X-Men Origins: Wolverine Demo, iPhone Application Now Available – Exclusive PS3 Content!

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X-Men Origins: Wolverine iPhone APP

Hey everyone! If you’ve yet to check out X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the PS3 demo is now available via the PlayStation Network, so download it today!

And, a new iPhone Application has released for X-Men Origins: Wolverine The Game, and for PS3 owners, there’s plenty reason to get excited.

On every PS3 Back of Box, shoppers will notice a 3-slash ‘icon’ beside the game description. Using the new iPhone App, entitled “Feral Sense,” users can utilize a new photo recognition technology to snap a photo of the icon to unlock 3D screenshots, trailers, wallpapers and more exclusive content directly on their iPhones.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Back of Box

Not only that, PlayStation.Blog is the exclusive home to another of the Wolverine App’s unlockable icons. Once you’ve downloaded the “Feral Sense” App from the iTunes Store, click the icon you see below and then capture the icon. You will gain instant access to even more content, compliments of PlayStation.Blog!

X-Men Origins: Wolverine icon

Click here to visit Uncaged.com, where you can learn more on how the application works, as well as gain access to all 5 iPhone icons for the X-Men Origins: Wolverine “Feral Sense” iPhone Application.

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  • WOW!!! the ONLY apple compatible product from SONY comes in the form of a silly promotional app for a cellphone!!! I’d much rather the PSP media manager to be mac compatible. But baby steps I guess. I would own a sony reader by now but they don’t work with macs. I can’t wait to see what other useless apple products sony comes up with!!

  • Can I have EXCLUSIVE PS3 content for the game or not?? I dont get it :(


  • Between all this iPhone goofiness and the Gamestop pre-order/Weapon-X Arena code farce, you have taken a good game and really made her stand out on the corner for gaming Johns. If Logan were here he would never let you put those ripped stockings on him. Shame on you corporate thugs.

  • You would think that Sony would rather promote their Ericsson line of phones instead of the competition. Backwards Sony is backwards.

  • Nice to SONY taking advantages of the posibilites that the market offers…is this the beginning of the Open platform thing SONY’s CEO was talking about?

    As long as that means cash for SONY I’m in, I want them to keep delivering the amazing games they have spoiled us with so far! and what is coming this year!

  • Will this work for iTouch users too?

  • Not cool man supporting a rival product to the PSP with this application…. so very not cool.

    Even more not cool, way to shaft the customer base of anyone not using AT&T, who doesn’t own an iPhone, and hates Apple.

  • …………

    I thought the PSP was the portable device..wait….so your screwing the SONY ERICSON, and the PLAYSTATION PORTABLE.. this is funny

  • nice technology

  • The cross branding is interestingly progressive seeing as many PS3 owners are likely to have a gadget phone BUT this app should have been on multiple phones not just the iPhone in my POV – at the very least on Sony Ericssons for the sake of brand consistancy. Cool though, pity my 5800 doesnt have this app…

  • Interesting, a Sony site advertising a game on the Iphone. Does this mean there might be a chance to see Ipod/Iphone connectivity to the PS3 to play you know music specifically ACC format? Maybe even a chance for Apple offering Itunes on PS3?

    I would like to see that happen, Apple and Sony working together. :D

  • doesn’t work with ipod touch

  • Awesome! I like the collaboration between apple and sony here!

  • this is absolutely stupid. these iphone applications are just pointless in most cases

  • iphone??? How about istore for PS3.. I need some jamzz to!!!!!!

  • this sucks, i have a an Ipod Touch

  • I love these kind of “secret code” type things! The exclusivity makes this even more interesting…

  • Will there ever be a Iphone/ipod Touch app where we can add friends or see whos on line there are plenty of apps from the other system that does that i would love a psn app :)

  • I wonder why these kinds of things, as well as many other apps, are iPhone only. My Samsung Eternity could do this, as well as most of the apps in the iPhone App store.

    Other than brand recognition, why does the iPhone alone get all of this stuff?

  • linebeginstoblur


    I know it makes sense, to take down Microsoft, but Microsoft has another competitor, THAT YOU’RE ALREADY WORKING WITH!


    The G1 needs more love anyway. Do that! Don’t go with Apple!

  • linebeginstoblur

    Not that I’m against Apple, per se, but Google is a competitor to both Apple and Microsoft, but they have worked with Sony, especially SCE, in things before. Work with them! At least don’t leave the G1 alone, at least do it for both.

  • Release it for Android and I might be interested.

  • Played the demo a few days ago and i’m impressed. have to say they delievered on this one.

  • @ jeff
    why is the psn network so slow?
    im trying to download the infamous demo and well 6 hours in im at %94.
    6 HOURS???????????
    come on its faster for me to download something on my laptop using dial up than using the ps3 with ADSL2 whats going on???
    sony customer service keeps saying my ps3 is blocking the ports, but i can get through their thick skulls thats its in a DMZ so the ports cant be getting blocked thats the whole point of being in a DMZ.

  • apple and sony make the best stuff around

  • Sony should make a deal with Apple to make the Sony Vaio OSX compatible and having Apple supporting the PS3 firmware. THAT would kill ugly Micro$oft!!!

  • What about us Ipod Touch users? :(

  • We got the demo a week earlier in Europe, and I must say… It was a blast!

    The gore was… *drooooool*

    And the combos actually felt coolio!

    I was very surprised at how well it worked. One of the more completed movie tie-ins of this generation of consoles!

  • I have both an Iphone and a PSP, but i have tell you that this is very weird to see the PLAYSTATION BLOG promote anything related to apple. I warranty you one thing, you will never see the word playstation on apples website unless they buy the brand. i just hope we don’t see a DS ad next.

  • @49: yup, I also have an iPod Touch :(

  • Neat idea. The movie was meh. The game is really fun.

  • ummmmmm how about adding support for features like this to the psp instead of assisting the competition. just a thought. btw i dont own an iphone> im a blackberry guy myself. but i do own a ps3. any cross platform apps for that?

  • Wow, thats pretty cool!!!

    I don’t have an iphone but may one day and things like this make me want to get it more sooner.

  • “unlock 3D screenshots” – whahhh??

  • Why take a picture in the retailer as Jeff responded, you could just take a picture of your computer screen showing the cover art on PS Blog’s Flickr. But that wouldn’t be nearly as fun.

  • way off topic but is the psp rockband edition official cuz i just saw it on best buy website???????????

  • clarification! i saw the rockband psp bundle is listed on bestbuy for 199.99 but no date is set

  • Yea it would be nice if iTunes had the app available 2 me but as of 4:43 eastern time it was saying no matches available when I type n my search I even type out that long a.. Name still nothing

  • @ muzzar69

    Your PS3 doesn’t block the ports, it uses them. Your router would be blocking the ports. I have no idea what a DMZ is, but if you haven’t configured the ports on your router, head over to portforward.com and bone up on port forwarding for your specific router, then contact Sony again for the necessary TCP & UDP ports you need to open up. Hope that helps!

  • first mgs, now this! sweet.. apple and sony are definitely ganging up on microsoft..

  • So after watching a crappy movie, I’m going to go out and buy the crappy game based on the movie and download the crappy app based on the game that’s based on the movie?

    Happy_Spud: No Thanks
    Everyone else on this blog: OMG! Apple and Sony are working together!!!!1 Sweeeeet!! Epic Win!!!!1

    No people, it’s activision and sony using the old corporate synergy. Stop kissing up.

  • thanks.
    btw DMZ stands for demiliterized zone, in other words if something is set up in a DMZ all ports on the router are open.
    thats why i set the ps3 up in a DMZ instead of one by one opening the required ports and risking to forget one.
    and funny enough for some reason my router model isent on portforward.com

  • Please make the app for Android devices as well. I only have a iPod touch, and not the iPhone.

  • ooo shiny…

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