MAG – Your Questions Answered (+ Live Chat Announcement!)

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We know you’ve got questions about MAG.

When we asked you what you wanted to know about a rather large list of our upcoming, exclusive games, questions for developer Zipper Interactive far outweighed the rest. That’s why the following Q&A video lasts a whopping 12 minutes (!)

But know that I had to have a light hand on the editor; any shots cut are readers’ queries going unanswered – and where’s the fun in that? First up, Zipper VP Michael Gutmann gives us the overview, before Lead Designer Andy Beaudoin breaks down the gameplay in detail.

OK, even with all of those questions deftly addressed by Zipper, I’m wagering that you now have a few more things that you’d like to ask. That’s why the team will be joining us LIVE on the Blog this Wednesday at 2pm Pacific/5pm Eastern for a chat. Please join us!

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  • Jeff, I want that T-Shirt!!!

  • RurouniSaiya-jin

    Pretty good Q/A. Very long and full of information. But alas, it’s as you said, the video Q/A was only able to scratch the surface of the questions we all have but still, it answered quite a bit.

    I’ll make sure to try and make it for the live Q/A on Wednesday.

  • will this game have a microphone packed in? I feel that it will be vital that everyone even though not talking at least be able to.

  • Wow this game is sounding (and looking,) better by the day.

    I sure hope it plays as good as all the promised features sound. Even with the best features available, if a game doesn’t play good, it just doesn’t play good.

    I hope I get to see some more gameplay footage during E3.

    Also, I wonder how customizable our characters will be. I hope we’re able to customize them like in SOCOM (but hopefully better then Confrontation’s not-so-good customization.)

  • Sounds absolutely great!

    Looking forward to this one.

    One question tho, we will have a option to play in first person?

    I’m not too sure that I like playing this sorts of games in third person.

  • Your loosing your voice Jeff.

  • great interview jeff,when can we expect to hear more about the beta?the game is sounding amazing and very organized cant wait to get my hands on it,major props to zipper interactive for raising the bar for fps in major ways

  • I am buying this game cuz i love shooting games and i love playing games online with friends and my clan members=]. I wanna know how can i get into the beta for this game? And how will the whole clan thing be? Like socom?

  • Sounds amazing


    I need the beta too. One thing tho Jeff, can you find out if there is a 3rd person pov option? That will be my question.

    Can I have a “Posted on the PS BLog on Mag Info Day” trophy t-shirt?

    Being a new hubby must make you tired?? o.0

  • good interview, but i think i’ll wait a while AFTER it comes out b4 buying. the gameplay sounds awesome, but wondering if there won’t be too many people “John Wayneing” it instead of wrking together…

  • Looks awesome! I hope it turns out great!

  • Hi… Terrific work. For how long have you been testing MAG?
    What are the minimmum connectivity specs to run MAG?
    How many rooms will be available at the same time? Will it be possible to battle with/against US, EU, JPN users at the same time?
    Is there any PSP Connectivity feature on the go? What about PSP ports?
    ABOUT THE MAPS… How many will be avaialble at the time of the launch? How wide open are they? Do we have any edit/create feature? How intrinsic are the maps/terrains (air, under the earth, naval)? Is it possible to use every vehicle available (air, ground, naval)?
    ABOUT THE STRATEGY… How do you plan to deliver training and experience (other than the regular try and die)?
    How do you plan DLC? Maps, Vehicles, Weapons, Boot Camps, Strategy Guides?

    Can I sign up for beta testing? ;)

  • Will clans be brought in the same way they were in SOCOM? or a different more Faction oriented system?

  • How do you plan DLC? Maps, Vehicles, Weapons, Boot Camps, Strategy Guides, Real world (*past conflicts) scenarios?

    Can I sign up for beta testing? ;)

  • Will it have trophies? If so how many?

  • Awesome interview Jeff. I feel M.A.G is underhyped. I mean come on its 256 players people!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I have two questions:

    1) What happens if I pick a faction and a friend of mine picks a different one? Will we be able to play together at some point?
    2) If I’m a mere squad member, will I be able to speak with members of a different squad? Or do I need to be a squad leader to communicate with a different squad?

    Thank you.

  • I laughed so hard when I saw the trophy shirt Jeff was wearing. It’s brilliant. If I saw someone wearing that on the street, i’d stop him/her and say, “nice..”, with a complete look of approval on my face.

    MAG looks dope; just hope it delivers.

  • Will it have trophies? If so how many? And will the game have DLC?

  • looks very promising, cant wait till more info emerges

  • Day one purchase!!! The multiplayer to end all multiplayer!

  • What happens at the beginning with no OIC in one game, does it become random? I haven’t finished the videos so I might get answered

  • OMG Great interveiw in a nut shell I can’t wait!!!! I want to play, I have a feeling this is going a great one!!!!!

  • Eh, most of these questions were covered in GT and other written interviews as of late and you ‘sat on’ one question for too long man but as you said you were tired so no problem, thanks for bringing this to us.

    Oh and please hold the mic’s cable next time, it kept knocking your leg and making noises lol

    FINALLY to comment on MAG (lol), Day1 purchase.
    I still have LOTS of “what if…” and “how does this work?..” kind of stuff in my head but Zipper knows what they are doing. :)

  • Hey Jeff whats goin down? Could you ask the Devs how short and long do these battles take to complete and considering the scope can they exceed even the longest battle scenario?

  • (Also the RSS is down)

  • Awesome Awesome interview, it did answer alot of questions i had about new players and who gets to be commander.

    But there a still a few nitty gritty questions, but you hit the big ones and thats what matters.

    Nitty gritty questions would be something like –
    How will you manage lag?
    How do you plan to keep the player immersed and captivated?
    Will there be an option to make private games? etc





  • looking good.. mot really sure if more players equal more fun, though.. r2 had 60 but it just felt ordinary

  • Please have mouse and keyboard support. I thought the ps3 was gonna cater to multiple play styles. They had it on Unreal.

  • you guys finished selling me the game with the answer to this question “will there be a fee to play online?” “No”

  • cant waite for this game. will we see more at E3?

  • ..Freakin sweet. =)

  • T for Teen rating?


    Oh well, this game sounds so damn cool.

  • I just went from interested in this game to absolutely excited! Great interview, Jeff! And Zipper, you seem to be doing a great job of providing incentives for teamwork, which should make this game really stand out. You just sold one more copy of M.A.G. (probably more since I’ll now tell some friends and family to buy it, too)!

  • I was wondering about
    One Battlefield Three armies
    Will there be a mode for that? By what I understand its gonna be 1v1


  • Oh man this game is sounding so good. I am really pumped

  • One thing I’m wondering if you choose to join a faction and your friends choose another faction does this mean you won’t be able to play alongside your friends? One of the big complaints about KZ2 was the lack of a party system and the difficulty of playing on the same side in games. Hope Zipper have taken this into consideration and can add an a option, maybe like a mercenary mode where you can temporarily join a faction or something. Please ask them about this Jeff.

  • Being a longtime SOCOM player, I was interested what curious what Zipper was doing with MAG, but after seeing the latest trailer I was disappointed that it seems to be a FPS. Is this an FPS only or can you play in third-person? (like SOCOM)

  • Awesome! This game just looks better and better! I wonder if it has a single player?

  • I want that trophy t-shirt and I don’t even know what it says.

  • Hello, this game sounds fun. I’v been looking forward to M.A.G., out of any game i would really like to be a part of the Beta.

  • Yes! No subscription! Awesome.

  • If it’s rated T I’m not getting it.

    I’m way too used to playing rated M FPS games and going back to T rating is not for me.

  • Thanks for answering many of our questions, great interview
    plus…. ZIPPER is on the job….no worries here :)

  • Jeff, That interview just made my day.
    (no Kidding)
    This just has just made MAG, Most Anticipated Game ever. (don’t mind the paradox I just created)

    Also Jeff, do you have a couple of spare shirts left? :)

    Well, keep on rocking Zipper and Playstation!

    – Drag

  • Sorr for being offtopic, but Jeff could you make an interview to anyone of Igntion Entertainment about The King Of Fighters XII ?

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