Download Killzone 2 Steel and Titanium April 30th

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You may have seen the official announcement of the first DLC map pack for Killzone 2 on Spike TV and currently on, but we wanted to reiterate some of the key details of what will be available as well as let you know the official date it will be on the PSN for download: April 30th. The price for this map pack is still TBA.

The first DLC pack, called “Steel and Titanium”, will contain two brand new multiplayer maps with new gameplay elements and strategic twists, sure to test even the most skilled players.

Wasteland Bullet Vekta Cruiser

The first map in the pack is Wasteland Bullet, and the action will take place on the bullet train that and transports goods and troops between Pyrrhus and the Wasteland. The game is a frenzied firefight to wrestle control of the train from the enemy and into the hands of your faction. With the train moving at full speed, players will need to remain aware of the immediate environment as well as enemies – hitting an overhead obstacle at this speed will mean instant death.

The second map, Vekta Cruiser, will find ISA troops boarding a vast ship with the goal to repel a force of assaulting Helghast troops while also protecting the cruiser itself from heavy Helghan fire. The action takes place entirely indoors in a frantic and claustrophobic battle where attackers lurk around every corner.

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  • Free would be great… but either way, I’m neutral about this. I haven’t even tried the multiplayer mode yet. Still need to go back and finish the campaign as well.

  • I though the price was free… Don’t be too greedy on this, make it free to lure more customers and make your existing ones happier. Just my $0.03

  • Not listing a price means it will be too expensive, and they don’t want the blogging community railing on about the price before it comes out.

    My prediction: $9.99

    I won’t be paying that.

  • if it’s $5 for just 2 maps count me out.

  • Will buy if it’s not too expensive, I think $2.99 is fair FREE is even better :)

  • SWEET! I’m getting this, no doubt!

  • maybe you should have a poll for pricing

  • my another two euro cents, if it will be more expensive than 5eu, i am not only not going to buy it but also going to trade in my K2 copy for probably COD4:MW!

    if it is going to be more for just two maps it means that all future PACKS for K2 will be OVERPRICED!

    so count me out in that case..

  • i realy think it should be free so many people have left the game to play other games this would realy get more people to play the game

  • Sorry. I’m not paying for two maps that are already in the game (you just converted to multiplayer).

    I’m tired of the nickel and diming…

  • DLC (at least these 2 maps) must be free.

  • Oh and by the way saying the maps are “brand-new” is false. We’ve played them single player.

  • I hope its free or less of 5 dollars XD

  • my guess it’ll be $5. that makes it $2.50 per map. anything more than that would be pushing it.

  • Make it FREE!!!

  • I hate how console games charge for maps. I think more games should follow the Unreal Tournament III model for consoles.

    DLC should really be used to prolong the life of a game so that it continues to sell more copies, not to nickel and dime the people who have already bought it.

    One of my biggest pet peeves is charging for maps which are essentially just ripped out of the single player campaign, which is exactly what this is.

    Also, by charging for maps, it segments the online community, meaning a good majority of people won’t pay or use the maps. That alone makes me not buy maps.

    Also, this game is only a month old and didn’t ship with that many online maps to begin with. Has the free support for this game already ended?

  • I agree with most of ya out there. I wont pay a ton of money for 2 maps. Cuz if they make it a fair price more of us will buy them and that means more money in thier pockets then. So if they are smart they will make it 2.99 or 3.99 tops.

  • ZildjianKX great point!

    not free DLC divides the community:( which is a bad thing:(

  • I’m buying it regardless!

    Though what I really want co-op for the story.

  • The train looks so good!

  • I’m never going to finish the campaign mode now. Oh well, new maps are nice.

  • GG need to add the bolt and lightning gun to the online. They also need to add prestige like in call of duty so that not everyone is a general. It would also be sweet if they did an online coop like resistance has. That was a lot of fun. I look forward to the new maps though and I expect they will cost $10 which wouldn’t be too bad.

  • since everybody else has an opinion I think the maps should be priced at $1.42

  • @70 I am not sure if I will either. Vasari Palace on elite is absolutely brutal, it took hours of playing just to make it up to the balcony; and it turns out the balcony is even harder.

  • I won’t pay more than $1.99 for this, and then VERY grudgingly. Not because I don’t want to play them, not because they maps don’t look awesome, but because I really don’t like they “ship only 3/4 of the game, then charge for the rest soon after as DLC” we are seeing become the norm.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love KZ2 and GG, but only shipping an MP game with 8 maps, then charging money for two more so soon after release?

  • @61 I don’t think the train on single player had the hazards on the upper level.

  • this should be free. Its only 2 “new” maps, and theyre just ripped from the single player. That couldnt take very long.

    You can charge us for the retro pack, but this one should really be free or $2 at the most

  • Why don’t you give it to US for free and screw over europe, it wouldn’t be the first time and I am sure they wouldn’t mind :D.

    I kid, I kid, Free for everyone please!

  • Free would be awesome but realistically I’m sure it won’t be. I’m glad though that they are on top of the DLC, and excited to see what else they have in the works!

  • PLEASE don’t charge money for this, i mean you took 2 single player maps, modified it a bit and now you’re going to charge?

    You’ve made a ton of money from retail already, keep this game fresh and let people come back to it and don’t charge

  • money is stretched kind of thin right now! i really hope i can afford this, i love KZ2 online. its disgusting!!


  • Awesome. Please don’t make them $10 like most DLC is anymore. I dont’ have the money to buy games @ $60 and DLC @ $10 a peice..

  • It should be 2.99 or free.

    The maps look awesome by the way and I’m wondering what are those other gameplay features….?

  • I predict $9.99

  • I will happily pay for these maps, but you guys should make it free to entice more people to get the game and it ups the likelihood they will pay for other DLC in the future (aka the Burnout model). Build up that goodwill!

  • Im buying

  • Please make it FREE DLC. This would be a great way to show Msoft that you can compete!

  • wow, they are going about it the wrong way, this should be free, we pay lots of money for one game on disks as it is, if this game made people buy a ps3, they now have an extra fee to pay thanks to DLC, well it’s time for me to get rid of this game, i ain’t going down this DLC road to get milked again and again and again. let’s say i don’t buy this DLC, and my friends do, i can’t follow my friends because i don’t have the same maps as them and i’m to cheap to buy DLC,the game ends up being no good for me anymore, if developers really do want people to keep their games and not sell them to gamestop for them to take their money away from them, this DLC idea is not the way to go, unless they give it to us for free then my friends and I can play together on the same maps till our hearts content. this was one of my favorite games on ps3 and now i have to get rid of it, thanks alot.

  • i thought these maps were going to be free?

  • Eventhough i’m a grown man making a cosiderable salary, this 5-7$ for a “map-pack” of “2 maps” (which is barely a “pack” at all) is getting alittle ridiculous.

    A map-pack should consist of 4+maps. That is a PACK. This is more like a Map-Set. Either way, considering the game only has 8 Multiplayer Maps and 1 layout per-map (unlike warhawk), I hope this is free and they do a 4 map Retro-pack for 7.99$ or something.

  • I have a feeling it would have been determined as ‘free’ by now if that was the case. So lets just hope it’s no more than 5 bucks or something so we can populate those new maps on the servers.

  • why wouldn’t everyone be allowed to play on the same maps together, i would happily pay for other types of DLC for killzone 2, but for maps, everyone should be able to enjoy the same maps as everybody else, we did buy the same game after all, if i don’t buy it and my friends do, we don’t have the same game anymore, we can’t play the same maps anymore, i’ll probably lose friends because of this boo hoo! I’M BEGGING YOU PLEASE MAKE THIS FREE

  • Sony don’t mess up GG reputation. If they want it to be free LET it be free. I enjoyed the free stuff we got with Liberation and I really hope you continue with that support.

  • Free would be nice,but GG isn’t just ripping something from singleplayer.It isn’t that easy. A mp map with evolving obstacles that has to be balanced,tested and ran through from scratch. I think internet devs are at again if they think it’s some sort of cakewalk.

  • I would love S2.99, but Sony needs the money so I am good for 4.99. Any higher and your crazy.

  • Honestly, if it’s not free then I don’t care. Epic and Valve (among other PC studios) give out much more than map packs for free and they’re immensely popular for it.

  • Have any changes been made to the aiming in this game? Last time I played (a week or two ago) I still found it very frustrating to aim due to the weird acceleration and dead-zone.

  • I personally really enjoy playing this game online, and I will pay for them if not free. But I hope Sony and GG realize that the number of online players has been decreasing in the last few weeks due to sometime unbalanced gameplay / class and lack of party system…”as they claim”. Now giving away some free maps could bring former players back and possibly be an incentive for new gamers to go out…. buy Killzone 2 and join in the fun.

    Either way, I will be downloading them on the 30th.

    Thanks for the update


  • Come on, surprise us all and make the DLC free. We are the ones who made it the fastest selling PS3 game to reach 500,000 sales, and in Europe it went platinum before it was even released. That’s got to mean SOMETHING to you. :)

  • I will buy this. But I gotta buy a PSN card first so for convenience purposes let it be free :)

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