Sack it to Me – The Quest for Crownage Edition

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Greetings LBP’ers. Today on Sack it to Me, our SackBoys can walk like Egyptians. Media Molecules gives us the sweet lowdown on the recent Creator Pack, and we see how the a little fox’s struggle for an LBP Crown goes bad. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Quest for the Crown
This LBP “Fanamation” by Sarah Miscavage shows little fox’s search for an LBP Crown will make some of you laugh. Wouldn’t be surprised if Sarah has a crown waiting for her in her future.

Creator Pack Video by Media Molecule
Some people were confused about how to access the new Creator Pack content once it was installed, so MM made a video showing the sweet in-game tutorials made for the new objects (The Infinite-Life Checkpoint tutorial is just ruthless!). Remember that Creator Pack 1 can be downloaded for FREE from the in-game store right now! Once downloaded, you can play the following levels by going to the LittleBigStore and finding the creator pack queen icon.

DLC Round-Up
If you wanted to get a blast from the past, the Egyptian Mini-Pack ($2.99) just released for all of you LittleBigPyramid builders out there with costumes and stickers based on Egyptian myth.

LittleBigPlanet Egyptian Mini-Pack

Don’t forget Kai, Nariko and Stickers in the Heavenly Sword Mini-Pack ($2.99).

LittleBigPlanet Heavenly Sword LittleBigPlanet Kai 2

“Hey Mark…I got Nariko already and I’m not really a into Egyptian myth ever since those “The Mummy” flicks. What do dig are characters from Norse Mythology?”

You don’t say! Well my friends, good things to come.


Great weekend to all!

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  • Hi there MM. I really have to say LBP is the best game i have ever playd, its just so amazing, fun, i have absolutly no complaints.
    I had a few ideas though:
    It would be amazing if we could besides creating and sharing our own lvls we could also create and share our own costumes and materials for our sack ppl.
    I think it would be great fun, as we would see alot of amazing costumes as there are alot of amazing player created lvls.
    It would also be cool to have a live chat kida thing going on in the game and\or the webpages: like littlebigworkshop, LBP, etc. for thoes of us LBP lovers. It would be amazing to be able to logg on from your phone and chat with LBPers alla round the world and what not.

    Thanks for the amazing game once again, absolutly love it, and im happy Stephen Fry is coming back to LBP we should have a Stephen Fry costume :P

  • Nariko looks reALLy adorable! Now i want to get that costume!!

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