Uncharted 2 to Include Multiplayer, Beta Starts June 3rd

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Uncharted 2 Multiplayer

So the rumors are true and we can finally talk about it! As you’ve heard and read, UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves will have both competitive and cooperative multiplayer modes.

We managed to keep the secret completely safe for over a year and a half, but right in the home stretch before the embargo lifted today, word got out all over the internet. Of course the leaked info was only the tip of the iceberg and there is a ton of coverage being released today on dozens and dozens of websites. So, pick your favorite videogame news site and go check out the coverage from our event last week. If print magazines are your thing, we’ve gotten word that we’ll also be in more than a few magazines around the world in the next few weeks.

If you’ve been looking closely at our interviews, our team here at Naughty Dog has been growing rapidly and we now have quite a few more Dogs on staff than when work finished on UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune. It shouldn’t be a surprise that we had to grow our studio to tackle the task of creating fully-realized multiplayer and co-op modes that would live up to our own high standards and do the UNCHARTED universe justice. I’m incredibly proud at the excellent work our team has done so far and it shows in the solid gameplay and incredible polish of the little slice we showed press last week. And if you’re dying to get your own hands on it, don’t worry, we’re having a multiplayer beta! It starts on June 3rd and you can get access to it through vouchers in inFamous, which goes on sale May 26th.

We’ll be back soon to talk more about our single player campaign – don’t think for a second we’ve forgotten about that! The rest of our team at Naughty Dog has been hard at work pushing our engine to its limits while creating a campaign that is more expansive and more ambitious than UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune. They’ve even learned a few tricks from our multiplayer and co-op development – truly a win-win situation as all aspects of UNCHARTED 2 are benefiting from the work we’re putting into both single player and multiplayer modes.

Oh, wait! Before you leave check out a multiplayer trailer we just finished before the weekend.

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  • okay, is this it? or there is more announcements for today?? gotta admit the game looks good but i’m gonna pass because shooters are not my cup of tea.i hope sony has something for us (j)rpg fans

  • Dear Evan Wells,

    Will this game have custom soundtrax, support for game launching by its retail release, and have a HOME game space by its retail release? Love that the game finally has multiplayer. I hope good developers like Naughty Dog keep adding multiplayer to your games when you can. Here’s to hoping for some online trophies to sort out the weaklings.

  • A W E S O M E.

    I’m glad to see the Beta bundled with INfamous, I was going to get INfamous anyway, but this seals the deal.

    How do you choose who plays as Drake?

  • I really hate grenade launchers/rockets in online multiplayer, as long as there’s an option to remove them, then it’s fine.

  • I hope the music in the single player sounds just as wonderful as it did in UNCHARTED 1.

  • Questions:
    1) Will annual Qore subscribers get access to the MP beta?
    2) Will there be any vehicles to drive or pilot in MP or co-op?
    3) Clan support?

  • Don’t forget us in EUROPE!

  • Fantastic! Can’t wait to start the beta.

  • Basically, just blatantly copy Resistance 2’s online infrastructure, and we’re golden. :D

  • THANK YOU ND!!!! This will give the game so much more replayabilty, I wish the first one had it because after getting the Platinum trophy. My game has been collecting dust.

    Also how long is the beta because I’m getting infamous day one but that week the beta starts I’m going to be in the bahama’s and not getting back until the 7th.

  • I heart Naughty Dog!

    Thanks for continuing to push the boundaries to everyone at Naughty Dog!!!!! This is my MOST anticipated game for 2009!

  • Naughty Dog is the best. THE BEST.

  • HELL TO THE YEAH!!! This looks freakin’ great. I love that the platforming looks to be an important part of the strategy and gameplay. There are so many FPS multiplayer games, I am soooo excited for a cool 3rd person multiplayer experience! Thank you Naughty Dog!!!

  • Will the preorder voucher with infamous be available in Europe or is it us only?


  • looks great but I have a couple questions if you don’t mind.

    1. Will there be split screen support?

    2. Will there be bot support?


  • Will we be able to get into the beta in other ways?

    inFamous may be a great game but i am not so sure of getting it.

  • You know that slow build up clap someone does at the end of the cheesy romantic comedies when the guy gets the girl before she gets on the plane? I never thought that type of clapping would be appropriate in real life until I saw that trailer.

    Bravo! You just turned the best single player game on PS3 into possibly the most fun multiplayer game on the system. Naughty Dog…you have my respect, admiration…and you’ll have my $60 bucks.

  • Great news! I have a question about the multiplayer beta, do the voucher codes come with every copy of InFamous? or we have to preorder it in order to get into the beta?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Please don’t have online Trophies it will be impossible for me to get them.

  • Wow, I’m completely blown away from the trailer. I never really played the first one but I think now I have to go pick it up! Simply amazing.

  • Oh, by the way, can you do me a really big favor and not require me to play online to get 100% of the trophies?
    Some of us don’t like having to rely on multiplayer to platinum our games.

  • I just got the trailer from the PS Store like a miniute ago.

    Look how many people have commented already!

  • Most excellent news. Thanks for putting out quality work.

  • What about europe here?

    If the beta-thing is US only… can I at least import the US-version and also get the Gigawatt Blades???

    It seems no european retailer is offering something like this. :(
    I loved Uncharted 1… I wanne be in for testing the second one. :D

  • “Here’s to hoping for some online trophies to sort out the weaklings.”

    …man, screw that! I think beating the game on ‘Crushing’ is enough, why should I invest hundreds of hours for the online portion just to get 100% and a platinum?
    The only online game worth playing is Warhawk, I don’t want to waste my time with any other online game.

  • That looks like alot of fun. So are the vouchers inside inFamous or do you get them with a preorder? I just preordered this weekend and got nothing.

  • Ooh, ooh, one other thing… any chance you could do the totally awesome version of split screen that RE:5 does?

  • Was on the fence about infamous, but I need me some Uncharted MP ASAP!

  • What is Hunk from Resident Evil doing in Uncharted? :)

    Looks like there is pirates in multiplayer too….

  • Evan, is there other ways to get into the UNCHARTED 2 beta instead of through inFamous?

  • Wow that looks awesome Thank You

  • Looks awesome. I loved Uncharted and I cant wait for number 2!

  • My god :o ….

    Gears of what? This looks spectacular. This is exactly what I wanted after playing Uncharted 1 multiple times after it first released and it looks like you guys at ND really delivered.

    My jaw is on the floor.

  • @77, are you serious? The split screen in RE5 was horrible, what was the point of making the screen diagonal? Why didn’t they just make it fullscreen 4:3, if they wanted to keep the 16:9 ratio for both players?

  • Please can you let us know if the demo is going to be for AU region as well ?

  • Holy crapper Nathan Drake! This game is now going to consume my whole life!

    And can we in EU in any way get into that Beta?
    Though plan on getting inFamous day 1 no matter what..

  • This is going to be crazy, cant wait..

    BTW please, please make the controls that its one button for rolling and another for taking cover! You dont know how many times in UC1 I was hitting O to roll and instead drakey took cover up against a wall. Which in reality was cover.. Cause all I was doing was getting shot up. ;)

    Thanks Naughty Dog!! I seriously hope to see maps from the first game, specially the shootout maps like the one by the library, that one was badass!

  • Got my infamous pre-order yesterday from best buy… June can’t come soon enough!

  • ND is the best PS3 developer, and this game will ROCK!!!

  • that looks great so far, looking forward to the beta! :-)

  • Wow! This is one game that didn’t need comp mode just co-op. You should have learned from Kojima, Naughty Dog. Games that don’t need comp mode shouldn’t have it. Hope you have success with it, but to me its just another fail. I was gonna purchase this game on day one, but now…I’m not at all.

  • Three Simple Words…


  • Please no online trophies, Killing 10,000 people or getting top player in the world is just stupid. Some people don’t have the time to play that many hours of deathmatch. COD5 did a good job with online. Nothing required to send countless hours playing to get trophies.

  • Your comment was an Epic Fail. Don’t play competitive multiplayer if that’s not your bag. You still have co-op and single player story.

  • (that was directed @92 btw)

  • So are these beta vouchers in all copies of inFamous? Because if they are, I’ll buy the game on day 1.

  • Will the Beta Codes be bundled with UK copies aswell?

    Or is this just an exclusive for the US?

    Looks awesome!

  • is the multiplayer beta only availible from best buy?

  • I’m not too happy that there is MP in Uncharted. To me Uncharted is a SP game and people where hyping Uncharted 2 because of the first game which was SP only.

    Not every game needs MP.

    I hope the single-player mode will be long because I don’t think I will be playing MP at all.

    Like MGO…Uncahrted 2 competitive modes are not needed.

    To other developers…don’t force MP onto your games. There are thousands and thousands of games out there with MP.

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