Vote now! Insomniac’s Ratchet & Clank Future Weapon Contest is on!

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We’re excited to announce the five finalists in the “Captain Qwark’s My Blaster Runs Hot Weapons Contest Sponsored by Gadgetron”! We had a ton of excellent submissions from all sorts of folks. We were very impressed by how good some of your entries were. In fact, some of the entries are weapons that currently live in the Insomniac database, while a few others strike an uncanny resemblance to weapons already making their way into the game!

There were some common submissions, lots of you loved weapons that left enemies in their underwear, and many others suggested a cat launcher. Other favorites were guns that stopped time, morph weapons, and weapons that launched various food items. A couple of weapons were even similar to our finalists below, but in those cases, we always took the best submission. If all other things were equal, the first submission we received got the nod.

The five finalists are below, and you can vote for them for about one week, until Friday, April 24th at 12:01am PST. The weapon with the most votes will be included in Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time, and we will announce the winning weapon at the International Comic-Con in San Diego. We’ll also be flying the winner out to present them with a real-life replica of their weapon.

Before you check out the finalists and cast your vote, check out this video we made, showing our Top 10 favorite Ratchet & Clank weapons of all time.

Without further ado, the finalists are:

  • The Plasma Sprinkler Glove
  • Spiral of Death
  • Bubble Shot
  • Qwark Machine
  • Super-Sized Sticky Hand Toy

You can get all of the details on these weapons, see the art created for them, and vote on them at! Hurry over there to get your votes in this week.

Thanks for all of your great submissions! Bryan Intihar and I will try to answer your questions below.

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  • im torn between the the sprinkler glove and spiral of death. both of which i would love to use in the next ratchet and are original… man this is gonna be hard. thanks insomniac for letting us vote and holding this competition!


  • My Ralph Nader didn’t make the cut. :(

    Red vs. Blue vs. Purple.

  • Wherefor are’t thou PS1 games?

  • why do Canadians complaint the most?

  • Wow…these weapons are really bad. The only one close enough to follow the R&C weapon trend is the Qwark Machine.

  • like the bubble blaster the best.

    Quark machine is the worst since it really inst an original idea.

  • “Why do Canadians complain the most?”
    Well, “evildude683” there are a number of reasons. Contests and regional services tend to take the cake with more then a few of us.

    Due to budgetary limitations(as a part of being a smaller sub-market), they use conjoined assets and resources for a wider reach. Unfortunately “there are too many legal differences” between the US and Canada to hold contests. With services like Hulu and the playstation video store, video rights are held by different parties.

    There are a few more reasons, but its all mumbo jumbo hogswash red tape.

    For the contest though, I figure that either the plasma sprinkler or the Quark clones have the best potential. Wouldn’t it be funny to see a couple of disposable(and highly defective) moppet sized clones snap on Quark? How about the idea of creatures/npcs coming running towards the sprinkler expecting refreshing water only to get thrashed by hot plasma.

  • sorry to whine bout this but it’s about time some of ya’ll webmaster finally got it in their pointy lil ears. Belgium’s primary language is DUTCH not FRENCH. 60% of the Belgian population speaks dutch and only 30% speaks french >.> the other 10% is well just about any other language on the globe.

  • I voted for the plasma glove. This game will be awesome. Can you guys uhhh IDK maybe get with Naughty Dog and make ” Jak and Daxter meet Ratchet and Clank”? Now that would be a day 1 purchase for me.

  • Hae a fun weekend PSBlog and readers :)

  • KOOL!!!! :P

  • I voted, good luck to the five entries. ;)

  • I can’t load the site on either FF3 or Safari 4 beta on a mac. So I shan’t be voting – I can’t even see what they are.

    However, I have to say that little Qwarks running around, while it sounds cute, won’t be cute if all they do is run away, which is what Qwark himself would do… It interferes with the image of Qwark, IMO – makes the wrong association, if they’re not just like him.

    Sticky hand sounds like the winner, to me, imo.

  • james please just tell me why why didnt u guys not added trophies for ratchet and cland tools of d….whyyyyy???????

    people cant see that i have that game if u dont add trophies pleeease pleeease add it for
    this game i am sure many other people here want trophies for this game to pleeease

  • Only the US site seems to be working for me.

  • These submissions sucked, Its like “please choose for the most appealing pile of crap.”

  • I voted for the Spiral of Death. It could be awesome the way it charges its “wheel”

  • I like the guns but really hoping the new iteration has a lot more platforming than FToD. Also no weak flying sections like the Voron Asteroid Belt.

  • the spiral of death weapon got my vote! it looks really cool

  • The R.Y.N.O. in the first R&C was awesome, but it was very hard/long to get!

    When do you think we’ll see the first trailer of the new R&C game?

  • Voted, can’t wait to see these in action.

  • voted.

    I think you guys should of made quick and sloppy video examples.

  • How about you guys fix R2 before i go voting on new games.

  • please make the next game more difficult. ToD was way too easy and completely bored me

  • I kinda like the visual idea of the plasma sprinkler…. but I don’t think I’d want to use it, just “SEE” it…. The spiral of death thing sort of sounds cool, functionality wise, but I dunno…

    Yeah, I’m definitely going to have to think a while longer on my vote. Only one I’m sure I don’t like is the Qwark one. Sounds really…. well… not my cup of tea, I guess.

  • Awesome! I love Ratchet and Clank. Just got Quest for Booty off of the PSN for 10 bucks. Really good game.

  • Question for ya James.
    My friend came up with a weapon that was loosely based off of the Xbox 360’s Red Ring of Death. However he didnt submit it because he was afraid it wouldve been against the rules. Would he have gotten disqualified if he did submit it? Because it’s a shame since it was a really good weapon idea and probably had a shot at the finals.

    P.S. I voted for the bubble gun since it seems the most pratical to me. It also looks very Ratchet & Clank-y

  • The qwark machine and the sticky hand were my favs. The lawn mower looking weapon looked interesting, but I was confused about what exactly it could do.

  • @ wallhugger:

    I’m from belgium… what you’re saying is not true, and accept your country as it is…


  • i voted for the quark thing but the the sticky hand was a close second, just for how you would end up getting it. i didnt like the idea for the weapon but the giant vending machine thing i thought was really cool.

  • I gotta say from seeing this I just remembered how awesome the weapons from Up Your Arsenal were. Bring some of those back please.

  • “How about you guys fix R2 before i go voting on new games.”

    Speaking of R2, I think it would be cool to see something similar to the Marksman’s electric orbs in A Crack in Time. A whole new weapon or an upgrade to the Rift Inducer or Groovitron for an example. If those weapons will even be in the game… just a thought.

    “The new Weaponry in A Crack in Time will be brand new to the series, and will allow the player to customize and modify their weapons, perhaps expanding on the Raritanium upgrades seen in Tools of Destruction. The new weaponry will apparently offer a “much more engaging player experience”.

    The Lava Gun will not appear in A Crack in Time, but weapons with a lava effect will be used, some “classic” weapons from previous games will also be returning.”


    So yeah, will be interesting to see…

  • PLEASE Insomniac – include online play in this game. Online on R&C:UYA was awesome, one of the best online experiences I’ve ever had. It would be a shame for this game not to include some sort of multiplayer mode :(

  • Awww, I voted for the Spiral of Death but I’m only seeing a few other people who did =(

  • have to agree with the ryno. I felt a great sense of achievement when i got it. And it was such an awesome gun that i never really used anything else!

  • Sorry but their wasn’t anything that I would use, I mean all over them didn’t seem to fit the game. But then again I would have enter if I had a computer and but I would like to see what other people have made and then people vote of them, maybe a weekly 5 vote an at the end have the top 5 go at it.

    So that is what I think and I don’t care if anyone doesn’t like what I say because I’m just saying what I think…ok maybe typing what I think -_-

  • Man, I thought I would actually make it! Mine was pretty much a gun that shot carrots into enemies, and while the carrots were stuck, hungry bunnies would fight the enemy and each other to get the carrot.

    But these are super cool too! I like the Spiral of Death.

  • No “Clock Blocker”?
    Dude.You even convinced us to do a Clock Blocker weapon on a Listen (1)Up.

  • vote… will do lol i love ratchet and clank series and i cant wait for a crank in time

  • Bring back Mr. Zurkon in the next game !

  • I vote for Spiral of Death

  • Sticky hand sounded cool, but I had to go with the tiny Quarks running around, that would be sweet. Make them cute, that would be crucial I think.

  • aww i wanted to put in an idea for this contest but i forgot about it :X

  • I’d like to point out something to everyone, first of all, the sticky hand toy is a copy of an existing item, so I don’t know how that got through, second, it’s practically the same thing as the Plasma Whip (don’t reply to me saying, “but you can spin enemies around with it,” I KNOW), making it a double copy, and third, I want voters to think about which weapon they would rather use, not just for the novelty of it, or because it’s “hilarious,” but because it’s effective and fits into Ratchet and Clank as a weapon that’s fun to use in PRACTICE, not just on paper. (A Claw of Grippng that can use enemies as shields and toss them away fits in R&C way better than a sticky hand. Yeah, look at what you missed out on.)

  • WOOO HOO congrats guys! Super Sticky Hand is my vote—-can’t wait for new Ratchet!

  • I think I was a little out of line in my last post, I was just steamed that something that seemed unoriginal to me made the top five and is getting tons of votes because it’s just “so hilarious, I gotta vote for it,” and I thought that my entry was passed over because the sticky hand would get more votes. I suppose that i should be satisfied that I entered, I usually don’t hear about these contests soon enough, or forget about them. Either way, it still doesn’t get my vote, it’s already used up.

  • well I voted for the sticky hand thing. Seemed pretty good up until the part where it damages you. it shouldn’t damage you!

  • Haha, I love his facial expression at the end of the video… Great job IG!

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