Booster Packs Coming for Magic Ball, Cuboid and Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom

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You’ve heard the rumors. You’ve been dreaming about the possibilities. The anticipation has been palpable. You can hardly contain yourself. Well, my PSN brethren, your time has come.

I’m both honored and thrilled to announce the release of Booster Packs for the Creat Studios/TikGames titles Magic Ball, Cuboid, and Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom. Here are the details:

  • Magic Ball, a fresh spin on classic brick-breaking gameplay in which players bust apart 3D environments, offers gamers new action with the release of the Magic Ball Booster Pack, featuring a whole new world to destroy. Players will be able to smash their way through 25 all-new magical, witch-themed levels, earning a series of new trophies along the way. Custom music support will also be made available via a free patch download.
  • Magic Ball Booster screenshot 1

  • Cuboid, a mind-bending 3D puzzle game, will offer gamers three different options for add-on content. The Cuboid Booster Pack contains 33 new levels that will test even the best players’ skills, rewarding gamers with new trophies. The Cuboid Level Editor allows players to become level designers and challenge others with their own custom levels. Players can either create a brand new level from scratch, or improve upon any existing level, created by other players or taken from the original campaigns. User-created levels can be uploaded to the PSN where they will be made available to other players (who have downloaded the free patch). Players can also earn trophies for creating their own levels, and for rating the levels created by others. The Cuboid Bundle Pack includes both the Booster Pack (33 new levels) and the Level Editor. Custom music support for Cuboid is also on its way via a free patch download.
  • The Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom Booster Pack features 25 all new layouts to beat in Infinity mode, as well as a level editor that allows players to create their own layouts from scratch and share their creations with other gamers by hosting an online multiplayer game on their custom-created level. Players can then save any new customized level that they have created or played via online multiplayer invitation to their HDD. Also included is a series of new trophies, obtainable by only the most dedicated Mahjong players. Highly-requested mouse support will also be made available via a free patch download.

First up will be the Magic Ball Booster Pack, scheduled for release this Thursday, April 16. The Cuboid and Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom Booster Packs will be released in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for those exciting and highly anticipated releases as well.

Magic Ball Booster screenshot 4

Magic Ball Booster screenshot 2 iMagic Ball Booster screenshot 3

On behalf of Creat Studios and TikGames, thanks so much for your unwavering support of Magic Ball, Cuboid and Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom. We listened carefully to your feedback as to what you were looking for in add-on DLC for these titles, and I think we have managed to deliver on almost everything that was requested. How’s that for customer service? Cheers!

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  • ok, to make happy you, you should know that i will boy the 3 extansions just to make pleasure to you ! But try at least to make players play the levels create by users !

    • I knew you would cave in! J/K! :-) Seriously, I know you won\’t regret it, and to do my part, I will try to go door to door to all PSN gamers\’ houses to make sure every single one of them will play the user created levels. Just to get that travel budget approved…

  • *boy (no boy lol and sorry for double post)

  • *buy (i made the self error !!! sorry for triple post loool)

  • hey michael….(thats my name too haha)is there going to be any news about army of t.w.o.: the 40th day? i have the first one and this one looks way better and i cant wait for it

  • sweet i tryied magic ball and cuboid and found them to be fun, i might get them with so much support going for it lol

  • Nice! i was waiting for the booster pack for magic ball! thanks

    a Christmas add-on would be nice too for future DLC

  • ooo Magic Ball!! :D
    i saw the original trailer for it and it looked like loads of fun! Somehow i forgot to buy it :/
    oh right no money.. ill save up my allowance for it then! :D
    oh and u should get a demo for it out too! everybody loves demos! ;)

  • I gave it some thought, and I think I will probably hold out on Magic Ball for now. Its 10 bucks, and while I don’t doubt a lot of work went into it, I just can’t justify 10 bucks for a game that will probably only last me a couple hours. Cuboid barely lasted me over 2 hours, and I will probably get the level pack for that guy. Once Magic Ball gets dropped to 4.99, I’m in. But for now, just seems a bit pricey for these short games. Heck, Noby Noby Boy was only 5 bucks. Thats value.

    Keep up the good work, and I look forward to your price drop :P

  • Could there be anything planned for Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars?

  • pretty cool. Although, You know what would be really cool?

    DLC for Socom! Soon… =]

  • Is this time for real?
    Or you guys just gonna brag about something that you can’t even give us…

  • Cuboid is such a fun and relaxing, yet mentally engaging game. I will definitely be buying the bundle pack for it. I plan on getting the other 2 games sooner or later too. Keep the good stuff coming!

  • I’m very stoked about mouse support for Mahjong, but I do have to say I’ve always been very disappointed in the multiplayer online aspect. It’s always been VERY laggy for me, and I’ve been able to actually start only one game, which dropped connection in 2 minutes, and all other attempts failed to connect. I’ve never had this issue with any other PSN or PS3 (disc) title; dropped connections are rare, if ever.

    Is this just me? Is there any plans to address the netcode in any future patches? I’ve love to grab all the trophies for this one, and I love the game otherwise, but the inability to start, much less complete a MP game is quite frustrating!

    • The free patches coming out should fix all known issues, so please give those a go and let me know if you are still experiencing problems after that, thanks!

  • Will the introduction of mouse support for Mahjong be shortly followed by the availability of a Sony Mouse? Hope so.

  • I think I’m gonna have to pick up Cuboid now….. Was interested before, but now it looks like a must buy!

  • “Custom music support will also be made available via a free patch download.”

    Freaking awesome news!

  • michael, I thought at an idea yesterday : why don’t make Playstation Home lauching for Magic Ball and Majhong ? These games are great to make the contact !

    • Funny you should suggest that! We are looking into the development of an amazing, super cool, all-powerful, industry leading, crazy good, wicked awesome space on PlayStation Home. These things, however, take time, so at least we\’re giving you something pretty cool to look forward to!

  • Are you guys making these game available on PSP? Would love to play some of these on the go!

    • Cannot talk about anything officially, but let\’s just say that we are well aware that our PSN games would work nicely on the PSP, so stay tuned for what the future might bring…

  • Post #98 asked: “If someone doesn’t purchase the level editor will they still be able to play the user created levels?”

    Here’s the answer: for the user created levels for Mahjong Tales and Cuboid, you can PLAY the levels if you have downloaded the free patches; however, in order to CREATE levels, you need to purchase the DLC. So, there you go, and there you have it!

  • I like playing magic 8 ball, its fun. I’ve tried to play online but never can find anyone to play.

  • magicball was one of my favorite games on the PSN. sadly i dont own a ps3 anymore, had to do renovations on the house.

  • i brought magic ball on the advice of another person and don’t recommend it for 9.99. I wish i got my money back.

    the levels are repetitive in design with hardly anything new after the first few levels. i actually get the red running shoes to make things faster and more interesting cause its too easy. then after 25 levels of the same pirate theme with annoying music its 25 additional levels of the same levels recycled from the pirate theme only with a knight theme.

    the booster packs are just 25 levels of more repetitiveness and no matter what coat of paint you give, its still pretty much the same 25 levels.

  • Definitely have to pick up Magic Ball.

  • Loooove cuboid.

    Didn’t know about magic ball, I just saw a vid of it on youtube, looks awesome, I totally need to buy it when I get home from work today!

    Awesome, I swear I just googled cuboid more levels today and was stoked that that it will be out “soon”. Awesome game, nothing more to say, it’s freaking perfect!

  • Something must be wrong with the new Booster Pack. I purchased, installed and nothing happens, everything remained the same, there is no new theme inside.

    I suppose you did not post the promised patch in time.

    Solution? Wait?

    I am really disappointed :-(

  • I forget to mention the full name: this is a MagicBall Booster issue.

  • The Magic Ball booster pack DOES NOT WORK AT ALL because we havent got the patch that supports it. C’mon already!

  • #127 Swedgen:

    You are absolutely right!

    Hurry up TikGames! Upload the patch!

  • I am just loading v1.01 update, a full 171 MB file. I hope this will solve all of my problems.

  • The patch should be available now, so if anyone is still experiencing any issues, please let me know right away:

    Sorry for any problems!

  • It is OK now, the witcj theme is cool! 5 new trophies: good job! Thx! I love this game!

  • I mean witch theme.

  • this is really awesome news considering I bought both magic ball and Cuboid! WHen is cuboid coming out on PSN and how much? PLEASE RESPOND THANK YOU

  • Hey its me again and i read through the ones u already responded to and i was wondering! When is the Cuboid Booster pack coming out on PSN because i check everyday and nothing so far! AGAIN PLEASE RESPOND THANK YOU!!

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