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Big big news today! We are releasing the first screenshots and video of the next PixelJunk game! For those of you who have been following my page on Facebook which has been slowly teasing you since last week, this is the day you’ve all been waiting for!

And… to top it all we are also launching a naming competition! Yes, you heard it right, instead of choosing the name ourselves for PixelJunk 1-4 we would like YOU to name the game for us. This is for those real PixelJunk fans out there, because your name will go into the credits of the game and be immortalized for all eternity (or for a few years at least).

Anyway, first things first, go to the site and look at the concept art, watch the work-in-progress video, and think up a name:

It’s looking pretty nice so far we think. We’ve implemented a fluid simulation sandbox with lots of different fluids and interactions and it’s simply a lot of fun to play just by itself, but on top of that we have a really cool “thrust” based game where you can shoot at monsters and carry stuff around to solve the puzzles in each area. The goal is to save the survivors, but what are they survivors of? As you delve deeper into the caverns you’ll learn more about what their predicament is – yes, this time there will be a bit of a story; which is a first in the PixelJunk series so far.

Oh, and we’ll give out free t-shirts to the winner of the naming contest and also to the five runners up, so definitely submit an idea no matter how silly you think it might be, we might just use it. We will pick the winner from a hat containing the names of all the people who submitted the same idea, so send your ideas in by May 11th, which is the closing date for the competition. We will then choose 5 runner up ideas and do the same thing for each one. We’ll then design a logo for the name and announce the winner a few weeks afterwards.

Good luck!

“SCEA Is Not Responsible For Nor Is A Sponsor Of This Contest.”

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  • I like:

    PixelJunk: Hero
    PixelJunk: Savior (someone beat me to it)

  • I gave in these 2 choices

    Pixeljunk Life
    Pixeljunk Armageddon

    The first is cause thats what its all about, Life, preserving/saving life, and all the things around it.

    Armageddon, in case its a disaster related story that happened, and were here to save em from it ;).

  • Hey Dylan, I know it’s probably a bit late, but I just wanted to comment that I’m really disappointed with the art style for this game.

    Not that’s it’s bad, persay, but it’s just so damn similar to Eden. What I loved about Pixeljunk was the fact that it was branded in name only, and each game was so divergent from the others.

    I know the gameplay is radically different, but I really wish the art style had been too. It just feels too similar to me is all.

    Either way, see you guys around.

    • Hey there, it\’s completely different from Eden – take another look. The only similarity is that it is 2d.

      The art style this time is closer to that of Monsters, and a cartoon style with lots of rich colours. (Eden uses a very limited colour palette on purpose)

  • When you mentioned the “Thrust” gameplay I immediatly thought

    PixelJunk: Spring

    Kind of keeps with the whole Eden thing too

  • I’m not sure Dylan, I think I have to disagree with you on this one. Sure, it uses more colors, similar to monsters… but unlike monsters this game seems to have a very muted overall palette (the blue water and red lava obviously playing a huge role as well though). I think the main thing that gives it that Eden vibe is the detached background and the landscape shape.

    I’m willing to give it a try though, no worries. I’ll pick it up. Hope I didn’t offend, I thought it was a conscious choice to make it look like Eden.

  • My Suggestion:

    Pixel Junk Eruption or Pixel Junk Gush.

  • Submitted PixelJunk: Fuji

    Mount Fuji in Japan is home to several lava caves such as the ice cave, bat cave and wind cave and this game has a very cavernous feel to it…

    Also, Eden had really nothing to do with the game mechanic, but much more to do with the visual design. I feel Fuji does the same, is simple to say, easy to remember and catchy.

  • Oh yah, if you like it.. Hire me. :D

  • So you don’t even get a copy of the game? Just a T-Shirt?(Not that that’s not awesome enough, just wondering)

  • —–

    Pixeljunk: Ember
    Pixeljunk: trickle
    Pixeljunk: radiance
    Pixeljunk: gush


    That’s all I’ve got for the moment!

  • Pixeljunk in my truck

  • PixelJunk Earth
    PixelJunk Core
    PixelJunk Elements

  • PixelJunk:Land of The Pixel

  • It reminds me of the SEGA game SubTerrania

  • PixelJunk Underground

    I’m surprised nobody has thought of this :o

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