PixelJunk Eden Encore Launching on PSN this Thursday

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Hey PixelJunk fans,

Just a quick blog update today to let everyone know the expansion pack for PixelJunk Eden hits PSN this Thursday, April 16! In three days you can download PixelJunk Eden Encore for only $5.99.

If you haven’t played the original, then now is the time to start doing so because the Encore expansion pack is something you’re not going to want to miss out on! We’ve put a lot of effort into making Encore have the best of everything from the original game, with great pacing, well-designed levels and heaps of new ideas… have a read of my earlier blog entry for more information about what we have added.

So now I wonder who will be first to discover the cool Easter Egg (appropriate time of year too!) at the end of the game…

In other news, PixelJunk Eden was nominated three times at the Independent Games Festival a couple of weeks back. Yes, even though Sony Computer Entertainment publishes PixelJunk titles in the West (well, who better to turn to in order to release a PSN game, right?), PixelJunk is completely independently funded and created by us here at Q-Games. Unfortunately we didn’t win an award but just the nominations made us happy enough as it was our first time at such an award show.

We’re busy working the fourth installment for PixelJunk and I’ll post more info about that in a little while. All I can say is that the game is really unique and a lot of fun – and very pretty to look at.

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  • Please give us new trophies for it too!
    I enjoyed every minute of PJE, and can’t wait for this Thursday.

  • I knew it. I like to visit http://www.q-games.com/ from time to time. If I could I’d give you the $5.99 right now.

  • looks really slick! can’t wait… i bought the Monster encore so i guess im gonna have to follow suit. the new beats from Baiyon sound amazing too. Thanks Q games.


  • Sweet!

    Dylan, your studio is awesome and I can’t wait for your next game. Will be buying this on Thursday. Keep up the amazing work!

  • You know, i would buy all your games if you would just remove the lame hud and your log from the screen. Ever since it destroyed my friends plasma tv, i would even consider them on my plasma

  • I’m really looking forward to this update, glad to hear it’s coming this week. With this and Valkyria Chronicles DLC hitting this week, it’ll be a hit to the wallet :p

    Any word on if we’ll ever see online co-op patched into the game? It’s one thing to collect 2 player co-op trophies but this one needs 3 players. Online would be a great feature if it’s possible.

  • Awesome birthday present for me. Props to the PJ team, Eden is definitely a gem.

  • This by far the most expansive DLC for a indie game.

    • I think there\’s probably about 15 hours worth of gameplay (at least), and then once you get all the Spectra in the expansion a very special mode is opened up.

  • id love to use your own music w/o beating the game.

  • ah Dylan, so you are announcing today that the secret at the end of the game is a new mode of gameplay?

    interesting :)

  • And when the disc based, physical media version comes, I’ll be happy to buy it.

    • Hey, in Asia (outside of Japan) we sell a 3-in-1 bundled blu-ray edition of PixelJunk (you get Racers, Monsters, Eden and the the two released soundtracks). If you are really that desperate for a physical media version you can buy it from play-asia.com

  • This is a day one buy for me. Cant wait to try it out, I loved Eden. I think $5 for a full game add on is not bad at all.

  • what is next for Q games?

  • Awesome, more Pixeljunk goodness is always welcome. I really do hope that you’r next game in the series finally is Pixeljunk Dungeons. Would love to see you tackle an simplified Diablo type of game.

  • Hey Dylan – I appreciate the information, because I didn’t know that.

    But why the smeg is North America being continually discriminated against?

    What is Sony’s problem?

    Why are they making the people who want disc based games jump through hoops to get games?

    First this, now Patapon 2, it is incredibly frustrating.

  • Noooo, my PS3 broke! It won’t boot and I get red flashing lights. I will have to wait to buy Eden Encore. I hope it will come back soon.

  • Ok, thanks for clearing that up about it being DLC and not a new game. I’m actually only about halfway through the game.. I wish you could just get as many spectra as possible in a play through without having to restart after getting each spectra. Admit it.. this was just a ploy to extend the playtime lol

    I will probably get it eventually, but $5.99 is a bit much for DLC on a downloadable game…

  • hopefully a first day buy for me
    love the new music too :)

    will there be an encore for racers?
    it really needs some big improvements, it’d be nice to see it brought to the standard of your other 2 games

    also.. any teasers for 1-4? ^^

  • Sweet I can’t wait to try it, and when are we going to find out more information about your next game!? It’s the dungeon crawler right?! I love all your games so far, I think you guys can make an awesome RPG type game. I hope we hear something soon!

  • Sorry Saving room for Fat Princess. Space on my PS3 is now a scarce commodity. PJE Demo was WAY TOO STRESSFUL, Thank God I didn’t buy it, and never will! The soundtrack alone didn’t fit the vibe you were selling that this was a relaxing game. Release a PJE: Redux and completely change the soundtrack to something that dosen’t sound like a robot hurking up a lung and more people may buy it! If they can get past some of the insane difficulty…AHHHHhhh gotta stop writing about this, even the thought of PJE “Grinds My Gears!”

  • Can’t FLICKIN wait.

  • Glad your patching to fix the trophy glitch. Thanks. I can’t wait til Thursday to buy Eden Encore!

  • My brother hates games, he thinks that they’re mind numbing and in all cases an escape from reality (yet it was him who got me interested in games when I saw him playing Doom I/II, Duke Nukem 3D, Quake I back in the day… That makes me feel old now…). I tried showing him the PS3 and he always blew it off. After showing him Folklore he bashed it but not as much, I showed him Valkyria Chronicles and he bashed even less. I showed him Motorstorm Pacific Rift and he stopped insulting games and said the PS3 was “slightly less than garbage”. Now I made sure not to exaggerate any of this, really. But I was casually playing Pixel Junk monsters and he was intrigued when he noticed it. I showed him Little Big Planet. But it was when I shoed him Eden that he actually, I kid you not, bought a PS3. He owns only four games now, guitar hero for his gf, LBP, Monsters, and Eden for himself. I dare say your games actually sold a $300 (the sony sale made it $100 less) console as well as gave me a new person to play with :) Just thought that might interest you and I mean it when I say that is literally what happened, no exaggerations.

    • That\’s a cool story… it\’s cool to hear that Eden really inspires some people. Now to work on Sony to get some royalty from the PS3 sales ;-)

  • Wow, a system seller? lol

  • Yes, I have been supper excited for this since I first heard about it. I love the first game I am in the top 1000 on the score board last time I looked. I played this game like crazy. I loved the game but once I got all of the spectra I find my self only playing it once in a while and I almost never play the higher boards now (too stressful).

    Love the game. Never have sworn at a game more than this in a really long time. I have to agree with other posters this is not a relaxing game this is a pump your blood pressure up, Yell at the stinking timer, Oh I can’t believe I just missed that last jump, type of game.

    I still love it. Its challenging all of the pixeljunk games are; that is why I am a huge fan. I will buy this probably day one.

    I have to second an above comment I would love to see online play I only have two controllers and can’t find another person that will play it with me.

  • More Eden? HELL … (wait for it) … YES !!!

  • Dylan, I’m genuinely curious as to whether you think PixelJunk being download only helps or hinders it.

    Please give an honest answer, and not a PR answer.

    • put it this way, there aren\’t many 2d games selling at full price on blu-ray – physical media increases the price the software has to sell at unfortunately. I think PSN allows us to sell our games at a good price for everyone. You get really good value.

  • Q-Games = Epic win.

    Seriously did you guys think your going to get this much praised when you guys started?

    each time everyone talks about Independent games they talk about PJ Monsters and PJ Eden.
    Good job.

  • What do you do in this game?

  • PixelJunk Eden doesn’t have 5.1 audio, does Encore add 5.1 audio to the game?

  • Any chance of getting a online co-op for Encore? :p

  • @76

    No, there’s not many 2D games on Blu-Ray, but I was thinking more along the lines of this coming out on PSP.

  • This is bought already. As soon as I heard about the Encore for this it was bought. I can not wait!

  • Loved monsters, loved eden. You guys rock.
    Can hardly wait for Encore.

    Can’t wait to see whats next from Q.

  • I’m picking this one up!
    From the PSN!

  • The difficulty curve in Eden was IMMENSE. I was having fun until i got to Garden 7 and then it all went wrong. Ha.

    Oh well, i will end up buying this anyway purely because i love you folks at Q-Games and you deserve my money.

  • Cuthbert,

    You completely missed the point. You 100% misrepresented Eden. If I wanted to buy a game that would I thought would be extra challenging and require extra effort…I would have bought that. But what I wanted – and what you had advertised the whole way, 100%, right up until release – is that Eden was a relaxing, go-at-your-own-pace type game. That is what I wanted, and that is what I thought I was buying. You and your team were very dishonest about the nature of Eden. Which is where my anger sprouts from.

    If I tried hard enough, I could continue on in Eden, but the game just isn’t that fun, especially not when I want to be able to play it at my own pace, not your ridiculously fast pace. And I’m aware that it was made easier, but it disables trophies…and that is disingenuous. You patch a game to make it how you had initially described it, and then insult the gamers who decide to play it as originally intended. **** that, you’ll never see another dollar from me.

    I hope PixelJunk sinks in this economy.

  • Thanks for answering my earlier question, Dylan. (Post #41) Keep up the good work!

  • @86


    it’s just a game, dude.

    it was only 10 bucks.


  • @AdamMadman

    From my experience anyway, I returned to Eden after taking a break from it for the same reason. It had gotten pretty difficult for me and I got turned off from the gameplay for a while and moved onto other games. But this patch, as far as I know, makes the game easier overall and does NOT disable trophies, unless there’s yet another option that makes it even easier. I was able to beat most levels, even the last ones, on my first try. Then I got hooked and got all 50 Spectra… and now I can’t wait for this pack. You’re way too frustrated at a game that cost so little.

  • Not sure, I already found PJE to be frustrating enough as it is. That’s why I quit after Garden 7, even the patch didn’t help. Just don’t like it anymore.

    Mind you that Gumbydunzeeto whines in every single PSN blog about a disc version.

  • Wow…

    Game design is a funny thing, I don’t find Eden to be misrepresented.

    To me, PixelJunk Eden is a very relaxing game, but I also find Rez to be a very relaxing game.

    I die a lot in both, bit the music, the visuals and the gameplay of both mean I never

    Yes, it can be frustrating, but it’s still fun and, frankly, what’s the point of easy trophies?

    Q-Games will definitely have my support. While I didn’t enjoy Racers or Monsters (not personally my thing), I definitely defend their choices and their ability to provide something for everyone.

  • Can’t wait! PixelJunk always makes the best quality games.

  • Wow my english was atrocious in my last post O_O Hope any of the work I was doing a long side didn’t turn out that way :/ Should have looked it all over, cause you know, college professors don’t like it when you write like *insert something clever but not too offensive for the blog*. I apologize to anyone who attempted reading, that, thing…

  • @PirateThom, frustration is one thing but if it gets you that hard on your nerves its no fun anymore. If fun loses in a game for me I quit. And I’m not talking about trophies, I no longer care about trophies and no longer intend to collect them. As long as trophies aren’t benefitional I don’t see the reason to frustrate myself over hard to get trophies, if I can’t do anything with it besides bragging to my PSN friends.

    Don’t get me wrong Q Games, I find PJE one of the most original games on the PSN and I’ve supported you with PJM (+Encore) which is truly amazing and PJE from day one. Only from Garden 7 its getting too much on my nerves. You deserve all the support you can get, honestly and if people like original, indie games like these, they should really get it :-)

  • I like playing the game on my PSP via Remote Play, but without the ability to do the SIXAXIS move, my gameplay is extremely limited – especially on time-pressured levels. Please consider button mapping this move.

  • You have now forced my hand to buy that PSN card this week. I was holding off until enough games came that I could wait to get the card. But now I have to get PJE Encore.

    Any hint to when we might see the next in the series. This year, or Next year? The rest of my PJ downloads are getting lonely. BTW the sound tracks are awesome, I copied them to my MP3 player and listen while I mow the lawn.

  • Now I only have 61% of the trophies for pixeljunk eden

    I wish this expansion would hurry up and come out so I can have 100% again =P

    Can’t wait!

  • Hey Q-games,

    See that post above this one about Magic Ball and Cuboid? Maybe you should take some hints on how to market games, tweak difficulty and overall represent your titles.

  • Adam are you still crying about their games being too hard?

    just because you don’t like their games doesn’t mean they’re bad
    i don’t like monsters, but i still know it’s an awesome game

    and so what if they said eden was meant to be relaxing, games change a lot during production, and I’m sure there are people out there who do find it relaxing

    no offence just give them a break, they’re doing a good job :)

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