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Bionic Commando

Hello, folks! Ben Judd, producer on Bionic Commando here. I’m fortunate the folks at the PlayStation.Blog have allowed me two golden opportunities to share some information with you here.

As some of you may already know, Bionic Commando will be released on May 19th for the PLAYSTATION 3. It’s one of the few big releases in May to feature a 20-plus-hour-long single-player campaign and several multiplayer modes. Oh yeah, it also has a really damn cool swing mechanic.

Speaking of the swing mechanic, it’s taken a VERY long time to make it into exactly what we wanted it to be. The game, for very obvious visual reasons, gets compared to Spider-man a lot. They both have a swing mechanic, but Bionic Commando plays very differently from Spider-man in that it uses a skill-based mechanic. Just as the name suggests, if you want to get better at the game, you need to increase your skill level.

There are a lot of games these that put you on auto-pilot straight to the end with very few deaths or real skill-based challenges. The thinking behind this strategy is that players nowadays don’t want to be frustrated and want to have their fun right away. Well, that’s good in theory, but some of the best and most memorable games I’ve played challenged you to overcome the obstacles set before you. There is a certain sense of gratification that only comes if you overcome a challenge yourself. And the harder the challenges, quite frankly, the more rewarding it feels to complete them. Now, I’m not a big fan of making a game artificially hard so that hard-core gamers have “bragging rights,” but there are some game mechanics that just aren’t going to be easy to pick up right away.

I remember the first time I tried to “roll a fireball” in Street Fighter II. It must have taken me 50 tries. But once I got it… boy, was it rewarding. I was able to hammer on a single “attack” button in other games but in the end, it was mastering the fireball in SFII that’s the memory I won’t forget.

BC Wallpaper

So for Bionic Commando, we choose to stay true to the game’s roots. We went with a skill-based swing mechanic that will take most players about 5-10 minutes to pick up. But, once you do, you will definitely feel the control. It was a risky choice not to go with “auto-pilot” methodology when it came to the game controls; that is certainly the trend in recent games. But, if you’ve ever played the original game, I think you’ll see that it too required some serious practice before you really ever “mastered” the swing mechanic.

Speaking of which, I have some great news to announce here. Starting today, for a single week, as a promotion for the new Bionic Commando game, we will be lowering the price of Bionic Commando: Rearmed on PSN to $4.99! THAT is a great deal. I remember when Phantasy Star 4 came out when I was a kid… it was 100 bucks! Nowadays you get games with additional modes, costumes, levels, and sounds for 1/20th the price. Heck, that’s less than the price of lunch at a lot of major restaurants… (and it has less transfats too!). BC:R is a great game, but don’t just take my word for, check out these great scores from around the internet.

Even if you aren’t a huge fan of 2D games, you really can’t go wrong for five bucks, so give it a shot. Additionally, don’t forget that Bionic Commando and Bionic Commando: Rearmed have some cross-operable content that unlocks, such as the classic Spencer skin (red hair and cool shades) right from the start if you own both on PS3. There are a couple of other really nice unlockables that are only accessible if you obtain key items in Rearmed and own Bionic Commando, so this is definitely a deal that a true swinger won’t want to pass up…

BC Wallpaper

OK. Enough of the used-car salesman pitching. Now for the bad news…

It was initially our goal to retro-program in trophies for BCR while we were working on them in the 3D version. Unfortunately, the clock ran out and we had to put all our resources on completing the 3D game. I know this comes as a disappointment to a lot of people and trust me, it’s incredibly disappointing to me as well, but rather than giving you a PR-coated response, I’d rather give it to you straight. It was a tough call but with limited resources and time, we had to cut this from the main production schedule in order to make the 3D game the best it could be. Again, personal apologies for not being able to come through with this one.

Thanks for your support and look forward to my final blog entry on 5/21.


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  • Please answer this Ben, I’ve been asking for quite some time on the BC boards and have yet to receive an answer.

    I really could care less about the trophies, the game experience feels complete enough without “digital gold”, but where is the patch for BCR that will fix the challenge room save file corruption for PS3 users? The game is partly broken, the BC boards/moderators have been aware of this since August of ’08, and there is still no fix or even word of acknowledgment.

    I’ve personally had my file corrupted 4 times and have finally given up on going into challenge rooms. I know many friends who have had the exact same thing happen to them, the BC boards also have quite a few topics on it. I hate feeling that in the age of digital updates and patches for games, the creators don’t care to acknowledge or fix an actual problem that is deleting and ruining people’s hard work.

  • John should come on here and call us ‘son’…its gold.

  • I was about to purchase BCR, then it hit me- ‘hang on.. Capcom… PS3… I bet there is something wrong or missing in this game’.

    Now I blame Microsoft and subsequently Sony for implementing an achievement system, but the competitive gamer in me couldn’t resist but turn into bit of a trophy whore even though I am by no means a completionist. To me trophies are not just a way to showcase how I good I am at a game but also to show my friends what games I own. I love having the physical game case to fill up my shelf, but with downloads this has changed. The only way I can show my collection is through trophies.

    I just cannot understand how much extra resources it must take to add some damn trophies. I’m sorry, you guys probably have good reasons and I am writing this at a moment of anger and frustration, but I would rather have paid more money to get the complete package. It’s sad that for this single thing I’ll probably now avoid what I’m sure is a great game. But I have simply had enough of Capcom giving Playstation fans the shaft. I would love to buy your game, but not unless

  • -start taking us seriously. I’m sick of it.

  • Have to say I’m a bit bummed the BCR patch didn’t make it. Was looking forward to it. Now you don’t get the cookies I baked for you in August in anticipation of it. Now John gets them…I hope he eats them in front of you too. :) Sorry if they are kinda stale…

  • I’m not wasting my money on Capcom games again. I paid a crap load for Street Fighter IV here in Japan and it has NO English support which is sad because the other Capcom games here have it. Let’s not even bring up that the 360 version of SF4 is 100% in English.

    So yeah, screw Capcom. I’m buying inFamous and they can’t patch a game to English or add a simple patch for trophies for a DLC game.

    I’m sorry but I just can’t trust Capcom anymore…and it’s hard enough with Japanese game prices as high as they are.

  • BCR not Working…It just downloads a Key even though it states full Game…What is Up with that??? Time for Refund??

  • Even though Capcom, in my opinion, hasn’t put in a good performance as far as downloadable content (SFIV/RE5 unlocks), patches (SSFIIHDR/BCR patches) or demos (MvC2 demo failed, lack of Bionic Commando demo), I’ll still be supporting them as long as great games like SFIV and RE5 keep coming out.

    Last year I kicked off ’08 with Capcom through DMC4 and Lost Planet, did so again this year with SFIV and RE5, through to BC and more than likely Dark Void.

    I hope you guys pick up your game as far as DLC goes, but applaud you for your work on your console releases that have yet to disappoint.

  • Mr. Judd,

    First of all I’d like to say it’s awesome you actually come on the boards and see what the PS community is freaking AWESOME.

    I was hoping that since Grin was developing the game that we’d see more tactical/miliatary elements to the game carried over from the types of games they worked on before. Basically I was hoping for a cover system, a stealth element, and a claw that goes, really, really, really far. That would give it an experience unlike similar games such as Infamous and Prototype.

    However Mr. Judd, if this game sells well, you’ll be in a very interesting position of having related games for both the PSP and the PS3. PS3 and PSP connectivity hasn’t been exploited anywhere near it’s full potential but being able to use Radd Spencer’s costume if Rearmed’s saved data is detected is an EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT, direction to go in I must say.

    If people keep on harping on you for the Trophies, try just adding one bronze, one silver, one gold, and one platinum. Add to the trophies limited # by adding value to them such as unlocking content in the remake, yes you may have something there.

    Best of luck sir. :)

  • Frostquake, you need to download the demo, when you have downloaded the demo the full game gets unlocked with the key you bought.

    Also, I have nothing but praise for Capcom and their excellent delivery of multi-platform games. Okay, they’re not perfect but which company is?

  • looks like im getting some bionic commando rearmed this weekend

  • Unlike a lot of these people on the blog, I’m gonna thank you for the straight forward answer about BC:R trophies. It amazes me how people on this blog put the word “PROMISE” in you and John D.’s mouth when John in a recent post replied to everyone saying that the exact words were “Not at launch.” How that term equates to “PROMISE,” i will never understand. Sure, people are gonna try and convince others that it is one and the same, but in the end, trying to define the term is purely how one perceives it to be.

    Nonetheless, you have my respect for coming clean with the situation. Despite the fact games are no required to have trophy-support, at least you’ll know next time to choose your words carefully.

    All the best to you and your future projects. I won BC:R during John D’s promo code Xmas whirlwind last winter and I enjoyed it very much. Not too sure about this 3D BC because I don’t own an XBox, but maybe in time.

    Thanks again.

  • Why isn’t there a PSP downlable version of this game yet? I know there is remote play but this would make more sense as a standalong $9.99 PSP title to take on the go. Also the 2 player ad-hoc would work nicely.

  • Well, I don’t think Capcom has supported PS3 that well up till now.

    The games are being released, but most all the high profile ones have been ported as an afterthought from the 360 and have been notably inferior on PS3…most recently Resident Evil 5, which has a crap framerate.

    I bet Bionic Commando will be just the same.

  • Cant you release MvC2 a few weeks earlier? The demo is so f**kin’ much fun. Damn I can’t wait any longer.

  • I feel like I must apologise to you on behalf of the people who talk you down because of the lack of trophy support.

    I actually had no idea that BC:R was supposed to have trophies, so there’s no love lost there. I downloaded the game because I genuinely thought it would be massive fun. I can’t believe the kind of person that would disregard a game simply because they don’t get a feature which is not mandatory to gameplay.

    Whatever. Anyway, thanks for the update. Surely anyone with sense will buy BC:R for $5. Bionic Commando has been on the top of my wishlist for ever so long. Cannot wait!!

    Thanks Ben!

  • To Ben Judd:

    Is there anything i can do as a consumer to get trophies for BCR out the door?

    Does the publisher or “suits” in general call the shots?
    They decide if you can spend even 1 minute trying to implement them?

    What is my best shot at getting through to the ones in charge?

    … or what would you recommend me to do?

    Say hello to my fellow Swedes at GRIN for me.

  • Why isn’t BC:R on PS Store anymore? I had to go all the way through my 200+ download list to find it to download. Kinda sucked.

    I feel the same way a couple of others on here do. I didn’t expect BC:R to have trophies in the first place. So thanks for being honest Ben, but I really didn’t see a reason for apology.

    Nonetheless, that was brave to do man and I’ve been a Capcom supporter for some time now and will continue to be for years to come.

  • Yeah, no time for trophies huh, BS, does the box version have achievements? Capcom needs to get it together. B-b-b-b-b-but we didnt have time to patch a nintendo game, a-a-a-a-a-a-and you dont make much off digital titles. Dont you tards get it? trophies will multiply your sales by a factor of ten. Have you not noticed this yet? Talk about out of touch!

  • @Tenan

    I got tired of waiting and just got BOFIV on PC.

  • The words of John Diamonon on July 9th on this weblog:

    “It was too late into development to add trophy support at this time, however, Ben assures me that we’ll have this feature for BCR in the near future!”

    …his response on July 12th:

    “BCR will have trophy support in the future.”

    …his response on July 13th:

    “Trophies are in the future for BCR. What is being reviewed is if it’s possible to retro tag save/clear data for trophy support since they won’t be available at launch.”

    …from his actual weblog post here on August 8th:

    “Will the game have trophy support? We’re working on having trophy support available in the near future.”

    A ‘promise’? Maybe not, technically. Allowing a game to be sold for 9+ months with the common/widespread expectation that it would support a feature Yeah, I think that’s fair.

    Keeping your word and managing customer expectations is incredibly important in business. Don’t be surprised when blaming a failure to do both on ‘budget’ results in unexpected impacted to your other business moves (ie. people not buying the 3D game when it comes out, which is my plan).

  • BTW, for those of you praising ‘honesty’.

    It’s easy to be honest once you’ve already wrung most of the profit out of a title, even going so far as to halve the price.

    That doesn’t help the people who read those statements and already purchased the game with certain expectations, though.

    Anyhow, there are two general lessons to be learned from this:

    – Don’t ever buy a product based on vague promises or implications of future support for some feature. If it isn’t exactly what you want out of the gate, don’t buy it.

    – Don’t promise (or imply, or let people believe, whatever you want to call it) that you’re going to support something unless you’re very sure you’re going to be able to do it.

  • Ben,
    I congratulate you for coming here and being true to the costumers. Specially since the outcome of rage, people swearing to not ever buy stuff again and calling you a liar was pretty much bound to happen (and you read like a smart guy, so I’m somewhat sure you were aware of that).
    It’s a shame people take this so personally. Business are business and I’m sure you did your best to try to accomplish your goals, even though it didn’t come through.

    Your message could indeed have happened a little bit early, but that is just how it is, it’s quite surprising that you came here at all.

    So, all in all, congratulations man. In my mind, you have er to your mistake. I hope your next project comes together in a less troublesome manner.
    All the best.

  • Ben,

    Honest is not something that many developers and public relation personnel use. Most try to spin the issue to either confuse or deflect the rage of the public mob. I admire your honesty, however, it does not change the fact of failure to follow through on a priority, or perceived priority, one of which sparked a glimmer of hope. Over the following eight or so months, the glimmer has grown to an expectation, one of which will not be met or redeemed at a later date. This is business, and in a business word, failing to met the expectations of your boss or your consumer will cost you your job, or at least a sale, which this will.

    But Ben, there is a second, larger issue, which both GRIN and you are directly receiving the vitriol of the community, even though it is not your fault. Playstation 3 owners are getting tired of receiving a “second rate” product from CAPCOM when compared to the XBOX360. CAPCOM published games have a track record of not being on par with XBOX360 games, especially when it comes to trophies/achievements Perhaps we are tired of hearing the same song and dance and had higher hopes and expectations of GRIN?

  • Ben the point with all of this is to make a ponint perfectly clear. WE WANT THE TROPHIES

    It’s not against you or anything. We only like you to send our message.

    We, the consumers, think is a real bad decision not to bring the trophies, we think that decision is worth 60 dollars and all of this has nothing to do with what you said earlier. We want trophies on Rearmed and SF2 Remix and that is that.

  • I don’t own BC or BC:R, but I do admire your bravery and well… having the pants put on to face this massive disappointment.

    I wish you the bestluck on your next projects.

  • Ben,

    Thank you.

    While I have issues with many of the choices Capcom has made of late with regards to trophies and DLC, that is not what really aggravates me.

    Lately, those representing Capcom both on here and elsewhere have been reacting to fan concerns in a manner that is arrogant and condescending (153 references one such action). Granted, some of the comments on this blog from fans have been offensive. As with any business, companies have to deal with problem customers, as well as their legitimate concerns. It is imperative businesses take the moral high ground, and address customers in a civil manner even when some of us are behaving badly.

    I thank you, because while you have made some of the same points as your colleagues, you have done so in a manner that respectfully responds to your customers. I don’t necessarily agree with you, but I can respect your response.

  • “Really? As one gamer to another, I think Capcom does multiplatform pretty well.”

    The 5$ offer ends next week. So, BC-R will be 9.99$ (/€) on PSN.

    On Xbox Live costs the same, and they have achievements. So, why PS3 owners must be happy with an inferior version?

    I’m really sorry, Capcom was always one of my top favorite companies. Also Bionic Commando one of the greatest NES ever made. BC-R was an amazing game, but, in the end, I feel cheated. So, I’m not buying the new BC. NOR any other Capcom game.

    Put BC-R trophies AND fix SSF2HD online mode, and you get one loyal fan back. Otherwise, so long. Not as if 1 happy customer counts, of course.

  • Hey guys, what’s with all the ranting about BCR not having trophies? Does the game stop being fun just because you don’t get your bragging rights or what?

    Do trophies give you something special besides some ego boost you all can get by doing other things (often far more productive than playing videogames, to boot)? Do they give you a discount on something, or the chance to win something?

    All of us can do many things for an ego boost and to get other people’s admiration, and you’re talking about a game that came out in a time when this stuff was not mandatory. You can’t raise your player level in your PSN id because of that? So what? Yes, they finished the 3D version, so they can now concentrate in patching the PSN title.

    But what if they don’t? Is that so bad? Specially with the thing costing $5 all this week? The $60 one will have them, anyway.

  • constant_motion

    thanks for the update. I was gonna pass on BC cuz I ain’t a fan but now that I’ve played BCR, I am definitely picking it up. Not too worried about infamous coming the next week since its already fully payed, I’ll just use what I put on UFC and get BC. BTW I won’t hammer you for the trophies on BCR cuz they won’t exactly help get better at the game. Trophies or not any BC game kicks ass.
    Hope you guys make more awsome games like this one.

  • I can’t wait to get this game. I’ve been a big fan of bionic commando since my early teens. BCR was great it was a trip down memory lane for me. As for the trophies, at no time did I see them promised. I understand the time constraints. Personally I don’t see the big deal with digital wast known as trophies. They are useless perhaps if sony offered a free premium when enough trophies have been earned such as add-ons or such then I could understand the buzz. But the way I see it if a game is truely good then it will speak for itself. I feel vad for developers now having to add useless trinkets to thier games. Should never have been mandated.

  • johnathonmerritt

    So, do I get my money back or is this the last Capcom game I purchase? This is absolutely absurd. If Capcom spent more time programming and less time making speaches, we could have had the patch already. This was a guarenteed promise at the game’s release. I have not played it because I am still waiting for the patch.

    This game is why I don’t have Resident Evil 5 and it will be why I don’t get Bionic Commando or any other Capcom game for that matter. They knew if they told us the truth, it would have not sold anywhere near as much.

    Remember everyone, Capcom lied to us to trick us into buying their product. This company can no longer be trusted. Regardless of whether this affected you or not, Capcom is a company that practices false advertisement.

    I will never buy another Capcom game unless this gets a trophy patch.

  • wait dont you guys have a post development team that can patch the trophies in, i wouldnt mind making an additional save just to rearn trophies! also great work on the new Bionic Commando cant wait to give it a swing this 5/19

  • PLZZzZZZZ some help me with this question!!

    Will this game support trophies?

    If not will there be an update?

  • Wow,no trophies no demo wtf. I’m guessing this will be a flop on the PS3 you’ll probably get sales on the xbox version since you appreciate that system more with your achievements.

  • Well can we still have the Trophies that were made for the game. Since they are on the other version of the game. Can we just have those and not have them retro active..
    Having them on one version and not the other is realy getting old..

  • eh save youre money and purchase infamous everybody check out the reviews a lot of reviewers say this game sucks.Oh Ben Metal Gear got a 10,. so next time u want to talk bad about a Metal Gear,. make sure youre game is half decent. Like Shane told you on your podcast that Metal Gear will be better than youre game and he was right.

  • Part 1 (I gotta lot to say)

    Well that tears it. I’m late to this party so I don’t expect a personal reply, but frankly I find this disgusting.

    I have the original classic Bionic Commando. I’ve beaten it hundreds of times. I didn’t need to play through it again with unneccessary modified gameplay and prettied up graphics and a horrible trancesynth remake of the score. I wanted the GD trophies, plain and simple. You took the time to do them for the Xbox PleaseFixMe crowd, and you’re giving us the finger, just like Capcom has with every PS3 release since the system launched.

  • Coolandstressing

    I say: For those like me, who didn’t purchase the new Bionic Commando game, let’s boycott Capcom for that false promise about the trophy support to BC:R by not purchasing the new game. Really, if they don’t respect us, the least we can do is show them we can affect their interest too.
    I’m not buying the Bionic Commando title as a protest to their lack of respect towards us who were waiting for the trophy support to BC:R.

  • Oh I don’t intend to buy anymore Capcom titles until they start simultaneously releasing ALL titles for both systems with all the same features and the same quality.

    He says he’s taking responsibility, well part of that includes correcting your mistake, Mr. Judd. In a time where a game released in November of 2007 without trophies gets them a year later (Pain) a game released early in the system’s launch gets them a year later (Uncharted) and a game last year has rumors spreading that they’re going to get them (MGS4) to say that your team can’t whip 15 or 20 trophies for a 10 dollar title is just inexcusable.

  • Um, excuse me, Mr. Judd? Hu-hello?

    Did you see on Kotaku where Eidos, a company that’s been on shakey legs for an eternity before being bought out is releasing a trophy patch for their fairly old title Tomb Raider Underworld?

    Ever notice that Burnout Paradise released over a year ago with no Trophies, and now has more trophies than any other game on the PS3? Because Criterion CARES about PS3 players? Hello? Mr. Judd? Huh-Hello?

  • Coolandstressing


  • Well now everything is done and done there’s always tomorrow to slap in trophies.

  • i´m really and deeply sad, not to having these thropy patch, i bought this version, over the other because SONY consider us in latin america not like the other brands.
    but Capcom it´s not supporting any of the sony costumers who bought this game on day 1, believing that someday it will came a thropy patch.
    sad, so sad…

  • RyanMcBainDOTcom

    Capcom is too lazy to make a trophy patch. Even though they promised. There is no reason why they can’t do it now. I knew they were going to back out when they didn’t add trophies to Street Fighter 2 HD Remix.

    I also think it is sad that Sony didn’t have the stones to force Capcom to keep their promise. Oh well, doesn’t matter now because every game now has to have trophies. I bet Capcom hates the fact that they actually have to put some real work in. Lazy punks!!

  • It’s a joke. It’s a sick joke. I’d like Judd to send me ten bucks to my PSN wallet so I can put it towards the new Burnout patch… THAT COMES WITH NEW TROPHIES YOU LAZY &^&^%$^%#^%^#^%#!!!!

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