Pata-Post Friday – The Building Blocks of Pata-Pain

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Greetings Pata-peoples. It’s Friday and as you all prepare for a well deserved weekend, here is another dose of Pata-goodness to share. On Wednesday we covered Multiplayer Hotness and how you can now battle to the beat with your friends. Now, as promised, we are going to profile the “new recruits” of the Patapon army.

One of the most appealing factors about the first Patapon was building your army up out of nothingness into an unstoppable fighting force. Picking the right soldiers for battle, setting them up with all the right weapons and equipment, and evolving them to make them stronger was key to victory. This hasn’t changed in Patapon 2, but this time players will get a revamped evolution system and some new Pata-faces…presenting:


Patapon 2 - Toripon

Air support anyone? (Toripon)
If you remember the original concept art of Patapon 1 you’ll remember the Toripon. These bird-riders didn’t make the original cut, but now you can finally bring death from above as they administer surgical strikes upon your enemies.

Patapon 2 - Robopon

Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto! (Robopon)
Armed with robotic enhancements, these troops can pummel their way through enemies and barricades and when you get them all fevered up, they can fling boulders their way too!

Patapon 2 - Mahopan

Do you believe in Magic? (Mahopons)
Mages, Magicians, Wizards…whatever you call’em these sharp dressers have the ability to heal your troops, throw fire balls, icicles, and can even bring the thunder faster than you can say Abracadabra.

Of course the original troops of your army return, ready to dispense the pain on your command.


Patapon 2 - Hatapon

Hatapon– your faithful Banner-bearer and keeper of the Mighty Drums

Patapon 2 - Yaripon

Yaripon– There are no better hunters in your crew than these masters of the spear.

Patapon 2 - Yumipon

Yumipon– Bringing the longbow action, these dudes are as bad-ass as Legolas, but better (because they have no relation to Orlando Bloom).

Patapon 2 - Tatepon

Tatepon– Your first line of defense and attack, no one has swung a sword and held a shield as well as these guys since the Govenator back in the day.

Patapon 2 - Kibapon

Kibapon– Lance in hand and their mighty steeds set to charge, they’ll knock back to the curb.

Patapon 2 - Megapon

Megapon– If you want a real sonic boom, be sure these special troops toot their horns.

Patapon 2 - Dekapon

Dekapon– The bruisers of your crew, these big fellas may not be fast, but they sure know how to club.

Combine these troops with a little strategy and a whole lot of mighty beats from your war drum, and the Pata-pain will fall like the rain.

Next Pata-post – The New Evolution System! Great weekend to all!

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  • Well im going to download patapon 2, and i will tell you why.

    First off sony is doing this test to see how well ppl will deal with a download only game kinda like how 2 of the other compeditors out there are doing. You know the 2 that start with a N and A. Plus Sony might be doing this to see how the next version of PSP is going to be like if there is no umd drive when it comes to downloads.

    But be honest here, I know most of you are ok downloading movies and music, so why not games. Also If you can post here you can download a game over the internet and you can manage your memory card fine with the free PSP Media Manager. Or you can just go out and get a cheap 1gb card.

  • All im saying is Sony is making the game as a download. You have the choice to get it or not. You have many ways to download it, from hooking up to a ps3, to a pc , or via a wifi hotspot. Its not that hard.

    If your so hard up on not getting it as a download i wonder what you would do if they just stopped making umd’s and just made all the games downloads. Just give it a try. Its not going to kill you.

  • Hay Sony, The DSi has only been out in north america for 3 weeks and it already has 9 downloadable games.

    The PSP has been out for 4 years and it only has 11.

    Even if you count the 32 UMD legacy games and 29 PSone classics it wont take the DSi long to pass that. Especially if the handheld Virtual console comes out this year.

  • “I want this on the PS3, I want this on the PS3, I want this on the PS3, I want this on the PS3.” See how annoying that is? Just stop and think: how many portable series have been put on consoles that weren’t ports? NOT MANY, so just stop with this and the price drop that everyone asks for, it’s annoying and probably isn’t going to happen.

  • “You know the 2 that start with a N and A”

    I know Nintendo, but no acrosoft?

    I bought patapon 2 and enjoyed it a lot. patapatapatapon command was stuck in my head far longer then my head could endure.

    Still, I don’t see myself grinding and slaving to evolve all patapon to a the top. To much of the same IMO when there is no story to follow anymore.

    But good game to a good price!

  • @52

    Many ways to download but no physical disc is not a choice.

    Download OR disc – that is a choice.

  • @56

    Then tell me exactly why you want a physical copy over a digital copy. And i wont take poor internet as an answer.

  • @Naquiel

    Reasons to want a physical disk:

    Dont have a large enough memory stick

    Your ISP has bandwidth caps(some plans are as low as 2gb/month)

    Disks can be played on multiple PSP’s. Which allows for several benefits:
    -Lend to a friend
    -re-sell the game
    -If your PSP breaks(or you upgrade from a 1000 series to a 2000 series for example), no activate/deactive system license transfer hoops to jump through.

    Concerned about what will happen when PSN ceases to exist.

    That’s all I can think of for now. Other people feel free to add in some other benefits. I doubt I listed all of them.

  • @58
    Lets see unless you only have the 32mb card that came with the 1000 series psp when it launched i think you might have enough room, remember many games are under 600mb and a 1gb card can fit the game nicly.

    As for internet caps, well to bad for you then, many ppl live in areas where their is no cap and unless you talk to your local goverment to get it inproved then i guess that is your problem. Or go find a wifi hotspot.

    As for lending to a friend its not sony’s concern. Sony is out to make a profit, you loaning the game to a friend or reselling it dont give profits to sony.

    As for transfering to another psp, how do you know, if we can have 5 psp’s activatd per account how de we know we cant download the game to one of our other psp’s.

  • @58 Continued

    Well support Sony and show you want the downloaded games and the PSN will last a long time, or just ignore them and it wont.

    Look if sony decided to go all out to just downloadable games you will ether adapt to it or move on. Music is pretty much all downloads now with more and more music stores going out of business, Movies are coming close to the same deal, and Games are becomeing the same.

    Look all im saying is most ppl have the means to download the games, Some ppl in some areas still have a problem of doing it because of internet caps, but why should sony block the majority of ppl that can benifit from game downloads for the few who cant.

    Also again talk to your local goverment to force the isp providers to update the systems in your area or even look into the deal of funding from the stimulas package the goverment is putting tward better bandwith in your area.

  • @58/59

    Yes, the majority may be able to use the DD, but there are still many of us who cannot, for whatever reason. While talking to the local government may work, the chances of it actually happening are almost non-existent. Also, I keep most of my music and videos on my PSP, because when I’m not using it to play games, I’m using it to listen to music or watch shows.

    For quite a few people, the download only games are simply not going to be an option. They may not have wifi hotspots around them to make up for a bandwidth cap, or they might not have the money to buy a larger-capacity memory card. Besides, if you want to have more than one game saved onto your memory card, you’ll need to buy the more expensive cards, and most of them are not fully supported by the PSP.

    No one here is asking for Sony to make it a UMD-only game, simply to offer both options so that those who cannot use the download method are not [DELETED] out of luck, and missing out on a good game.

  • (Continued from #61)
    And of course, there is the fact that even if Sony’s PSN servers are up for a long time, any one game will more than likely not stay up for more than a couple of years, if that. Say you’re looking for a game you downloaded, you log onto the store, and it’s no longer there. You no longer have anything to show for your money, and can no longer get the game back.

    While download only games may be the ‘future of gaming’, as of today and most likely a good, long time, the majority of the world is simply not hooked up to deal with such a market, nor is the storage media available to the portable systems capable of supporting it.

  • Where is this “PSN won’t last forever” nonsense coming from anyway? Again, we’re not playing with kids here – THIS IS SONY.

    And why WOULD your game disappear anyway? You’re thinking of a worst-case scenario that you completely made up without giving us any reason to believe so, and your basing your completely irrational fears on the very situation that you completely made up.

  • @61

    When it comes to memory cards its up to you to manage your content, if you dont have enough room its not sony’s concern, its your concern. You can always get another memory stick a simple 2gb stick is close to $20. If you dont want to buy another stick then back up the current stuff on your memory stick to your pc and get the game. If you dont then to bad for you.

    As some things in life that are not fair, get use to it. And as you are ok for downloading music and moviesto your card, games wont be a problem. Just sounds like your just complaining.

  • @61 continued

    Look some time in the future what if all games will only be downloads are you going to whine like a little kid or are you going to adapt and just do it.

    As for a game staying up on the psn, how do you know, if the game is very popular and being downloaded alot, it might stay up for years, but like any game if one is so crapy it will eventuly drop off the servers but at that point no one would want it, but thats a choice sony will make and most likely let ppl know when its the last chance to get it.

    As for the game itself if you hold the copy as a back up on your computer then you will be ahead, if you missed the boat on getting it before it was taken off then thats again your problem.

    After a few years, how many games have you really gone back to play?

  • @Naquiel

    What? If you dont have enough space on your memory stick its not Sony’s concern?

    It absolutely is Sony’s concern if the barrier to entry for one of their games/systems prevents sales.

    I’m all for Digital distribution(when it comes to Portables), I have a 16gb stick, I wanted to download Locoroco 2. That doesn’t change the fact that this is a horrible idea.

    The PSP has been out for 4 years and only has 11 download only games. The DSI has been out for 3 weeks and already has 9.

    SCEA does not know what they are doing when it comes to Digital distrubution and the PSP. They want this to fail so they can continue to drag their heels.

    The PSP needs more downloadable games, These games should be $10-$15 downloadables like the PS3 is getting. All Retail releases should be Disk in store and Download on PSN at the same time Just like Warhawk etc.

  • Just wait, Its only a matter of time till Nintendo opens up a Handheld VC, and does a “DS Cart Legacy”.

    Nintendo, the company that dragged their heels the most when it comes to online is about to pass Sony and leave it in the dust in the handheld market, mear weeks after opening its handheld online store.

  • @krae

    If you want a bigger capasity memory stick, Sony is not just going to give you one, you have to go buy it, if you cant then its up to you to clear enough data from it to download the game. So like i said its not sony’s concern, its the consumers concern.

    And as your deal about how many games the DSI has for download. Are you saying that customers should just not download the game because you still want a physical copy. Come on make up your mind. Ether encourage ppl to get the download so we can get more on the PSN. Dont force ppl away for this test sony is doing.

    But be realistic do you really think sony will not do both downloads and umd’s for future games? Its just for Patapon 2 they are just doing a test to see how many ppl accept a certain game for download only.

    As for Nintendo coming up with a cartrage reader, keep dreaming. They will just move the game to their server to have ppl purchase them as downloads. They got to make money like the company they are just like sony.

  • @Krae

    Why do you think sony wants this to fail, how do you know that this dont help ppl know that you can get games as a download. There might be many ppl that never though of taking their psp online to download a simple game. Lets just say having ppl buy the voucher box at a store will help customers head online to find out.

    Will this fail, i dont think so. I think it will help ppl learn their is more than one way to get games for the psp.

  • Of course they want Patapon 2 to fail.

    Sony knows for a fact they will lose some Patapon 2 sales due to being download only due to various reasons(people who dont like downloads, people who dont have a large enough memory stick, people with internet access limitations etc).

    The number of sales this will cost Sony will be larger then the number of sales they gain due to being a download(impulse purchases and such).

    The Best way to maximize sales on the PSP right now is to offer BOTH UMD and Download at the Same time. SCEA and SCEJ are having sucess with this already.

  • The only logical explanation to going download only for Patapon 2 is to help it fail so they can Justify continuing to drag their heels.

    The PSP hasn’t had a single Game released on Both UMD and Download at the same time yet in North America. The PS3 has had 3. What sense does that make?

    UMD and Download simutaniously is the proper stratagy for the PSP right now. Sony is choosing not to do that for reasons beyond me.

  • If Sony wanted to “test” customers willingness to go to a retail outlet to buy an empty box with a download voucher for a game in it, They could have and SHOULD HAVE done it with SOCOM and/or Warhawk.

    Both of those games are online only and REQUIRE an internet connection to play them. Way WAY better candidates to do this test with. I bet a Bluray disk costs more money to manufacture then a UMD too so it would have saved Sony more money to do the test with those games.

  • @57

    You’re sitting there saying we have a choice – and we don’t.

    A *real* choice would be either

    A) Buy it on disc

    B) Download it

    One of those options is not available, ergo there is no choice.

  • @68 “Are you saying that customers should just not download the game because you still want a physical copy.”

    Yes. That’s exactly right.

    I refuse to download *any* game from *any* online service.

    Discs or nothing.

  • well i think that umd or not i am getting patapon 2 plus imagine not having to go to shops looking for games and also could you guys at sony make the jak games on psp like download type way easier just make sure that the digital games don’t get a virus.

  • @krae

    How old are you, you really sound like a kid having a tempertantrum. In a world where ppl download alot of things almost every day from music, to update patches and other things. Getting a game in the form of a download is not that hard.

    Plus Sony would not be doing this if it didnt have hard numbers in front of them telling them to do it. But in this case instead of having both the download and umd the goal sony wants is more ppl to try out the online downloading feature of the PSN. To let ppl know that games can pe purchased online, just like music.

  • @Gumby

    At this point you can chose to get the game or not, so stop acting like a spoiled brat and grow up. If sony say you can only get the game as a download you can chose to get it or not. Arguing will not change the outcome.

    And as for you not wanting to download anything, good luck. How is that antivirus program you have, are you downloading the most updated protection files. What about os updates, you downloading them ok? Look you download things all the time, a game is not different than any other thing you download.

    If you still chose to not download a simple game, than that is your choice. So good luck.

  • I just wish sony would put more games on the psn as a download. many stores near where i live no longer carry some games i would like to play.

    The stores only get so many copies to cover perorders and just some for extra in store stock and after the game is gone they dont reorder more and i hate to special order the game.

  • I want this on the PS3, and I want it to work with my RB drums… damn that would be fun.

  • I would by it on disc (umd), but not DLC. I collect all my games/systems. I want to have physical media to give to my son when he is my age. I started to buy DL ps3 games, but then after 1st ps3 had problems and I had to re download 12 gbs of dlc, I won’t buy dl full games anymore.

  • @80

    So you give up on downloadable games because you had to take a day out of your life to redownload 12gb of games. One day didnt kill you did it? What would you have done if your PC had problems and you had to reformat the drive and had to redownload all the programs and info back into your pc? I dont hear you say that you wont use your pc ever again.

    Look are you just complaining about a small things that only happens every now and then. A problem that just inconvenianced you for a short period of time. Just be glad you where able to redownload the games.

    And as for letting your kid play the game, are you not wanting him to play with your psp? Well since patapon 2 will have multiplayer, dont you want to buy your son a copy to share the experiance of playing together? Look, you will still have the game as part of your collection, it will just be on the memory stick.

    and by the time your son gets to be your age we would be on the psp3.

  • @81

    We are on psp now and I still play GBA and all those old ones from when I was a kid.

    I forget that some gamers are actually losers that only play the newer games for graphics.
    And no the DLC 12gb didn’t kill me. But That’s 12gb towards my cap. And I would rather not spend time downloading when I can put in a disc.

    And how about this – You worry about you, and i’ll worry about me? Great. That works out for the both of us.

  • And for the pc part. Ever heard of Norton Ghost? Probably not, or you wouldn’t have mentioned the pc.

  • @twooh

    Not everyone runs Notron ghost. I know alot of computers have backup deals to save from redownloading if a person had to reformat a hard drive, but in your case im just saying you had a problem and it was just a annoying bit that you had to redownload 12gb of content. It really didnt kill you so why freak out about it now.

    And as for playing old games, i do i still have old BG games from way back when i had a BG. Games like final fantacy adventure and FF legend 1-3. See i play the games for the content, not the frilly graphics.

    As for your internet cap, you could of spaced out your downloads over time and just think ahead on when you where to play said game when you came to it, or are you not that organized. I know some ppl are limited is some things they do, but being organized and thinking ahead do help.

  • @77

    Insulting a person instead of making a point doesn’t make you right, jerkface.

    Saying “you can download it or not” is NOT a choice.

    A choice is where you have TWO options. As in, download or DISC.

    Maybe you should take some math lessons and learn to count past one.

  • Cant believe i said BG games it is Gameboy games.

    Why are so many ppl having a cow about a simple game download test that sony wants to do, its not like sony is going to make all the games downloads, they will make umd games avaliable with downloads its just that they want to have it be known that this game will point ppl to the online version of the PSN to get ppl to use it.

    The more ppl know they can get the games online then they might get more games online. If you dont want to get the games then that is your choice.

    More and more games and content for alot of devices we use are moving primarily online as downloads, Sony is just helping point ppl to the online PSN for future reference. Ether adapt or move on.

  • @Gumby

    Well i dont see sony holding a gun to your head saying you had to download it.

    See you have 2 choices, ether get the game as a download…or not. Now what if sony said the US would just not get the game at all, then we would not have a choice. But since they are offering the game as a download, you can 1) chose to download, or 2) not get the game. Or chose 3) import the game as a umd from japan or from europe, or 4)download the game from japan or europe.

    See lots of choices, but no matter how you look at it, the game is coming only as a download, you can ether download it or not.

    Im not being insulting and i didnt namecall anyone. Im just pointing out that sony chose to distribute a game a certain way and ppl like you are just throwing a childish fit. Also im just saying sony gave you the options to get the game, and its now up to you to deal with the options or move on even if you like it or not.

  • I remember when I bought the PSP, there were no downloadable games. I have no problems with downloadable games, if that’s what the system was originally set up for. The PSP was not originally designed to go strictly digital, otherwise the games would have been as such from launch.

    I’m still with the majority on this one – no UMD, no sale.

  • @ purplegoldfish

    The psp was set up for both umd and download games.

    Back when they designed the psp they knew over time the memory cards where going to get bigger in capasity and in time the umd was going to run out of room. So a few years later we are now in the second stage of how we get games.

    See sony knew we would be downloading music and movies, a now that the games are managable as a download, they want to open the way for many ppl to now get the games as a download.

    But back when the psp was introduced, it wasnt time for straight downloads, thats why they went with umd’s.

    See how things changed in 4 years, and now we will get to see how things change in the next 4 years.

  • GIVE US AN EFFING CHOICE, I dont want to buy a ful game by digital download, there are millions of others who can’t even do it if they wanted to because of the difficulty of getting PSN cash cards. Sure if you like go a head and make thei PSP Go! as it seems to be called but give the People who perfer Physical Media a choice. YOU ARE ALIENATING PEOPLE WITH THIS GARBAGE.

  • I want to play this game, but I can’t, I only have a 32kb/s connection, and it’s the only one I can get where I live.

    Please don’t screw your outlier fans over, it’s not Pata-like at all.

    Unless your fans don’t matter to you, then I guess you wouldn’t care about that..

  • As I’ve Been Saying:
    Goodbye Us Download
    Hello Eu UMD:]
    Lost A Sale Sony
    Tsk Tsk

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