Download Killzone 2 Steel and Titanium April 30th

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You may have seen the official announcement of the first DLC map pack for Killzone 2 on Spike TV and currently on, but we wanted to reiterate some of the key details of what will be available as well as let you know the official date it will be on the PSN for download: April 30th. The price for this map pack is still TBA.

The first DLC pack, called “Steel and Titanium”, will contain two brand new multiplayer maps with new gameplay elements and strategic twists, sure to test even the most skilled players.

Wasteland Bullet Vekta Cruiser

The first map in the pack is Wasteland Bullet, and the action will take place on the bullet train that and transports goods and troops between Pyrrhus and the Wasteland. The game is a frenzied firefight to wrestle control of the train from the enemy and into the hands of your faction. With the train moving at full speed, players will need to remain aware of the immediate environment as well as enemies – hitting an overhead obstacle at this speed will mean instant death.

The second map, Vekta Cruiser, will find ISA troops boarding a vast ship with the goal to repel a force of assaulting Helghast troops while also protecting the cruiser itself from heavy Helghan fire. The action takes place entirely indoors in a frantic and claustrophobic battle where attackers lurk around every corner.

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  • I’d buy, but I can’t go online due to Sont blocking me… Its you money your losing Sony…

  • @141 the current maps are deliberately small, it helps to create the intensity that some many people love in the Killzone 2 Online. Many people’s biggest complaints with for example Resistance 2 was that the maps were too big, even for 64 people and I think that it is very important that it is easy to always find a member of the opposing team.

    @143 There will be this map pack followed up by a retro map pack featuring old maps from the original Killzone 2. However Gorilla Games did specify in the interview with GTTV that they are work on actual gameplay/game changing features for patches and DLC. So no doubt you will get most of what you want eventually, just remember we are only a couple of months past launch.

  • gorrila need to increase the level cap.. just like they do in wow. pay 9.95 for a new map or two and 10 extra levels. then add perks for the new unlocks. like quicker reload etc.

  • Make it Free maps!!

  • Thank you,

    will be region free?, and will be launch in pal and NTSC regions at the same time?.

    Regads From Valencia-Spain(Europe)

  • I think $4.99 AT MOST! Anymore and I would have to seriously consider it as I could get full games or multiple DLC packs as per yesterdays post.
    $3.99 would be the perfect price point.
    The maps look awesome and I can’t wait to play them!

  • this game SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!! I sold my ps3 because of this POS game!!!!

  • If you sold your PS3, why are you still hanging around a PS3 blog?

    You’re one sad, pathetic little fellow, aren’t you?

  • Cant wait hope it cheap o free

  • Not paying for this. I own two copies of this game. I spent enough money already.

  • This whole DLC thing is getting boring!

    Things that are already part or present in a way in the game should be free. Developers should only charge when they are bringing something really new. Something that was not seen in the single player campaign and brings some fresh air to the game.

    I’m tired of paying full prices for half games to then have to buy the other 50% in soft payments of 2.99 or more.

    Maybe you guys should consider cutting the price of the games by half since all you deliver in the disk is 50% of the original idea.

    Anyway… you guys should really thank that this is a market where you can count on kids that don’t do the math or don’t value their parents money.

  • Where is my Socom DLC. Come on it’s been 6 months and not even an announcement. 7 maps is very disappointing for an online only game.

  • dude the wasteland bullet trailer’s song was bad ass!

  • So buying this! I play this game online enough that it’ll be worth it for me.

  • Took a break from KZ2 after a month of playing, to get my SF4 on, but with this awesome DLC on the way i’ll be sure to go back to Helghan.

  • Killzone looks so sweet. I plan on going and picking it up later today. I’ll then be posting a review of it on my celeb news blog. Does anybody know where the best place to purchase it would be?

  • i have to admit, after waiting in line for an hour that thursday night it came out, i was dissapointed. not sure why, just wasnt that into it. but i picked it back up last week and havent stopped playin it. so im super pysched about this new dl, but im like everyone else, these dls should be free. the problem lies in the fact that ill probably buy atleast one. i agree with bluedice, the game prices should drop a little. maybe not the dl content, but definately the game prices. i mean, atleast the psn is free. and since we have acess to the psn and free demos, we already know what we want to buy. a game like killzone 2 is gonna make an awful lot of money regardless, but does the gaming industry have to be so greedy? maybe i shouldnt be so soft and opt out of future dl content. maybe i might say heck with it and not download demos and go back to blockbuster….. idk. cant make everyone happy. good work on killzone 2 though. its worth the price through and through.

    oh, and sneeches, post 157. thats so sad that you sold youre ps3 cause of killzone. maybe you should have given it another try! im sure you got a good deal on an xbox… lol

  • RIP OFF! Why the [DELETED] are they releasing downloadabl content in only 1 month and 2 weeks?!?!?!? Thats fricken stupid! They should’ve just put these maps in the game itself…

    Only way I’ll EVER get this is if its free. I won’t even get it if its 1 penny… because i would never support companys to do this…

    I was starting to like Gorilla Games, but now they seem like snobs, just trying to get as much money as they can. Wont be buying another product from them,

  • 1 month and 2 weeks after the game was releaesed*

  • Surprise us by making it free. (hint: you will get alot of sales for killzone 2 when people see how well sony supports their games)

  • I hope it is free!

  • Forget free, make it .99 or 1.99 – with the number of downloads you’ll get, it’ll more than make this DLC and future ones for KZ2 very profitable. I’d rather pay a little for each DLC pack than get one or two packs free and then get slammed with a 9.99 price tag on one down the road.

    Maps are looking great btw – game rocks – I’m in 8)

  • hopefully this is free. man i have been waiting for something like this for awhile for killzone.

  • As far as cost, everyone should expect that it will be around $10.99 – that’s what the DLC Maps for COD:W@W cost. Free? $2.99?? You people must think developers work for nothing.
    Why do people whine about Co-Op play so much? Fragging and BS’ing about the latest stuff just goes hand in hand, especially when you don’t want to notify the entire gaming world about your problems. Gaming is therapy, and what better counselors than your best friends, a PS3 and best human friend?
    But most people just suck at a given game by themselves, so they need someone else to cover the slack…..

    More ranks? The game is set up with many medals and ribbons to achieve in order to gain better battle abilities. Anyone can plug away and in time gain a rank. But only true gamers better their skills by working at the different achievements in the game. Next time you’re online, go to your Unlocks, and then say you’ve done all you can in this game.For starters, try getting your M4 Revolver by doing a Pistols Only game and getting all of your Pistol Badges. There may not be many “ranks” a la COD, but there are many levels to achieve – if you take the time to look for them & work at it rather than complain.

  • OMG, these levels looks awesome! But I will only pay around £5.

  • This really pisses me off. We the consumer pay 60 bucks for what I will admit is a sweet game that I’m totally addicted to, but then they start releasing new maps that we have to pay for. Why not just put it in the game to begin with and stop ripping us off. This is becoming all too common with games now they only release a portion of the game and then add the other stuff later so that you are forced to pay more money. I’ll still be getting it though because I love Killzone, I just wish I’d get kissed if I’m going to get screwed.

  • Have no problem paying 6-7 bucks for it.

    @178 At least its new, not like RE5 lol.

  • what ever the cost … this is something i would get. Free is nice but … always understand the ” It is what it is factor ..”

  • Anyone looking to play clan matches?? set a clan match up against
    nutoriuzabztraktmndr or add thynk_taynk as a friend and let me know its for killzone2 and join nUtorIuZaBZtraktmNDz !!!

  • Anyone looking to play clan matches?? set a clan match up against
    nutoriuzabztraktmndz or add thynk_taynk as a friend and let me know its for killzone2 and join nUtorIuZaBZtraktmNDz !!!
    someone is online 24/7

  • they look like some pretty cool stages. the desert train is sweet

  • It Might Be 5$

  • I love this game, more than CoD4 (looks so outdated)

  • I guess 9,99

  • i wonder what are the new game play elements if any? (dodging obstacles from a moving train doesn’t count)

  • will it be available euro side too? free is not the way forward for dev`s they gotta get paid too ya know!!!!!

  • OMG I just bought my PS3 with KZ2 yesterday and I have to admit it, this game is freakin awesome. I am so addicted to it and the online is outstanding.

    I’m still wondering how much will the DLC be?
    Hope is free but will pay anyway for it!

  • looking foward 2 this but there needs to be more maps

  • make it 2.99 that is a fair price

  • sweet i cant wait ill buy it even if its $39.99

  • 5.99 is the price. pricey? not really. hopefully more DLC will come but dont hope for anything free

  • Seriously all of you “anti-complainers” just don’t see the big picture do ya? Yeah, $6-$7 bucks isn’t much but all this content-less add-on crap adds up. Let’s assume for a second that they release I don’t know.. 3 DLC packs, each one with 2 maps at $6. You just paid $18 dollars more for 6 maps, bringing your total cost of KZ2 (within half a year, judging by the rate they’re releasing content) $78 dollars + Tax. I can easily get 2 if not 3 games each worth “a years worth of gameplay” for that amount of money. It’s not about being cheap or not, it’s about alienating your customers. Online gameplay dies because of seriously flawed business models like this.

    You’re going to tell me that the $60 dollar games that they’ve sold wasn’t enough to pay the developers? Let’s just assume they only sold 100,000 (a SERIOUSLY low number) copies just to be frugal. That’s a freaking $6,000,000 revenue stream. How much are they paying their developers? $100,000? At $6 a pop, you’re looking at $600,000 more for 2 maps. Tell me, how many full-time developers spend a full year churning out these 2 maps? You’re telling me that this game sold THAT little copies and need DLC to pay for developers? Don’t make me laugh

  • I think you’re the one who cant see the big picture. The fact of the matter is that yes do all that math and add up what those guys are making because it doesnt matter. Its comes down to money. Yes they are making a ton of it and probly wish to continue doing so. But realy you dont matter. The handful of people who want to complain. They will make the money with or without you. All the kids who get their parrents to pay for stuff and the 30 year olds living in their parrents basements are going to be buying them and thats enough to support them regaurdless of your dollar bills. So i mean if you want to play it then buy it if not get ever it and play something else, because just like your opinion, your money doesnt mean jack. dont make me laugh… you

  • You know what you should spend $6 on? A dictionary and a grammar book, here I’ll sell you both for $2.99, that’s HALF the price of two new maps! HAHAHAHAH.

    Yeah take this deal sitting down, that’s $6 more dollars out of your pocket what’s it to me. Give this 2 months and we’ll see whose playing online on these new maps. It’ll be you + the other guy 1v1.

  • april 30th and i dont see the dlc on my psn.why dont i see it?

  • ok iit’s 4-30-09 were in the playstation store and how much

  • April Fool’s is the 1st, not the 30th. So where is it? I’m tired of waiting!

  • okay playstation store it’s april 30th where are the new killzone maps??????

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