Who is Veilcorp?

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Xi, the ARG based in PlayStation Home, has taken a sinister turn with the emergence of an unknown organisation called Veilcorp.

Veilcorp screenshot Xi

Veilcorp claims that ‘Xi’ – whatever it is – belongs to them, and anyone hunting for it is in violation of Veilcorp’s rights.

What’s more, they’re recruiting. Anyone in the US is invited to apply for an interview through the Veilcorp website. Are they for real? In this story, it’s hard to tell…

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  • XI is absolutely awesome !

  • oh ye sure… only for US… as usual i forgot that theres only US in the world.. -_-

    and when the bloody hell will you add new regions for home? i want to play home on my real account!!!! oh wait… im not for US… so my comment is automatically ignored -_-

  • Wow you guys are really goin hard with this Xi stuff, and I still haven’t been in it once because my PS3 is broken.

  • More junk from Sony. At least it’s free, but you get what you pay for.

  • lonewolf1994 | May 4th, 2009 at 11:55 am

    oh ye sure… only for US… as usual i forgot that theres only US in the world.. -_-

    Well I thought that E3 is in the US and the XI end may end up being played live at E3, didn’t jess just say goodbye to the EU? And more than likely she will be at E3, also the veilcorp web address said something about connecting to EU when I opened it up on my PC, so fret not. You are not excluded, If you win, you have to make it to the place they tell you. Read the contest rules at the bottom, it’s not US only, but you have to make it there on your own BUCK (or should I say POUND)

  • lonewolf1994 | May 4th, 2009 at 11:55 am

    oh ye sure… only for US… as usual i forgot that theres only US in the world.. -_-

    Well I thought that E3 is in the US and the XI end may end up being played live at E3, didn’t jess just say goodbye to the EU?

  • Got Lone Operative, but I’m Canadian, and not gunna be in NY.



    it’s a game.. it’s obviously fake.

  • lol I applied. However the only reason was because they said it’s not a real job. So I’m not really expecting to be called in for a real interview. Also I don’t live close to those States. :P

  • Are you done playing around? Do things that will make a difference. The marketing strategies are new and innovative and the past 2 years clearly shows they are not working.

    Nothing wrong with good old hard advertising to mass public. You want to make money in this business, you need to think of stronger ad’s and not innovative ones.

  • A company bringing attention to a viral marketing campaign on their official blog? ::slaps head:: Sort of defeats the purpose, don’t you think?

  • Xi is in the UK because Home is developed there. Plus the lady that was kidnapped lives in Europe.

  • StalkingSilence

    Veilcorp website not compatible with my version of Mozilla Firefox (3.0.10) – had to run in IEtab to simulate Internet Explorer.

  • @19:
    There have been many parts of Xi that were EU focused…I’m sure at some point there will be a similar fanservice contest for the EU/JPN servers.

    Do you even know where Canada is? We don’t get anything, ever, because SCEA restricts its contests to the US.

  • Everyone who apply’s will disappear from Home first and then…real life… like Jess!

    Don’t do it.

  • @63 I won a KZ2 Strategy guide from the blog and I am in Canada. I think it depends on the contest.

  • dammm this Xi is getting bigger and bigger!

  • Holy cow, that reminds me I got to go back to Xi after I finish my finals for my college. I like Xi so far, it’s very something that no Home users ever had done.

  • Looks like it’s time for Operation Mayhem to begin. :)

  • SOOPERGOOMAN187 | May 4th, 2009 at 7:10 am

    Socom and Warhawk VOUCHERS PLEASE….still waiting….

    If your name was NOT on the list at the PS boards (here), then you DID NOT win. So pretty much you didn’t win since the codes came out (I should know, I won them).

    AKA: Don’t ask anymore, kay?

  • Well, well, would you look at that?
    It’s another thing only available to North America…oops, sorry…I mean U.S.A.
    North America would imply Canada too…and I definitely know that’s not the case.

    Everyone else doesn’t exist…I mean, clearly it’s due to their money’s value…it’s the best isn’t it?

    It’s not?

    Oh, well perhaps the citizens are just simply found to be customers that are more loyal.

    They’re not?

    Hmmm… Well what about less debt than other countries, thus proving that they have a more reliable consumer base. Less government debt should mean a better economy, and in turn better suited for game connoisseurs.

    They don’t have less debt?

    Ok, ahem, um…hmmm…
    I’ve got it!
    …too much red tape to cut?

    No? What do you mean more difficult (cross country / trade / import / export) tasks are performed daily?

    Well, I’m confused…
    If a good portion of the loyal consumer base is not located in America, they why are Americans the only people treated with importance?

  • It’s been a long time now…surely Sony should / could have arranged to include the rest of the world in these offers / contests by this point.
    We all spend our money, actually I think other countries are charged more than the U.S… so at the very least we should benefit in similar fashion, right?

    Why only one country is rewarded for product consumption is beyond me.
    Smells of fecal matter to me…pfff!

  • SCEA apparently cover the Americas, both North and South yet only one country benefits from their competitions.

    I’m in Europe but I can see that there are a lot of frustrated people out there who can’t participate simply because they live on the wrong side of a line.

    Xi on the other hand is a SCEE project by the look of it. Veilcorp is registered to them along with AlphaAFK.net, AlphaAFK.com, ——uk.com, cafeconmiguel.com, Jess247.com etc.

  • FAIL you guys are doing it WRONG!

    ^ Please note that this is not a real job application process, and there is no prospect of genuine employment resulting from it. See the Official Rules for details. Reading these rules may act as a spoiler for the game known as “Xi”. If you don’t want to know the details, stop reading. If you prefer to know what lies ahead, read on.

    how can we enjoy an ARG when you spoil/blow the game yourselves……If its a legal issue then figure out a way around it……remember the dharma inititive? they did it right you had to do research on web domains to see if disney owned the sites or not that stops crap like this from happening.

  • this is awesome man! i love XI thanks for bringing this to all us homies.


  • … I have to agree with viprdude (comment 59)… if this is advertising for a game then it’s not working. You send people searching through home, you send them to outside websites for previews and freebies (like the KZ2 DLC give aways on USAToday)… yet when we gamers actually show an interest in a game, we can’t even find basic information on the game’s website.

    How’s about going back to basics… I haven’t followed Xi at all (I’m busy playing actual games)… and I only applied on the off chance it’s the MAG beta. How sad is it that I have to guess??

    If you want to create “mystery” games in home… good idea, but please don’t use it as advertising for some unnamed game. It just feels “cheap”.

  • I love how people presume that playing Xi gets in the way of playing games. I’ve followed it since it began and also have plenty of time to play games too.

    Nothing is suggesting that there’s a game advertisement within Xi, the prize could simply be something to do with a later part of Xi.

  • This is totally awsome!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT KEEP IT UP SONY!!!! I LOVE EVIL COMPANYS!!!! LOL (dont know why) FOR EXAMPLE UMBRELLA, (Resident Evil Series) WEYLAND-YUTANI Corp. (Aliens series), SKY NET (Terminator series)

  • to Loonytoon1982 its just a added (big) added side game to playstation Home…. thats all and its free so … cheers

  • im sorry to Elsas message not loonytoon1982

  • I Read the terms aggrement… did not leak much i thought but I think i know where they are going with Veilcorp with apptitude test LOL and i just have to say agian I love evil companys…. great times lol

  • Veilcorp and genisis are both wrong xi belongs to a group of people on home who have a club called Dragons,Devils,Angels. I dont Know if this is true or not but it seems to me they have a great deal of power pull on home that i have not sceen by anyone eles.

  • I’m in Canada and I already applied a week ago. It’s not just the US.

  • DigitalDevilSaga

    I’ve applied to Veilcorp and I’m hoping I’m one of the lucky 20 who get a limo in NYC, especially since it’s not that far from NJ. Everyone has talked about all the new factions from all perspectives, but maybe it’s time we get someone in there with a strong will, is sympathetic to all people from every aspect of life. Can you imagine all the good someone can do in a power seat of Veilcorp?

  • What if your Canadian can you apply?

  • Here is something you should know. I never posted this. Xi is a letter in the greek alphabet that means Alternate Reality Game. ndreams first made an Alternate Reality Game. On ndreams website it has Veilcorps logo. Business partners? They also are BOTH RECRUITING LIKE MAD! WAIT! I just found out that ndreams claimed they made Xi!!!!! COULD NDREAMS BE THE MAIN COMPANY AND OWNER OF VEILCORP?! PEICE IT TOGETHER PEOPLE! EVERYONE LOOK ON http://www.nDreams.com to find out WHAT THE **** IS GOING ON!!!!!

  • lol sweet i really want GTA IV oh and what the– is VELICORP?

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