Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Revealed, Demo Exclusive to PSN!

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I Wanna Take YoU 4 A Ride this Thursday!

What’s up P-Essers? I’m here today to announce the imminent arrival of one of the worst kept secrets in the industry. You’ve seen the ESRB leak. You’ve seen the MadCatz joysticks. You probably visited a cryptic sight called that just counted down to zero.

If you’ve been paying attention to my blogs and interviews, I’ve been leaking info about this day for quite some time. We conducted this Gamespot poll back in March of 2008 to gauge interest on what games you want to see us bring back. We listened to your feedback and tried to work quietly on the project. Well, as you know, I’m not the quiet type (the PR Ninjas here don’t like me so much). There was this MTV interview in June of last year, my PS blog on August 14th alluding to a Street Fighter surprise, and numerous blogs after that teasing this announcement.

So what’s the announcement? Here it is, officially:

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Summer 2009

Yes that’s right. Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 will finally arrive on PSN this summer! For more information on the full game, go visit

But wait, there’s more. Here’s the freaking ace up our sleeve:

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Store Banner

This Thursday, April 30, PlayStation Network users will enjoy a free, exclusive MVC2 demo! No need to purchase another game, just download it straight to your PS3 and get ready for some triple tag team action (A big thank you goes out to Rommel Hernandez who helped make this exclusive demo possible).

Here are the details of the demo:

  • Two-player local matches
  • Six available characters – Ryu, Chun-Li, Strider, Spider-Man, Iron Man and Wolverine
  • Seven selectable environments
  • Upscaled 1080p graphics
  • Widescreen or 4:3 aspect ratio
  • Two graphic filter options for character sprites
  • And other cool options to check out

Make sure you visit for the latest MVC2 news and follow us on Twitter for special promotions and prizes!

And I’ll leave you with one last, cool little video, exclusive to the PlayStation Blog. This is an alternate music version of the trailer on


From your friendly neighborhood Capcom employee,

John “HIERO 9D3” Diamonon

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76 Author Replies

  • Ugh still gotta wait till the summer though. was hoping this thursday would be the main release for a game i’ve wanted to play again for so long.

    watch the price be like $20. i’ll still buy it just don’t make it more than that.

  • this is amazing news!!

    so are trophies ever going to come to bionic commando rearmed?

  • OMG thanks John for replying and great work and hopefully somewhere in the near future it will be out and @ john thanks for replying again your awesome mate hopefully there will be trophies for stf 2 hd remix JOHN your awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hey john any chance u can do the whole code thing like u did for xmas/new years time and see if we can make it to 20,000 again as that was good times and fun and kepted me busy durin that boring part of dec

  • John just gave away ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE YEAR.

    Capcom FTW!

  • My gut instinct tells me this game is going to be 15 bucks.

    And I have an inflated gut right now, so I’m pretty sure I’m going to be right, give or take 5 bucks.

  • oh yeah forgot to say….

    WOOT for PSN ONLY DEMO!!!!

  • Woo! Love it when you throw us PSN dudes some loving! Now about that Lost Planet 2…… ;)

  • the whole game exclusive, or just the demo?

  • Wicked!!! I just hook up my Dreamcast yesterday to play this too.

    Whats the price?

  • If Capcom as a whole was a chick I would do you SO hard right now!

    I’m assuming there’s trophy support…

  • I have been waiting for this for so long, when you guys say Summer please tell me we arent talking September and more along the lines of oh June or so?

  • Thank you John & everybody else at Capcom!

    Man it’s been one hell of a Monday for PS3 owners. First the Uncharted 2 multiplayer news, then a new trailer for Infamous and now this. Marvel VS Capcom is back YAY!

  • @100

  • Should I get this game, I really don’t like these types of games but I just feel like buying it. Need advice!

  • hahaha I already said it…this week ps blog MURDERS 360!

  • Awesomeness! How about a MvsC2 fight against me John Diamonon? :O

  • LoL YESSSSSSSS Keep this Sony!!!

    4 Life!

  • It’s the return of the Sprites, baby! Seems like everyone’s jumping on the Sprite-based-graphics-wagon lately. If it means a stronger focus on the gameplay, I’m all for it! :D

    I, of course, still enjoy the polygon-heavy romps that we receive en masse, but it’s all about moderation between all sorts of games. After all, the PS3’s power should expand the potential of titles, not limit them. (At least that’s how I see it.)

  • hell ya now that will be fun john hey john add me on the psn so we can play sometime

  • Actually, if you consider that 360 arcade games automatically have demos, the demo isn’t exclusive.

    Still, cool news.

  • Good looking out, Capcom… You’ve now made two of my 3 dreams come true (Mega Man 9, MvC 2)

    Just one more to go John! (Mega Man X9 w/SNES sprites)

    You know you want it as bad as I do ;)

    Thanks a ton for the demo this week too… that’s awesome!

  • oh yeah one more thing…


    will there be HOME launching support???

  • Hey this is exciting news!

  • TROPHIES!!! (and please patch SFIIHD)

  • Thank you for the exclusive support! We need more of these.

  • greatest 2d fighting game ever made… day one

  • Is there going to be voice chat?

  • Hey John, are you allowed to say why its exclusive to the psn?

  • Hey John!

    Can we get some HD screenshots and a bunch of character sprite artwork put up somewhere? I’d love to make an awesome MvC2 PS3 theme with a different character for each icon. Any chance of that? I’d love to see more artwork posted for all Capcom games so I can make themes for them…

    Search “by DK” or “by L2K” on any decent theme site to see my other work!

  • Hey, John, can we play against the computer in this demo? BTW, make a petition for a raise for whoever the hell made that trailer. I’m sure we’ll make it happen =)

  • You guys did see that it said free right ? Since when do you pay for demo’s on PSN.

    Anyway when I get my wifi back, ill be sure to download this game =).


    Now remake Alpha 3 please and I will be set!

  • Finally! Sony is finally taking notes and taking charge. First, the Joker exclusivity for Batman Assylum, then putting the Uncharted 2 beta in Infamous, and now an exclusive demo to an incredible fighting game. Well done guys :). Next we should get XMB voice chat, cross-game invite, and a price drop and watch the money roll in :D.

  • This might be one that I buy. I havent bought any of the SF series for the PS3 yet.

  • Consider the game bought. Although I already have it on PS2, but I loove this fricken game.

  • bloody sweet!!

    tooo bad I blow at fighting games. Even though I suck and probably wont play it much you got me sold. For $10 that is. ;)

  • Who’s bright idea was to add “the Touch” to that vid cause that man deserves a raise!!! If only Capcom can make Transformers vs Capcom game fighting. hmmmmmmmm awwwwwwwsome.

  • *fighting game

  • Great! Now Sammy/ArcSystemWorks needs to bring Guilty Gear XX to PSN and all my fighting wishes are going to be made true.

  • First I wanna say: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! I love this game and have it on the Dreamcast. Interesting fact that it’s being ported from the DC and not the arcade.

    Question though:
    You must have a second player to play the demo? You can’t verse the computer?

  • Don’t forget MGS4 trophies. It’s almost the 1 year anniversary since MGS4’s release.

  • So is the widescreen just stretched into fatty characters?
    Man cool character choices for the demo…gotta download that

  • hey good song
    but i liked it better in
    the transformer movie (1986)

  • Will the exclusive demo have online available?

  • Good job on the exclusives! That’s the way to go

  • Niiice!

  • Why is no demo for Bionic Commando going to be available for PS3?

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