Pata-post Friday Presents: Introducing a New HERO!!!

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Dear Patapon fans, I am pleased to announce the official rebranding of TGIF to TGIPBD aka Thank Goodness It’s Patapost Blog Day.

Yes, yes…I know that there was a Patapost earlier this week, but the timing on that was off due to my .beat clock being a few beats off beat. I’m fully synced to the rhythm of the Earth, so there should be no problem from this point on, so consider this week’s double post a once in a pata-lifetime experience.

Now, moving forward onto the topic of the day and one of the new great features of Patapon 2: the great masked warrior Hero Patapon.

Hero Patapon is a mythical creature (like a yeti, but cuter and real-er), with magical powers and a heart of gold. His fighting skills are second to none and it’s rumored that he beat Chuck Norris in a staring contest (with one eye!).

True this: he is the most powerful Patapon in the WORLD!

So your question is: how do you tap into this awesomeness and channel his amazing-ness into complete Karmen oblivion? Well friends, I have two syllables for you: fe-ver.

Patapon 2 Hero

That’s right, Fever Mode, the magic point in time when your rhythmic prowess sets the Patapons into a frenzy is also the time when Hero Patapons special abilities come to shine. So here is how it will work: lets say you are headed down a jungle, spear in hand chanting Pata-Pata-Pata-Pon (march command) to you heart’s delight…and then you see a Kachidonga in the distance…and you strike Pon-Pon-Pata-Pon (attack command).

Under normal conditions, this would set of a hail of spears and arrows from your troops, and if you are in Fever Mode, the hail would blacken the skies with fury. But if you perfectly strike each drum to the rhythm of the earth, Hero Patapon will charge his energy and unleash an extra-deadly attack, covering enemies in a world of hurt.

Patapon 2 Super Attacks

But how will you know if you have a perfect strike? Simple: after each perfect command (four perfect drum beats), you will hear a cymbal ding. This is the sound of hurt (for the enemies that is). As soon as you hear the cymbal ding, you will see that Hero Patapon charge and his special power icon will glow above him and he will launch his attack.

What could be greater than that? Perhaps customizing his attack? Maybe you’d like to change his appearance? Perhaps being able to level-up his powers? Would you like to make sure that he never leaves the battle and fights endlessly? Well, if these are your requests, your wish is granted.

Customizing his attacks and his look is done with a simple swap of his mask. Each mask grants the Hero Patapon with a special property (attack, defend, speed, etc) and combined with the fact you can also morph him into any type of specialized soldier (Toripon, Yaripon, etc.), you can truly create a universal soldier just to your liking.

Because of his battle-hardened skills, Hero Patapon will always take the lead in any battle, so it’s only logical that he will take the most hits in any confrontation…and he’ll take each hit like a champ. But what happens when he takes one too many hits? Will he bite the dust? Technically, yes, he will bite it, chew it and spit out diamonds. That’s how tough he is. Of course it takes a while to create diamonds, so each time his energy drains to zero, the Hero Patapon will take a quick breather to regain his energy before joining the battle again.

But what about his masks you ask? Where do you get them?

Well friends, that is a topic for another (read: next TGIPBD) day, where we will dive into multiplayer, eggs, and discovering new masks by breaking those eggs in multiplayer mode (see how it all ties in?).

Till next week!

– Chris HM

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  • Awesome, I will probably buy this game now. I don’t think I would have if it was a UMD. I like the digital downloads better. I would rather have all my games stored on one single card, so I don’t have to carry a bunch of UMD’s around with me. I am all for digital downloads.

    I do have to admit tho, there are probably a lot of people who are going to be cut out from buying/playing the game by not having an option for it to be on UMD.


    It’s not that I am necessarily against the idea of digital distribution, just the idea of digital distribution that screws the consumer. If the game is DRMed to only play on one PSP, offers no way to back up the product you have paid for, and no way to sell the product if you don’t like it then it is a rental not a sale. As such I am willing to pay no more than $4 for renting the game.

    Worse yet this doesn’t even have the benefit of digital distribution which would be having all your games on the PSP simultaneously. If a game is designed to fit on a 1.8gb UMD you can fit no more than two of them on a 4gb memory stick. But wait, can you easily move them on and off of the memory stick as needed (aka when you want to play a third game)? NO! You have to use special software to preserve the DRM, I’ll pass.

    If Sony relents and releases a UMD of this game in the next year I’ll happily buy it as I was planning to do anyway. I’d also buy it if the price was dropped to reflect the fact that DRMed files are really a rental for the duration of the DRM servers. If Sony decides to go this way for all games I’ll happily do all my portable gaming on my DS.

  • Add me to the list of lost sales if it goes digital only. It was a first day buy for me, now I won’t be buying it at all if digital is the only option. And while I’m complaining, how’s that weekly roster update on NBA 09: The Inside for the PSP? Oh yah, I forgot, the only roster update was back in November. Well played gentlemen.

  • I was going to buy 2 copies of this. My girlfriend loves it and we’ve been planning on playing it together.

    Having seen this, I won’t be buying it at all.

    I’m not totally against digital downloads. I picked up everyday shooter and guilty gear judgment. Every now and then, there’s a good release and I’m compelled to download it.

    For Patapon 2, though, I wanted the game. I wanted the case, I wanted the manual, I even wanted the UMD. I wanted to be able to put it on my shelf. I want to own it.

    When I download games, I don’t feel like I own them. They’re chained to a specific machine or a specific account. I need to buy a bigger memory card to hold the game. If it gets deleted, there’s the chance that I won’t be able to redownload it. I won’t own the game because I can’t use it like I want. If you’re looking to move away from UMDs, I’d suggest providing your customers with a USB key or memory stick with the game on it. I would be fine paying for one of those instead of some imaginary download key.

  • Also, the playstation media manager for PC sucks. I finally tried it a few weeks ago and it was clunky, slow and painful to use. I ended up putting the memory stick into an old camera so I could manage my save files manually. If you want to encourage people to move to digital downloads, you should start working WITH your users. I always feel like you’re working against me.

  • Number 52 and 54 hit it right on the money. I want to own the game UMD and all. If something where to happen to the download game for example I delete by mistake, I don’t want to repay for a new download key. On I heard that the next version of the PSP maybe UMD-less so Sony here is testing to see how people react. If you want to go UMD-less then put it on a memory card like what number 47 said, but don’t take way my ability to own a hard copy. I am still going to buy this game because I have wanted this game it but like I promised I have not pre-ordered because I am not pre-ordering for a demo. But when I do buy it I well be reading the fine print to get more informed of my rights as a buyer, like I said I am not repaying to re-download if something happens to it. This game will be my 4th game I own for the PSP and I am also thinking of get a DS, SONY.

  • This is mental, like all have said what if something happens to my account or something happens to the download site then we have to ether buy a new download code or hope that something gets fixed. I am still getting the came I even got the demo but this means I have to find and buy more memory sticks in order to hold all the download games if they go this way. I like the UMDs don’t take them away.

  • There’s too many what ifs to justify going strictly digital. Remember, too, that not everyone in the US has a broadband connection due to a) not being available or b) needing to cut costs.

    Count me as another who, much to my dismay, will NOT be purchasing this until a physical UMD is released. Until then, my $20 would be better spent on another game.

    Hopefully the actual developers are listening to what’s going on and can get through Sony’s head that this is not what the masses want.

  • Hey I posted number 56, and I have been thinking why not do both a hard copy and download one too. That way everyone is happy and Sony still gets to test on which people like more download or hard copy. How you ask by limiting the number of hard copies, and if people still want hard copies and not download ones then make more.

  • You lost another sale today, Sony. I found out this news and I canceled my pre-order. Give us the OPTION to either download it or buy a UMD. Japan and the UK have this option, why not the US? This is just utter crap.

  • Just as the many other folks have already posted here, I also immediately cancelled my PATAPON 2 pre-order.

    Although I do have a fast broadband line, I prefer to purchase my games on a physical medium (UMD, BD-ROM, DVD, or cart).

    When I buy a game, I want assurance that I’ll still have that game and be able to play it 1 year… 5 years… 10 years or more down the road. With digital distribution, there is NO guarantee that a game will still be available for me to re-download a year or two later — or even that the servers will still exist. With a disc or cart, I can ALWAYS replay a game whenever I choose. (I have 17 systems dating back 20+ years that I still regularly play.)

    Other regions such as Europe, Asia and Japan have seen the wisdom of giving their customers the CHOICE of purchasing major games via PSN or on UMD/Blu-ray… why can’t SCEA provide the same services?


    [cont. on Post #62]

  • [cont. from Post #61]

    Indeed, I would vastly prefer the convenience of purchasing all my Sony games here in the USA, with my funds going to SCEA and US retailers — but I have not hesitated to import a title if it has been made available elsewhere on UMD/Blu-ray (in an English-language version).

    Although I cancelled my preorder for PATAPON 2, I’m going to wait until May 5th to see if SCEA does “the right thing” and place a UMD inside the retail package. If they do so, I will happily run out and purchase the game.

    If not, well… thankfully, PATAPON 2 was released in a proper UMD edition in the U.K. back on March 6th. True, it will cost a little more (~US$26 instead of $19.99), but it’ll be worth it to me to have it on UMD.

    Sorry for the length…

  • BaronBrain: Unfortuantely, getting the import version won’t let you import your save from the North American version of Patapon 1. :(

  • well, I just looked at Patapon 2 on and the graphic has the yellow banner saying you will only recieve a voucher if you order from them so it’s certain we’re not getting a UMD of this game. Think about it, they’re going to stock empty boxes in the stores with vouchers. Wow….

  • Ecks:

    Darn… totally forgot about that one… considering that was something I took into account with my other imports (saves from earlier games, DLC, etc.)


    Still… no domestic UMD = NO SALE! It’s a simple enough thing to sell my original PATAPON to a friend and pick up a cheap import of that for compatibility sake…

    Go figure… Many consumers are literally begging SCEA for the opportunity to hand over their cash for a UMD copy of this game, and the response is essentially “not interested.”


  • I love my PSP, I’ve owned every version so far from the Phat to the Bright.
    I hope it’s not digital download only – I still like my games on physical media! And I’ve already pre-ordered,

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