: FINAL FANTASY PSP Entertainment Pack . A GameStop exclusive, this limited edition bundle is the ultimate portable entertainment experience for Final Fantasy and PSP fans alike.


The entertainment pack includes:

  • “Mystic Silver” PSP-3000 system
  • “FINAL FANTASY VII Advent Children,” on UMD™
  • 2GB Memory Stick PRO Duo™

Available for $199.99 (MSRP) starting August 25 at GameStop locations in the U.S, this incredible value is only available for a limited time so get them quick! From Rock Band to Hannah Montana, there are PSP entertainment packs that cater to everyone in the family.

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  • is it true there will be a rockbabd psp bundle as well. its listed for 199.00 for pre order from best buy. just wondering???

  • Scratch that, it’s not available at NCSX. But play-asia has better pictures.

    Dissidia PSP (Lower Right)
    Dissidia PSP (Front)
    Dissidia PSP (Back)

  • i’ll be buying this if no new psp is announced by that time.

  • I wanna get a PSP… but I know there will be a new iteration soon coming so why buy now?

  • Should of came with Crisis Core to make it complete. :)

  • Should I get This Or Get a Black Psp 3000 I have no idea Which one to get but I had the black 1000 Before and it wasnt very nice after a bit So help me plz!

  • I’ve been waiting for a deal like this to finally pick up a psp.. and living in Canada means I’ll be waiting longer.

  • How long will it last? I still have my 1k series and wanted to upgrade but don’t have the funds yet.

  • Its a Cool pack for Anyone needing a PSP-3000.
    But I Have a 4Gig MAC2 Stick, The Movie on DVD, and The silver PSP isnt new, neither is ADvent Children. Great Movie, Had the DVD for a few years now.

  • i’ve bougth the Daxter pack,The Rachet pack,and i’ll buy this one for Sure…!

  • I seriously need to upgrade mine. Still stuck with a 1000 model.

  • ShatteredIshida

    Grrrr. I recently bought the Ratchet and Clank PSP bundle. Now I’m wishing I had held out for this one. *sigh*

  • constant_motion

    Is it going to be available in Canada?

  • i’ll kep my psp-200 thank you. the screen on the 300 isn’t as good in my opinion. It does look like a sweet deal for someone who doesn’t have one though.

  • I’ll keep my PSP-2000 thank you. the screen on the 300 isn’t as good in my opinion. It does look like a sweet deal for someone who doesn’t have one though.

  • oops sorry about the double post.

  • To chasehammer:

    Have you tried e-bay for your memory stick. They had an 8gb on there one day and the buy now price was $20.00 (give or take and add shipping), but it was still MUCH cheaper than retail. I’ve purchased several things for my PSP on ebay, and they’ve all worked fine. I now have a 2gb I purchased with my first psp, and I have a backup of 1gb. I plan on purchasing a bigger one off of ebay some time soon because of the rumor going around about the PSP dropping the UMD drive and making the games d/l only. BTW, you can also get games cheap on e-bay. I purchased Snoopy VS the Red Baron, which still retails for $50.00 new, for less than $10.00. Yes, I’m approaching 30, and I still play Snoopy games… it’s a good thing I’m already married to a bigger nerd than me; besides, it got reviews!

  • I didn’t get that movie or game and i actually own two 32mb cards, ‘borrowing’ a 2gig from a camera and i’m still using the 1k psp:(. I GOTTA HAVE IT

  • Why by august?

  • ok so why do we het jiped i could import this and get dissidia and a white psp with the cool pic on the back for only 150 more so why would i get this besides the fact that i need more memory spaceand i want ADVENT CHILDREN on umd this will be a though choice on which one to get

  • nvm its out of stock so i might just have to get this one then cause my old psp is just not cutting it anymore i had my launch one whose screen broke so i bought my friends launch psp and have been wanting to get a new one

  • Retrogameplayer

    Wow, thank you Sony. This is exactly what I’ve been waiting on to upgrade from my launch PSP. Very cool.

  • Hmm just wondering i have purchased the Daxter bundle and it did not come with the plastic cases for the UMDs but a little sleeve , is it going to be the same case for this bundle?

  • Final Fantsty VII Advent Children still come with the final fantasy 13 demo??

  • uhhh will this be available on the new PSP GO! as DLC? if so a def buy, but i would rather have the GO!than the 3000

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