Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic Customization Video

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Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic hits PSN this Thursday, April 9, and that means everybody will be kung fu fighting. You already heard from SCEA Producer Joshua Miller who answered your questions about RDKF. And during GDC, we let Mattias Nygren from Tarsier Studios take over the camera, as he walks us through the game’s character customization mode in this video:

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  • GOD!!!! not every game needs online to be enjoyed people. Anyways, this game has my day 1 purchase written all over it. Why don’t y’all just update the store daily or 3 small updates a week like the video store? Every so often, new stuff like dlc is up before update time or sometimes not even on thursday…lbp has done that…so ha soul calibur 4…re5 dlc is up today

  • looks cool! buying it!

  • Chris or Jeff dont know where else to ask this so here i go , Target entertainment has been appointed as sony’s consumer product licensing agent for playstation IP, which will spawn the development of “exciting ranges of playstation apparel and accesories, colorful toys and plush, stationery and gift, housewares and food, and plenty of fun-filled promotions” is this true????

  • The artstyle is so…Unpleasent to look at…Maybe even cheap.
    Im not trying to insult anyone but the artstyle is horrible.

  • Sigh, please stop forcing the motion control gimmicks on us.

    They ALLWAYS suck. I ALLWAYS hate it. Motion controls took flower and turned it into a pain in the ass, when it would/could have actually been relaxing. I get it that some people like them, but please start making this optional rather than forced.

  • I was so pleased to hear the release date is the 9th for Europe too :D
    Game looks awesome, I put aside money for this when the first trailer was posted on the Blog.


  • no Online…..no purchase

  • Sweet can’t wait!


  • I cant believe after months of 2.4s release custom soundtracks arent just a given now…sigh

  • I will be buying this Thursday, been waiting ever since the first word of it ages ago.

    One thing though on a side note: If Sony’s the Worldwide Studios team – is as large as Microsoft and Nintendo’s combined then why do we still have so many issues with Socom? I know it’s a 3rd party developer but isn’t Socom a Sony Franchise? What I’m getting at is, at the Socom Blog certain people ( my roommate and socom clan members) cannot access their messages from within Socom or on the Blog, This makes it impossible for them to join custom games or quick match invites. Can somebody please helps us all out with this?

    If you helps us, I will convince them all to also buy this game. They value my input.

  • Looks like a lot of fun! I’ll probably get it this Thursday. @3 I believe trophies are now mandatory.

  • @ 17

    fat princess actually has online and i think it will be better than this…RDKF looks way too much like super smash bros and all you do is fight – no real storyline at all..i kno im waiting for fat princess

  • I cant wait to play this. The last game on PSN I bought was Savage Moon, which I really didn’t like at all!

    I hate spending my money on PSN games then they turn out to be poopy. I might wait for IGN’s review on this one, but I duno, I have been waiting for this game since it was announced.

    Chris have you played Rag Doll Kung Fu? Should I get it? Give me unbiased answer please?

  • You guys, this is one of the best games on PC. I don’t even think it was online on PC and it received rave reviews as a party game.

    Quit complaining about online and do KUNG-FU with friends or bots.
    (Day 1 buy for me)

    By the way, what idiots keep asking if there’s trophies? Trophies have been mandatory since January.

  • i tho the created of little big planet made this .. or something that looks like this , idk..

  • So it’s basically a Smash Bros clone with no online..

  • Sweet, Day 1 buy

  • Looks fun I’ll pick it up Thursday for sure, Can you tell me if this is kid friendly.

  • Does anybody know if you can play single player? Like with bots as your opponents?

  • Looks really good. First day for me.

  • no online multiplayer kills this game!

    that should have been priority from day one. selling a 4 player game over a online network with no online play?!?

    so much potential; straight down the drain….Oh what could have been.

    way to kung-fu chop your sales!

  • I was looking mostly at Fat Princess in the background… cant wait for that fatso!

  • consider it a sale.

  • Sony>Moneysoft.

  • *sigh* if only this game had online…

    i was so ready 2 get this but when i found out it doesnt well…

    no buy from me D:

  • A game like this needs online for us older gamers. :(

  • The coolest thing about this video is the fat princess being played in the background !

    If this had online I would buy it in a second but w/o its a party game missing the party.

  • So NO custom soundtracks… Bummer!!!!

    I really dislike when sony exclusives can’t even give you the OPTION to have this feature.

    It’s not a new thing even PJM, Wipeout HD, WarH, BO Paradise have custom soundtracks… This and the fact there will be no online play is another reason not to get it.

    I’ll be getting FLOCK instead(which has custom soundtracks)!

  • looks fun.

    Glad there’s gonna be a demo.. because otherwise id never buy it. PSN releases are too hit/miss to make a gamble. I have a feeling i’ll pick it up though… hopefully it has more replay value than Flower lol

  • @51, 65


  • With this game, there should be a feature, like Smash Bros. to have friends save a character to use when they come over to play, and have it save their stats and customizations as well. So instead of having Custom 1, Custom 2, it would be the name of your friend’s character.

  • so is there XMB music? (custom soundtrack)

  • @ 70 yeah you can use bots. (computer controlled opponents)

  • ill wait untill u add online

  • Man I had so much fun with this at GDC. I was sitting there on that beanbag playing for what easily seemed like an hour before I noticed a gentleman standing behind me and I said “I’m sorry, do you want to give it a go?” To which the gentleman replied “No, no thank you. I’ve been playing it for the last few months pretty much.” I turn around and it is Mattias Nygren standing there with a huge grin on his face.

    He stated he was so happy to see the two of us playing and pulling off the specials and combos so quickly. They are incredibly easy and intuitive to initiate. I never once felt frustrated with the controls and made the claim that day that Ragdoll would be a DAY ONE purchase for me. This is why the PSN excells! PSN Exclusives are worlds beyond anything on XBL or WiiWare!

  • and custom music

  • why no online multiplayer?!?! please tell us this is coming down the line at least!

    Please bring back Heavenly Sword!!!!!

    and put Everybody’s Golf up on the PSN!

  • main problem for me is my friends rarely come over to my apartment to play games! so i NEED online MP to play with them.

  • cant wait 2 play..after seeing the gameplay on it. Is the game going 2 be online playing later as a add-on?

  • When does the PS Store get update?

  • yeah it’s 10:00 and it’s still not there?

  • well it’s ten here lol

  • Its April 9th and Im ready to play what time is it coming out

  • yeah.. where is it? I’m waiting too!

  • No custom music,huh? THATS SAD.

  • will you guys be putting in any online multi player anytime soon?

  • man, i was soo lookin forward to this one, but lack of online, killed it. atleast a custom soundtrack or more types of matches would have helped. and the prices of games on psn is gettin more and more expensive, ive got a uk account. and there is no way im payin 8 quid for this game.
    flock is even more expensive. and that scored 6.9 on ign.
    i bet fat princess will be real expensive too. its a recession, prices cant keep goin up like this. and even if you want to charge 8 quid, atleast offer some substance and lifespan to the game.

  • Whooo! 100th comment :)

    It looks like a Super Smash Bros. type of game but instead of Nintendo characters… you use dolls…

    It’s still a buy for me! I just gotta steal 20 bucks from mom and pops! lol jk

  • I like having the option to at least try and make my own character but I already spent $25 on psn this month.

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