ZEN Pinball coming to PSN next Thursday

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ZenPinball screenshot

All you pinball fans can breathe easy, PlayStation Network is finally getting some pinball arcade action! ZEN Studios is extremely excited to announce that after all the long hours and hard work we finally wrapped up development for ZEN Pinball and have confirmed the release date for May 14, 2009.

In case you haven’t heard, Zen Pinball not only brings some intense pinball action, but it comes packed with options including several in-game missions, head-to-head online bouts and multi-day worldwide tournaments. In addition, we included a solid offering of four tables in the initial download with more to come as DLC after launch. As far as we are concerned, this is pretty much the Ferrari of pinball games. We suggest you check out the trailer to get a better visual of the game.

Also, if you want to get an exclusive look at the list of the ZEN Pinball trophies, you can do so by visiting PSU. Stay tuned for more details as they become available at www.ZENPinball.com.

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  • Looks ACE! Been a while since I played a real pinball machine. This seems to come pretty close :P

    Question though: Will the flippers have any form of analogue control?

  • @1 Seriously… did you read the post? They confirmed trophy support! (Ever game now should have it! Especially downloads)

    Anyways, It looks fun! I’ll probably download this game eventually…

    (So much stuff to buy lately! lol)

    Thanks for the post Zsolt!

  • Yeah, it will be mandatory for all ps3 games to have trophies in the future. This is at least what I have heard. So, you can bet this game will have tem as well. This Zen Pinball looks pretty cool. I will definitley be downloading this game next Thursday.

  • I’ll be getting this one…used to love playing those old pinball machines years ago.

  • i love pinball!, hope its going to europe at the same time? is there?

  • AvoidTalkingMice

    Remote Play?

  • Looks fun as hell!

  • Hey this looks pretty cool

  • Sounds just like my kind of thing

  • what is the price???

    and how nuch for additional tables???

  • Must buy for me. Love pinball games.

  • This is awesome, I’m definitely getting this game, but I know that you are the guys that develop The Punisher for the PS3, so I was wondering if you had any info about the release date of that game.

  • People come on why you keep asking if games will have trophy support all games have to have them now since Jan 09. Only reason Red Barron didn’t was because it was done before Jan 09 just released late.

  • Yes! Will definitely buy.. too bad it’s not out today.

  • Hell yes! Can’t wait for this.

  • How many different pinball tables will be included with this release?

  • To all the people asking about price:


    Joystiq somehow got the info that it’d be $10. It also mentions “leaderboards, multiple tables, TROPHIES, and video chat-enabled online multiplayer mode.”

    So I’m guessing we need a PS Eye for that?

  • How much memory is it going take? (for the initial download and DLC)

  • Hi, I am Zsolt @ Zen.

    I agree, I may not buy a game I cannot try out first with a free demo ;o))

    The price is 9.99USD, and 7.99EURO for our European customers.

    The game fully support videochat – pretty cool! our testers loved this.

    We use the sixaxis feature to control a free camera to exlore all the plaxfield elements. There is even a short video in the game about those new features.

  • Soooo, there IS going to be a demo, then?

  • Shat, I’m gonna have to pick this one up.

  • $10.00 and Trophies?
    Day 1 purchase !!!

    Awesome !

  • @67

    Or a Crystal Ball.

  • I followed the site link and checked out the four tables there. I definitely like the Tesla and V12 tables the best.

    I only have one question: How does bumping the table/tilt work?

    I am intending to buy this, especially if we get a demo first.

  • looks good, i am interested on how online play will go :p

  • Will there be PS Home support? It would be cool to have a Zen Pinball machine to decorate my virtual apartment. :D

  • daym it looks like one of the best pinball game ever

  • I’m a huge pinball fan, and I’ve been anticipating this ever since it was announced. The video trailer really looks sweet. If this is the Ferrari of pinball games, then I’d like to upgrade my driver’s license next week! :)

  • Will it been released in all PSN zones or is it just for US PSN ?

  • Can’t wait anymore. I just love pinball.

  • Every future post about a new PSN game should include the following:

    Demo: Yes/No
    Remote Play: Yes/No
    PSP Ver: Yes/No
    Cost: ?

    There’s a few quick answers that will a) prevent tons of questions being repeated and be more than likely get you some buyers right off the bat. There are people out there who won’t seek answers and won’t go back and look for them later. If they are provided answers right off the bat they you could hook them.

    Just a thought.

    This game looks great btw.

  • Poopookakabumbum

    Looks fun.

    When a disc based version comes, I’ll buy it.

  • pinball is always a classic, it looks nice
    is it PSN exclusive?

  • Nice price, nice features – other developers of PSN games take note…

  • it looks fun, i might get it assuming that it costs about $10

  • By the same guys that did Pinball FX which is one of XBLA’s best games ever. Day one purchase!!! I hope and pray though that this one will have higher, more top-down camera angles that make it easier to see up high on the machine without having to use the super up close zoom that makes you sick. Also, analog right stick control for the plunger would be nice!

  • Oh i remember the addams family pinball 15 years ago .

  • Finally! Wohoo.

  • What about punisher: no mercy?

  • DAy 1 purchase!!! I love pinball, and good video game pinball, sadly the last good video game pinball I played was on the turbograpfx-16 back in 1990 with Alien Crush and Devils Crush….This Zen pinball looks like it will be a great video game pinball. I can’t wait!!!

    And to DNAgent, you must not play many games if you don’t buy without a demo, it’s your loss!

  • Please release a more classic style table with fewer “bells and whistles” as DLC someday! A great, old fashioned, “low tech,” old school lighting table would be awesome.

  • I love pinball!!! I love, I love, I love, I love, I love. For dlc, yah should make tables with huge crazy loopin tunnels and whatever. You know, nonsense.

  • Also, the videochat is the best idea ever. Nice touch.

  • wow its only 8 eu!, day one for me

  • Sweet, nice that they actually said there would be more tables DL, Trials of Topoq was cool, but it sucked that there was only like 4 challenges.

  • Excellent, I’m really looking forward to this game! Please tell me Europe won’t have to wait 6 months while the little metal ball is “localised” into 37 different lanuage balls!

    Also impressed about the 4-way video chat in game – as listed on the features page for the website and shown in the trailer. The graphics look really good and the physics very complex so to also allow 4-way video calling on screen at the same time is impressive – foreshadowing an upcoming E3 announcement for cross game and Skype video calling in-game perhaps?! (ok that was a joke, I think heads would literally explode if that was announced at E3!)

    You can have my money ZEN – so long as you actually manage to get this across the pond to the UK soon (who incidently don’t care about games needing 37 other European languages we don’t use or need!).

    While I’m on the subject of Europe – I had a go at Blast Factor the other day for the first time in ages and was disappointed to find the Trophy Patch had STILL not found it’s way outside the US! It’s ridiculous…

  • @96 agree with all!

  • There are multiple static cameras, and there are features never seen in a video pinball, like load/save.

    The release date is May 14th in the EU and Australia as well.

    Our goal was to have the game sophisticated enough for expert players (there is an Operators Menu with practically full control of all the aspects of all tables, etc.) and still have the game major fun for casual players as well.

    You will tell us how we managed to reach this goal :o)

  • @98 thanks for the update, europe next week too, great!

    any news about how much additional tables will go for?

  • Yo Zsolt! About the Sixaxis… I guess that if we use it for the camera we can’t use it for shaking the flipper? I’ve read that it will be done by the left thumbstick. That would be bad. Using the Sixaxis for shaking would make it much much more realistic!!!

    Still for that price I’ll buy it ($15 would have been a little too much) I just hope you’ll think about a patch for that feature, if it is not present already. Maybe making if configurable (thumbstick for the camera, sixaxis for the shaking).

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