FLOCK! Lands on PSN Today!

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OK, I would like you all to stop with the FLOCK innuendos. I mean, we’re adults here, most of us anyway. Flockin’ stop that sheep now! I’m telling ya, it’s getting real old.

Here were some of your, uh, witty comments:

“What the FLOCK!? I want to play it!” – Thrasher20
“Why the flock won’t John Diamonon respond to my question?” – Realaride
“Give me a FLOCKING prize!” – XxBigP123xX

LOL. I don’t know about you, but no matter how many times I read your flockin’ comments, it never gets old.

So the wait is over. FLOCK! finally lands on PSN today. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Over 50 levels of intense flocking action!
  • Level creating, sharing and rating!
  • Trial mode! (Basically a demo with an in-game purchase option) Trophies!
  • In game XMB music support!
  • Two player local co-op!
  • Cow poop!
  • Flies on cow poop!
  • Pigs rolling on cow poop with flies!
  • UFOs and a Motherflocker!
  • A $14.99 price point.
  • Commenters complaining about said price point!
  • Gamers purchasing FLOCK and exclaiming that it’s totally worth it!
  • More harassment about trophy support for previously released games!
  • Shameless cameo appearance by Blanka from Street Fighter!
  • Many more surprises and prizes!

I want to set the record straight because I’m not one to hide from anything. We will NOT, I repeat, NOT be charging for extra animals in FLOCK! Yes, the game will be complete with all the sheep, roosters, pigs and cows you can herd to your heart’s desire.

I want to congratulate last week’s contest winners: Jon_Mclane and Corran. Jon won a FLOCK code and a copy of SF4. Corran was the lucky winner of a FLOCK code, FLOCK play set and a Mega Man 9 press kit. If you want to purchase the FLOCK play set, you can buy this extremely limited collectors piece at the Capcom Store tomorrow.

This wouldn’t be a John D blog without a crazy contest now would it? Post #1000 gets a FLOCK code, play set and Mega Man 9 press kit. Only continental US and Puerto Rico will be eligible for the play set and press kit. Please type complete sentences and no consecutive posting. You can post more than once just not consecutively. PM me if you’re the winner.

Also, check here at the end of the month for an awesome announcement!


John “HIERO9D3” Diamonon

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  • @John “HIERO9D3” Diamonon

    abit wayyyyyy off topic (and likely deleted). But I purchased the RE Limited Edition . The codes for the theme and SF2HD were both used before I purchased said console. I know it’s a store theft problem, but seeing as it was limited, I called another company. The didn’t seem crazy about giving me new codes. Can/should I call Capcom about this?

  • Man that sucks. I have been watching the blogs almost all day and I didnt even get a chance to grab a code. :(

  • Baaaaaaaaa!

    Would you shut the flock up?!

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  • Go Flock Yourself and your $15 price tag.

  • As much as I like what I see with flock 14.99 is a bit steep heck even 9.99 is at this point for me my only chance of getting this game is to win it and I have no luck for such things but will give it a go. Post # 993 here I come (I usually land around there :| lol)

  • My flocking luck. I never am able to get these codes in time.

    $14.99 is a pretty good price for this game IMO though, since it appears to be pretty meaty. I shall make the purchase tonight along with RagDoll KungFu.

  • Yay! Get to “1,000” already!

  • John is the man.
    He surely knows us. :)
    Final Fight HD Remix with online Co-Op!!!
    Let me direct it ! :p

  • Damn John, you’ve forced me to get an RSS feed reader so I don’t miss out on these updates. I hope you’ve got some more spare codes lying around.

  • none of them work! Please give me one. In aus its 5:00 and i woke up just for this. I knew once john had tasted bloog hed want more

  • There once was a girl from Nantock.
    Who loved very much to play Flock.

  • Woo hoo streetfight code!

    I’m gonna Flock all night! ^.~

  • Hey John, hows Marvel vs Capcom 3 coming along?

  • Flockin’ hell, let me know when we are at post #950

  • John D I know this is broken record/dead horse thing but I want to be sure: There are NO trophies coming to Mega Man 9, Bionic Commando (the PSN game), or SF HD Remix right? Thanks regardless!

  • “Bionic Commando Rearmed trophies”

    This would make me smile too!

  • I’m going to go ahead and pretend post #100 is actually #1,000. That has to count for at least a FLOCK! code, right?

  • wow i’m not even close to post 1000 am I? Motherflocker!?!?!

  • I will beat you to 100!

  • @John

    If you are fealing extra generous, you could drop me a code on Capcom Unity :)


  • Did I just see that Puerto Rico is also eligible? Sweet!!!!

  • OH hay Capcom
    When will you guys announce Lost Planet 2 for the PS3? We know you guys already announce it for the xbox 360. Weren’t you guys they ones that stated that all your games will be multi-platform? Why hasn’t a PS3 version been announce as yet? You guys gave us the middle finger when it comes to Monster Hunter 3 on the PS3 and and now you are give us the finger again when it comes to Lost Planet 2.

    PS. I hate Lost Planet, but I am just piss off that Capcom been lying to it consumers and shareholder this past few years.

  • Awesome free codes thanks a bunch!

  • darn …missed the codes…congrats to those with the quick eyes and hands….post 1000 here we go!

  • I’ll pass too pricey now, I’ll buy it when it hits 9.99.

  • Flock Me! John why do you tease me with these codes of greatness? I’m a poor college student and would love some Street Fighter, yet you always get me when I’m in class, Why, Flockin’ Why?

  • Another post towards 1000. $15 for a meh game is waaay too much.

  • Codes? I’m new here, what are the flocking codes for?

  • Tried all the codes, all gone :( This is what I get for staying up til 3am. From now on my schedule revolves around the PS Blog, when they stop posting new posts I sleep!

    I want free things :(

  • $15 bucks is a little high, sorry to say

  • I’d buy it but with all the WTF $15 I will wait it out. Qore has screwed me out of gaming $$ and this will no doubt drop in price very soon. Also I got shafted with Jeopardy.

  • @ 77

    The flocking codes where for games that you could of redeemed on the PS3.

  • How much is the DLC for this?

  • let me win motherflockers!


  • I’m very surprised John hasn’t replied to any posts yet.

  • @John

    Your the flocking sheep!
    I hope for post 420 again!

  • Flocking figures I leave the blog 5 minutes before this happens and codes are given away.

    Not cool man not cool

  • well i missed the free codes, but w/e and i have to agree $15 is a bit too much witht he state of the economy. i can spend that 15 elsewhere

  • @84 same, im shocked a little

  • John Diamonon,

    Why wont Capcom patch Devil May Cry 4 with Trophy support? Over the years, Capcom has lost touch with its fan-base. I know it’s a business and you guys have to make a certain amount every fiscal year. Capcom have gone to the deep end when it comes to greed. It’s a shame how so many companies have gone this route. Out of all these companies I wouldn’t think Capcom wouldn’t need to nickel and dime customers due to your release roster.

    SFIV (multi platform)
    Bionic Commando (multi platform)
    RE5 (multi platform)
    Lost Planet 2 (multi platform)
    Monster Hunter (wii & PSP)
    Dark Void (multi platform)
    Dead Rising 2 (multi platform)
    (this list does not even include downloaded titles)

    Capcom is set for 2009. This is one of the best company roster this year. What’s the point of cheating your loyal costumer/fan? Sooner or later, this is going to bite you guys in the ass.

  • Anyone actually get them to work? I don’t think they are actually enabled till the store updates.

  • wonder how long it will take this time?

  • hahaha, oooh Thrasher20! =P

  • @Realaride

    Maybe John is finally getting some sleep.

  • Patriotbball5460

    @91, yeah i got one

  • Patriotbball5460

    Maybe at #100 he will give away a flock code….

  • Oh they are working….Oh well I already own SF2HD

  • Ok I am done FLOCKING around with EWE. You have pulled the WOOL over my eyes for the last time. I will no longer be SHEEPISH and if so I will RAM heads with you at all times! lol haha sorry couldnt resist!

  • Post #100! What do I win? I like surprises.

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