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Next Sunday, this list will be filled with stories from the past week’s PlayStation media events in LA and Seattle; impressions of inFAMOUS, Uncharted 2, and… other things. In the meantime, PS3-exclusive playable Joker in Batman: Arkham Asylum and Dante’s Inferno coming to PSP? Yes please!

And if you’ve read anything good in the last week, please feel free to share it below. If not, we can consider this the calm before the flood :-)

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of April 20, 2009)

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  • This week was very calm here on the blog. Hope next one is better.

    I hate movies based on videogames, they are all bad movies, but this one could break the rule. Check out this trailer:

  • That Destructoid article on Valkyria Chronicle’s sudden success makes me happy. It’s an amazing game, and every PS3 owner should at least download the demo and give it a try. In a world full of sequels and brown realism, VC is quite a refreshing experience. :)

  • @ 26 ahhh yes, I miss those consumer requests for IN GAME AND CROSS GAME PRIVATE VOICE CHAT! Even better I love it when they get all snappy at you guys for posting them….lol It makes me grin because I think they finally got a small taste of how frustrated we get with them not giving us the features we NEED… keep it up!

  • are you going to answer our mag and infamous questions?

  • hey jeff.. cant wait for the electrifying announcement tomorrow!!

  • Awesome this week looks great. I got a question though, is there a possibility of any new IP’s coming to the ps3 at E3, it seems all i hear about are sequels, not that that is a bad thing though!

  • You what is even more interesting than what you guys read around the web? What you do not read, like news about GT5… yeah this is a shameless ploy to get a reply that will never happen. Well I loose nothing by trying.

  • @jeff

    I was wondering do you any info regarding the video store for those who live in Canada? i really woould like to buy some of movies on there.

    also as the guy above me said :P is it possible maybe in the future to be able to change our PSN ID’s?? i was too exited when i bought my ps3 way before in 2007 and didnt actually make a good PSN ID name :P.
    Thanks and cant wait to see whats new for this week :)

  • exciting news for playstation owners coming, thats great!

    Will the guys from the game sacred 2 be posting something here before release?

  • Hey Jeff, did you pick up any games at the big Best Buy gamers sale this morning?

  • Jeff will we get any closure on the Uncharted 2 multiplayer rumor?

  • Im really pumped for the electrying announcement tomorrow.

    You know, the one that wasnt leaked 4 days ago ;)

    (i dont care, its awesome news regardless… but you guys need to run a tighter ship when it comes to keeping secrets)

  • Hey Jeff, do you think that you could ask around to see if Advent Children Complete will be getting a PSN Video Store release.

    And maybe talk to someone at Square-Enix to see if the US will be getting a FFXIII Demo this year, since they’re not including it with our Bluray release.

    It’s amazing what ACC’s Japan release did to the PS3 sales.

    Thanks :-D

  • i can’t wait for inFamous to drop! i hope its as epic as it looks and sucker punch hasn’t let me down yet.


  • I was reading the Demon’s Souls review on Eurogamer. It got 9/10. There are quite a few people who have imported it because it’s not available in the US/EU and by all accounts it’s pretty good. Hard but good. Given most of the game is in English already (they hired British voice actors) when will this be localised? It was published by SCEJ so the silence about this game is puzzling. If it is released in Q4 it will get lost in the crush of other games released that time.

  • uncharted, drakes fortune was a great game, can’t wait for uncharted 2, need more info on infamous, keep up the good work Sony!

  • Sweet. Can’t wait until I get home from school tomorrow to read about Uncharted 2 info.

    P.S. I was at BestBuy and I say the preorder box for inFamous. :D

    I going to get inFamous day 1, but this just sweetens the deal.

  • The calm before the storm you say… Hmm…

    -April 27th; Announcement involving Uncharted 2, and Infamous

    -According to Kotaku some impressions and hands-on with a few games…

    -Again, according to Kotaku some new games being announced for the first time (at least for us western gamers)


    Sony has to have something spectacular up their metaphorical sleeve… actually, when DON’T they! (lol) But still, something tells me that this upcoming week is going to kick some SERIOUS @$$!

    Can’t wait! :)

  • looking forward to an everquest type game for the ps3 and maybe even a contiuation of the boulders gate series, that would be totally awesome!

  • hey can u guys please add ingame xmb for ps1/ps2? because when im playing either of the games i cant check my messages this is in ps3 games so why not put it in ps1/ps2 games also are we going to get ingame voice chat anytime soon? i relly hope thats not a feature your going to leave to the developers because sonic sez: Thats no good!

  • Can’t wait for MAG

  • what exactly is MAG?

  • sweet already im excited with the confirmation of MAG and Uncharted news, can’t wait!

  • can’t someone please tell me what is MAG?

  • What the hell? Why can I only see comments 51-74? It’s like the first page doesn’t exist.

  • any news on kojima? im looking forward to something from him… he is a genius

  • @ firestryke09

    MAG= Massive Action Game

    Up to 256 player, PS3 only online combat by the creators of Socom.

  • Journalists all over the web are salivating over what they were shown at the press event, but no one is allowed to tell us anything! What did they see!!!??? Let the cat out of the bag, guys…

    Glad the PS3 is doing so well in Japan. I primarily play Japanese action titles (I love you Capcom, but no thank you- I don’t need any more Western developed crap) so this bodes well for my gaming future.

    The article on the creation of the PS One was very interesting. I liked seeing all the unused designs for the system.

    Dante’s Inferno coming to PSP was great news. Now I can play it on the go and at home on both of my favorite systems. I’ll be getting both versions, for sure.

    I got really excited that I’d missed something special in Valkyria Chronicles, so I hurried to download the demo and give it a shot. Turns out (see what I did there?) it’s really not for everyone, but more power to it. It looks great, I just can’t ever hang with turn-based battles, no matter how many times I try or how badly I want to…

  • Also, looking forward to a possible price cut after E3 this year since we’re in the market for a second PS3 (one just isn’t enough). If not, I’ll still be buying one. I paid $599 for mine (and got backwards compatibility, hooray for early adoption!) and it was worth every single penny. Maybe we could get a silver console to match those sweet looking, Gamestop exclusive, silver Dualshock3s??? Yeah?

  • Hi,

    there is a bug in the latest update of the PS3, when you send a message to a friend asked, if the symbol at the end of the sentence put a espace gives an error code if you send it at the end of the last word does not give the error.

    exemple: how are you?—-right
    how are you ?——– error code.

    Thanks regards

  • This is why I love the PS3. You are the best, hands down.

  • Hey Jeff.

    Is it possible that we can release MLB 09: the show in Japan. I found out that 2K’s Major League Baseball series seems to have a audience in Japan. Maybe if we can release that game in Japan, it may do well and the PS3 sales would go up. Also Can Sony Europe team up with Sony Japan and probably make Singstar for the Japanese market (don’t forget Karoake is popular in Japan). It would kinda help the sales in PS3 stay cool.

  • hey jeff i got a good idea ask sony to make motion control like the wii for ps3 it would be awesome playing killzone 2 with a gun similar to the ones on the wii

  • and boost the ps3’s sales up ALOT IT WILL SELL MILIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jeff when are we getting infamous here in australia.

    because prototype is out on the 11th according to EB i might get that instead.

    i dont understand why we have to wait an extra 3 4 weeks longer than the US with every game published by SCEA.
    normal 3rd party games are ok normaly within 10 days MAX but SCEA R2 an example 20 days later.

  • Jeff, still some weird blog goings-ons, now it defaults to show you the last page of comments. I’m sure you guys are on it!

  • Any word on Motorstorm PR DLC announcement at E3 perhaps?

  • cross game voice chat needed

    PSN games from Japan needed in USA. FF-VII, Chrono Cross, etc.

  • That’s great news about Valkyria Chronicles but I’m still hoping they will had TROPHIES

  • So Jeff, it looks like you erased my comment.

    It really is easier just sweeping things under the rug and pretending they aren’t there than addressing a problem isn’t it?

    Thanks for making those of us who are unsatisfied feel like our opinions aren’t important.

    It’s nice to know that Sony are only willing to listen to the people that aren’t critical of them.

  • hey jeff, i’m new to the blog but i would like to know if boulders gate will be continued for the ps3, and if so will it be a two player game. oh, one more thing, how about an everquest type of RPG to satisfy all us true gamers.

  • @ letters2kay

    thanks for clearing things up for me.

  • when will the first MAG come out?

  • when is free realms comming out for ps3?

  • free realms? sounds cool

  • anybody on?

  • I know it’s a little to late for THIS post, but the Xbox 360 just got the Mazuri pack for Sonic Unleashed. I hope that will be coming today on the PSN. (One of my favorite levels too.)

  • In reply to comment #10 (Zezzler | April 26th, 2009) — no, it will not include the demo. The demo apparently isn’t ready for release; they only had the Japanese one ready.

    SEI Neil: Nothing has been announced about a North American release date for that title. This is not to say it will never happen in the future, just currently SQUARE ENIX is focusing on other projects.

  • I want Dante’s inferno in ps3 now!! Man.. i love the book it better be good and not a let down!!!!

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