MotorStorm: Pacific Rift Game Update and Free DLC

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Hey all you, Motorstormers!

Hope you’re having fun ripping it up in the jungle on Pacific Rift because starting this Thursday, May 14th, we’ll be sending a downloadable vehicle livery pack your way every week for the next eight weeks exclusively via PlayStation Store. Each pack features new paint jobs for three vehicles, and the full set will give MotorStorm: Pacific Rift players a cutting-edge new look for every single vehicle class in the game: Mudpluggers, Quad Bikes, Monster Trucks, Rally Cars and more. Each new livery has been designed by one of Evolution’s top studio artists and the result is a collection of some of the craziest and out-there vehicle sprays ever seen in a racing game!

And to top it off, all these liveries are FREE!

Additionally, Game Update #2 was just released, and provides a number of useful fixes and updates for MotorStorm Pacific Rift. These include:

  • Sugar Rush short-cut removed – The short-cut to the left of the “keep right” arrows going into the sugar field was not intentionally included and has been removed
  • Sugar Rush respawn point fixed – Crashing at a certain point on the track no longer respawns the vehicle in a generous position
  • Inclusion of Microbadges

Actually, wanted to focus on these new Microbadges as these are very cool ways of giving each player a distinct identity when online in MotorStorm Pacific Rift. Microbadges are in-game displayable ‘medals’ which let you flaunt your proudest personal accomplishments and your off-road racing prowess to every other racer online.

MotorStorm Pacific Rift - Microbadges MotorStorm Pacific Rift - Microbadges

Microbadges go beyond the usual Trophies that MotorStorm Pacific Rift already awards; the idea is that they should be dedicated to things you’d want other players to know about while you’re racing online. Here are some examples:

  • Gold Festival – Completed Pacific Rift Festival with all Gold medals
  • Immortal – Win an Online Ranked race without wrecking
  • Flame and Fortune – 20 Boost explosion wins
  • Time Attack Master – Record an impressive Time Attack time on any Leaderboard
  • Supreme Victor – Win any Online or Offline race by a margin of 15 seconds

Microbadges are displayed beneath each Online ID, and players can display up to three badges from the get-go. Three more badge slots (there are six slots total) can be earned by working up the online ranks, and players can unlock 40 microbadges total. Players can choose which badges to show off and highlight what they’ve achieved in the game. Microbadges will also provide retroactive credit, so if you’ve already put in the hours, you’ll be reaping the rewards.

MotorStorm Pacific Rift - ATV

Last but not least, we wanted to give you a heads up on the photo contest we highlighted earlier.

Well we have finally gotten our winners, and they will be officially announced later this week on the official MotorStorm VIP site: Keep an eye out to see if you are one of the lucky winners!

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  • Free DLC? If there is more of this and soon, I may actually consider buying Pacific Rift after not being sold on the first or this Motorstorm.

    If only because more companies need to release DLC for FREE.

    • Sekoku,
      There are 8 signature livery packs coming. One every Thursday starting this week! For FREE!

  • When this game is at $30 I’m buying it 100%… but until then sorry …. so many other games to buy right now like … oh, Infamous :p… but I pawned the 1st Motorstorm * all golds in no time * and I loved it!

  • I think Motorstorm 1 was much better and i still would like to see it getting trophy support. Of course that will never happen but i can still wish it.

  • NICE! Everybody loves free stuff! And the microbadges are SO COOL! Can’t wait to see what you guys have up your sleeve for later DLC!

    I’m hoping you guys release a new trophy update that will add new trophies for getting some of the microbadges… That would be cool! And it would be even more incentive for people to continue playing, or for more people to join in on the motorstorm fun! :)

  • Also, I agree with JesteR17011, although I like Pacific Rift more than the first Motorstorm, I still wish the original Motorstorm could get a trophy patch! It’s a cool game, but I haven’t really had much of an incentive for playing it again!

    PLEASE could you kind folks at evolution studios work on a trophy patch for the first Motorstorm! It would make many people SUPER happy! :)

  • @52

    If you are in Canada it is under $30 at Walmart right now.

    Buy new…support your developer.

    Developer…please support driving wheels!

  • Did you guys fix the DTS sound playback in this update? I have had to disable Dolby Digital in the XMB in order for DTS to work on this game even though it should pick DTS automatically without me disabling Dolby Digital.

  • @57 Seriously? I’ve wondered why it’s sounded lossy every time i play… hmmm. I must check my receiver next time i throw it in to make sure im getting my audio uncompressed.

    Heh. I remember when we had to disable DD to get Devil May Cry 4 in PCM. xD THAT was bull. >.>

  • @58 Yeah, I have had to disable Dolby Digital in the XMB to enable DTS on this game since the day it came out which is annoying as can be! It is one of the complaints in OneDollarBills post in the Motorstorm threads under the post Evolution Studios Please FIX IT!

    It should be a simple fix yet they keep on forgetting that some of us like less lossy sound whenever possible. It might not be as good as uncompressed PCM, but until I get a new receiver with HDMI input, then DTS via optical is the best I can do.

    I wish Evolution Studios would get on the ball and fix this issue, it is annoying.

  • It’s been a long time since release and I expected a slew of DLC like the first game had. I get the feeling that the reason this stuff is free and so delayed is because the game is struggling for sales. I think they misjudged how many people actually actively sought out the first game and how many got it bundled with their system and got complacent. I know I personally got Resistance and Motorstorm bundled, and I really liked both games, but clearly the awareness of the second game wasn’t there when it launched.

    But I do like the series and I want some new tracks and other content. I just never really felt like the tracks in the second game were as fun as the first. I don’t know why. Also some of the trophies require a lot of grinding. The 250 wins one for example. I wish they had used a bit more imagination with those. But overall, great game and great studio too.


  • When will the Motorstorm (1) DLC become free? The DLC of Resistance Fall of Man has been free of charge for a while now :S

  • I gotta say, this is probably one of my favourite racing games and it does everything better than the first. Love the 4 player split screen (makes a great party game) and the custom soundtracks but will we ever see a tweak in the difficulty?

    The only thing that puts me off playing it for long periods of time is when I can race a perfect race using all the best routes and still lose. I don’t mind rubber band AI but the computers in this game are at their own level.

    At any rate, glad to hear about the DLC and if you like arcade racers this is one of the best games of 2008(even if it is insanely hard)!

  • What are the odds we have already obtained this “DLC” via the second game update and that what we download from the store are simply 100k unlock keys?….

  • BTW what i think is they do here the Burnout Paradise tactic. First they release some free DLC to get people talking about the game again and then they will charge for new tracks and vehicles. Im pretty sure that how is going to be.

    How about you make a trophy patch for the first Motorstorm and charge for it? I would pay for it.

  • Awesome! Just as I started playing again.

    You guys should maybe make a patch to make the game a little easier though. From Rank 7 and on, winning a race is more about luck than skill.

  • At the end of the video it says “Only on PLAYSTATION 3″… Isn’t this a PSP game and couldn’t that be a little misleading?

  • Wait a second the new patch “fixes” the Sugar Rush short-cut removed, and no longer respawns the vehicle in a generous position”…as if that track wasn’t BS enough already. Not sure if I want to update the new patch.

  • @67

    This is a PS3 game, so it’s only on the PS3. There’s MS Arctic Edge, a PSP entry in the series, coming later this year, but this video isn’t about that game.

  • Please include 1080i video support in update. I have to play the game in 480p b/c my television doesn’t support 720p or 1080p output.

  • will the next update include the ability to change the time of day when you are racing more than one friend. i dont like midday all the time considering some of the tracks are cloudy and rainy and not sunny and shiny.

  • nice, gonna download this later :)

  • Thanks a ton, Ive been waiting for a while for this, but Im sure it’s worth the wait. I cant wait for the new tracks.

    I dont tend to like racing games, but Motorstorm PR is far too great to pass up.

    I think the only thing this game is missing is just a smashing mode, where theres an open area where you and your friends can get used to controls and just wreck their cars. When I try to battle with people in open areas in the game now, it just resets us to the track, but it would be great if that was a mode itself.

  • Great support for a great game.

  • nice work Evolution Studios, tell me will we see Motorstorm PR be able to interlink with Motorstorm AE when it comes out, just like Resistance did with Retribution and 2.

  • cant beat free
    free is always good
    free is the best and it is also a good way to promote your games
    i dont get why more publishers dont promote their games with free dlc

    people love free

    lets say there was a game i wasnt sure i was going to buy… if i found out it would have free dlc…badabing badabang right away purchase just because i like free stuff

  • more tracks

  • Nice, been waiting for this and they’re free!

  • Hey, guys. First time poster . . . I need some help. My PS3 won’t download the update, and I can’t play online until it updates. It tries to update automatically, but I continue to get an error message (80710102).

    Anybody know what the problem is?

  • LUNATICS UNITE!!!! HUGE Motorstorm fan here lol , i love Motorstorm , is one of the best new ips i love from sony this generation , hey David can evo implement a patch that supports split screen online play ??? that would be really kool , and More Tracks!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol , i hope we get to see Arctic Edge video interview this week lol

  • Great news. Loved Motorstorm and now Pacific Rift, for me both are the better racing game this generation by far.

    And how about a Home Space for the Motorstorm Universe?

  • I am dying to pay you guys for more tracks. Please take my money asap :)

  • Oh very generous of Evolution Studios. This’ll give definitely help to get me back into the game.

    Also those who love arcade racing games…Pick this one up!

  • Kinda sad that Motorstorm 1 doesnt get any attention anymore :(.

  • motorstorm -PR seems slower than the first game. are any of these add ons going to help that? i liked the intense speed of the first game. but definitely cool free dlc. and every week . even better.

  • I never really liked the tracks in PR that much. The Motorstorm 1 tracks were much more fun in my opinion.

  • Is the festival just one big race or is it something else?

  • DLC on E3? :D
    Give us a championship system :D

  • did they fix the corrupted save data issue. I thought they did in the last patch but I saw that error again today when I was trying to download the new patch. Maybe I don’t have any of the patches anymore, I’ll try again later after the patch downloads and install.

  • NICE! I bought my ps3 specifically for Motorstorm, and I was glad I did. I bought PR as soon as it came out, and I’ve been awaiting the DLC ever since. I’m so glad it’s here. I hope they will soon release mirror tracks like they did for the first Motorstorm, as well as reverse tracks. I can wait more patiently for new tracks if they can make the old ones more interesting.
    The idea of a “smash” mode is good too, all they would need to do is limit vehicle selection and remove auto reset to track to make this a viable option. (hint hint)

  • This new DLC kicks butt!!! LOL Another good thing about Motorstorm & Motorstorm: Pacific Rift is that they have the best servers. (No lag like Call Of Duty, “connection interuption”) LOL

  • Excellent, I love this game, by far my favorite off-road racer. Keep up the great work guys.

  • stealthSILENCER

    Will asia PSN store get the same DLC?

  • I loved MS 1 and pacific rift was pretty good too. The only problem I have with it and why I haven’t played it in a while is the online experience. Once you hit the higher ranks it’s extremely hard to progress, since when you lose a race you lose ex. 10% and when you win you gain only 4%, AND you can lose your rank and delevel… VERY IRRITATING!!! So I got up to the last rank and stopped. Also there should be some kind of update to boot people who lag during the online. It’s very annoying to see someone right next to you then disappear and is 30 ft ahead, or explodes/crashes and reappears not even a half second later and is boosting ahead of you like nothing happened!I can live with someone ramming me off the road. Other than that it’s a great game LOL. If they fixed these things I’d still be playing it online, and I think a lot more people too. Obviously some more expansions/vehicles would help too. HINT HINT!

  • I can’t download the update. Why? I downloaded a game and it worked perfectly. I can’t download this MS: PR update though.

  • I like the updates, but they really need to fix the “reset boost” issue. It seems as though some players can deliberately use this feature to pass. Some idiot will crash repeatedly and still stay in front of me. Worse yet, some will crash both of us out, seemingly on purpose, and by the time I’m reset he/she’s long gone without losing any positions. ABSOLUTELY MADDENING!!

  • I think that you lot are doing a great job, the game has some problems but no big issues, its a mint game fun with ya mates and everything

    My PS3 got YLOD and i had to start MS again and then i had a disk fail and i was given a new PS3 but MS data cant be copyed but i still went though it for the 3rd time, it is so additive. One problem with it is the slinge shot ai controllers, i love the difficulty but i was doing a flawless race and i finnished 5th yet i could only see the bike on the last corner yet i had made no mistakes, other thing that annoyed me was the trophy complete 50 casual races, i want that dam yellow monster truck digger thing but i have to get platium but i cant seem to find any online races that are casual, also looking forward to new racks, one question for David Bull is why is the new ice motor storm not on PS3 and is there going to be another MS?

  • I have to echo what another poster said.

    I just bought a Logitech Driving Force GT and was hugely disappointed that it is not supported in MS:PR. I love the game but support for the wheel would amp up the fun tenfold.

    Are there any plans to support the Driving Force GT or other wheels?

  • sunday already David and still no info on the photo contest winners , if i dont win can you guys tell me how can i get a motorstorm tshirt???

  • @67:
    You are thinking of Motorstorm: Arctic Edge, which is not out for either system it is being released on, PSP and PS2. Motorstorm and Motorstorm: Pacific Rift are both PS3 only games. Though I can see how you can get confused.:)

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