Monster Hunter Coming to PSP

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It’s a rare treat to be able to tell people that I’m working on the best selling game in Japan last year. To those who are unaware, they immediately think of PS3 games like Metal Gear Solid 4. Nope, my game outsold that and every other console game on the market.

The game? Monster Hunter for the PSP.

The latest version (Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G) was the top selling game in Japan last year and no amount of giant robots can change that. With over 3 million copies sold to date in Japan, about one in four Japanese PSP owners have the game. To be able to work on bringing a game of that caliber to the US is both a pleasure and an honor. It’s also the best game you’ll ever play on the PSP.

Yup, I’m a little biased…but, it’s hard not to be.

The upcoming release of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is exciting to everyone involved in the title. For those who don’t know, Monster Hunter puts you on the hunt for a variety of majestic beasts that you have to defeat in order to become the ultimate hunter. With thousands of different types of weapons and armor, as well as over 500 hours of gameplay, this is the most engrossing action/RPG title for the PSP ever created.

What really makes the game shine, however, is the excellent multiplayer that makes use of the PSP’s built-in Ad-hoc multiplayer. Join with three of your friends to hunt monsters that you simply couldn’t defeat on your own. Playing the game with friends is truly the best way to play it, and with the PSP’s network abilities, everyone has their own screen to play on.

Though we’ve had an awesome group of core fans in the US, our goal is to let everyone experience the adventure with Monster Hunter this time around. To introduce you all to the world of Monster Hunter, we’ve put together this “newscast” with our intrepid reporter covering the imminent onslaught of monsters into the west and the phenomenon they caused in Japan. Ever go on a weekend getaway in order to learn new strategies and play new games with friends? Well, 5000 Japanese gamers did that very thing with Monster Hunter.

This initial video is just the tip of the Narugakuruga’s tail when it comes to what we have in store for you with Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. In upcoming weeks, we’ll have numerous videos to teach you about some of the weapons, monsters, and strategies you’ll need when Monster Hunter Freedom Unite ships. We’ve also planned a surprise for all PSP gamers in June to let as many of you experience the game as possible.

In the meantime, sharpen your swords, join your friends and equip yourself to hunt down some of the most majestic monsters you’ve ever seen. I’ll be hopping on the PlayStation boards from time to time to fill you guys in on the latest and try and answer all the questions you might have.

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  • @#23: Really? Just because you didn’t get the game you wanted for the console you wanted, you’re going to boycott a potentially awesome game? What if they had made MH3 for the PS3, but switched the new MHF to the DS? Would you boycott your precious PS3 game?

  • BTW….to those using Ad Hoc Party already…is it true that your PS3 has to be hard wired to the net? Again…this would be a non starter for me as I am not running cable all over the house for the PS3.

  • No online infrastructure = no purchase for me. Same with Phantasy Star Online Portable.

    Please start considering *real* multiplayer, i.e. internet, when you design these games – it’s ridiculous.

  • what about europe?

  • @#65: Don’t make your opinions of things based solely off of the people on the internet, thet’re just stating their own opinions of what they have experienced. You should probably at least try it to form your own opinion, not base it off of the haters (or lovers) on the internet.

  • @104: I would also like to know when the MHF2U is going to be released in Europe. My fiance and I just got into MHF2 and we can’t wait to hear when Unite is coming over here.

    I have Adhoc Party set up on my PS3 from my Japanese account but I’m really hoping for a NA/Euro release so that everyone can get together and hunt some monsters! Adhoc Party is one of the single greatest pieces of software Sony have released this gen. I’m really hoping Sony will release it in tandem with MHF2U like they did in Japan. You know it makes sense!

  • Without an infrastructure multiplayer mode, I will not buy this game, when it comes out. Why is it that so few games for the PSP take full advantage of its Wi-Fi ability?

    I will probably just wait for a copy of it to end up, used, for 20 bucks, at EB Games, because some poor guy (who bought it new) got bored of playing it by themselves.

    Come on SONY! You want a game that has people running out to buy your consoles? MH has the legs to carry you, don’t cripple it by leaving out an infrastructure multiplayer mode!

  • Psshh. I was hyped about MH when I first heard about it on PS2, and I checked ALL my nearby gaming stores, and couldn’t find a single copy. I have MHF2 on PSP now, but it just wouldn’t compare to a PS3 version! Comeon! It’s a brilliant concept, but the limiting controls make it very difficult (although skillful, I have to admit) on PSP. I’m not sure if I’ll get Unite, but I would for sure if you made a PS3 version.

  • SWEET! Finally US PS blog is getting some Monster Hunter love!

    Please give us Ad Hoc Party but with the PS3 being connected wirelessly to the modem!

  • I hope the big surprise in June is the announcement of the PSP2. Anyone notice that E3 is also in June? Perhaps this is one of the launch titles? Would be enough for me to finally buy a handheld.

  • When the PS3 version was dropped i stopped buying them on the psp

  • Hi all,

    Glad to see such an outpouring of support for Monster Hunter. Let me see if I can address some of your more burning questions:

    1) Ad-hoc Party / Link – This is the service in Japan that lets you connect with other players and play Monster Hunter by wirelessly connecting your PSP to your PS3. There is nothing I’d like in this world more than bringing that service to the US. Well… that’s a little exaggeration, but I will be citing your feedback here as yet another reason we need to bring that across. Maybe if we all ask loud enough, the right person will hear and we’ll get this for everyone in the US and Europe.

    2) Yes, this title is coming to Europe on the same date its here in the US. We’ll be announcing the date very soon.

    3) This is NOT a PS2 port. Though there were versions of Monster Hunter on the PS2 (including MHDuo which wasn’t released int eh US), this game was designed for the PSP to take advantage of the portable hardware.

    4) I, too, was sad that we decided against Monster Hunter for the PS3. Though the game will be good on any console, I was looking forward to playing online with my friends over PSN.

    – C!

  • I’ll join the chorus and say that the first Monster Hunter I play will be when/if it comes to PS3. Not before.

  • Where did the boxart go?

  • @114

    This cool site I visit still has it…try it!



  • I’ve known about this coming out for some time now but to see it posted up on the blog just made me shake with excitement. Maybe now I can add my MHF2 game to my online library..

    And yeah, we need a PS3 version!

  • I’m excited about this. I’ve never played the MH series, but seeing how well this is selling in Japan, I must check it out.

    If I do enjoy it, I’ll most likely get a second PSP so I can play it with my brother.

    What else?…

    Oh yeah, an online mode would be much appreciated, the US is a different monster (pun intended) from Japan.

    I would love a PlayStation Store version, much better than listening to the UMD making XBOX 360 sounds. (Attack on 360 not intended, it’s just very loud.)

    And I must say, I do agree that PS3 owners have been getting the short end of the stick by Capcom this generation.

  • I see Colin drew the short stick on announcing MHU

    Sad thing is Monster Hunter has a loyal rabbid fan base and many of them like my self went out and bought a PS3 because it was announced for the console. Was it the sole reason? no, but it was a major factor.

    Capcom for the last 3 years or so has given Sony fans table scraps left overs that you serve to a starving dog. And we are suppose to be happy for a 1yr old port of the Japanese version no special monsters for the US version nothing new just English which has already been done by fans that love the game.

    Really capcom kick rocks

  • Good video, nice cover art, and glad the game is coming west. However, it would be a lot better if there were a PS3 version of MH. I’ve been playing a lot of Demon’s Souls recently and it has made me want to play a new MH, but not on a portable system.

  • i want it now i love all the MH games ZOMG great sword ftw!!!

  • “I’ll be hopping on the PlayStation boards from time to time to fill you guys in on the latest and try and answer all the questions you might have.”

    Ad-hoc party or downloadable version of the game? Interesting.

  • been waiting for a new monster hunter for a long time

    Calendaros im just gonna let you know that psp can actually be played online in monster hunter. Its played through xlink servers.

  • @ Colin Ferris | April 6th, 2009 at 4:33 pm

    “4) I, too, was sad that we decided against Monster Hunter for the PS3. Though the game will be good on any console, I was looking forward to playing online with my friends over PSN.”

    Sorry Colin Ferris but I don’t waggle any Wiis. Also, I’m sure its not going to be as great on the Wii. They don’t even have a unified network. I’m guessing you’re a big fan of Nintendo’s friend codes aka Social Security number.
    Now if you want to say its going to sell a ton on the Wii due to the install base in Asia, then that’s cool. Don’t give us PR marketing push. I’d much rather the truth.

  • It’ll still be great on the Wii too. It will looks better and most likely play better than any Monster Hunter game before it, and no one knows how the online setup will function.

    Friend codes might not even be a factor (it doesnt have the official wi-fi logo on the box). Even if it is, it could work similar to how it worked on the PS2 english version, with lobbies still being factored in and friend codes just being a means of friend list additions.

  • Though I look forward to the game and will probably preorder, I still think it needs true online play. The lack of it was the main reason why the last two games were rated so poorly on so many websites, and only using the ad-hoc party now really doesn’t make up for it.

    Still, I wonder what sort of preorder bonuses we will see for it.

  • @123 TakiFuGu
    Couldn’t agree more. That was just a PR spin about this game being great on any Console. Sorry Colin Ferris, but that complete bull@#$% and you know it. A monster Hunter game on the PS3 with kick ass online will make you guys so much money, it isn’t even funny. But no, Capcom decided that the Playstation Monster Hunter fans aren’t as important as the Nintendo Monster Hunter fans. Oh wait, a Monster Hunter game hasn’t even been release on a Nintendo system yet.

  • @Colin Ferris
    you didn’t answer my question about the Monster Hunter Orage Manga Chapter 13 being release. Do you know of a release date of that chapter?

  • MH for PS3 please!
    MH Online for PC outside of Japan please!
    MH with infrastructure online for PSP please!


    Already pre-ordered cant wait

  • the author came off a bit too arrogant for my liking.

    Yeah its sold amazingly well in Japan.. but so has pokemon and a lot of other crappy stuff. Just like Japanese developers,, japanese gamers seem to have lost touch with how to make great games.

    (other than MGS4…)

  • I dunno, Pokemon main series titles are still pretty fun RPGs.

  • Just make a brand new, huge and complex version on the ps3.

  • Yeah yeah!! Please have the ability to play online through ps3 for the US. Please!! Wait, why don’t they just make it play online with wifi? Hmm, since yah dropped the ps3 version, I might have to pick up the Wii version.

  • And I got to agree with the others here.

    Make it available for download via PS Store on day one.

  • I waited all day and this is the only new blog. Mang.

  • @ Colin

    Here’s hoping that all the soccer moms in NA buy MH3 for the Wii! LOL In reality Capcom is only going to sell MH wii in Asia.

    – Universal Game Invites and Join Session Button(Friends list)
    – Voice Mail and Private Voice Chat in-game
    – Add OPTIONAL sound for notifications(sign on, new messages,etc.)
    -symbols and numbers that represent friends online and messages received somewhere on the XMB and beside message box
    -Auto Sync Trophies when received
    -More developed profiles(friend’s friends,nicer looking,last online, etc.) + mentioned options on profiles
    -Report feature to report issues, cheaters etc.
    -Faster loading in-game XMB and profiles
    -When you receive a message you should be able to push the PS button for it to automatically pop up as long as the notification is still there and if you are in a chat room the chat room should pop up.
    -More Avatars
    -XMB for PS2 games and movies

    Read more : http:*//*com/playstation/board/message?board


  • Dear Mr. Colin Ferris and Sony Officials.

    I am a huge Monster Hunter Fan who played almost all the Monster Hunter Games since PS2 days to PSP. (I have even played Monster Hunter Frontier for PC when I visited Korea, which is very popular there too)

    This is truly remarkable game as it features what “True Hunting” is about. (Almost good as hunting a deer without a rifle :)

    I am glad that Sony is FINALLY have decided to advertise on Monster Hunter game. Although I have to point out that it is rather too late. In comparison to the Japanese market, the North American sales of the game was rather poor. The reception of was cold and many gave low rating and complain about the how reparative the game is. (I bet all the reviewers never even achieve the Hunter Rank 2 :(

    –Continue on bottom post

  • On October of 2007, I was extremely shocked when Capcom announced that Monster Hunter Tri- will develop to Wii instead. Capcom “blamed” the high cost in development for PS3 was the reason, but I believe it is the Sony’s lack of advertisement and interest in the title is to blame. For example, In 2005, I saw SCEA did little in advertising Monster Hunter Freedom for PSP. (except for some megazine ad) Also North American version of Freedom was taken out of online feature. (Still many eventually use the X-link Kai to enjoy it)

    Last week, I have read a news article that Sony is frustrated by lack of Game Developer’s advertisement in PSN games. But Mr. Sony Officials, it is the gamers that frustrated by YOUR lack of advertisement. I am sure it is great that PS2 is now $99, but what about advertising more in MAG for example? (Massive Action Game, btw) The development website has no info on this game and some of my friend is suspecting that it will ended up same fate as “Eight Days” …..

    I am not posting this to humiliate or heckle Sony for no reason. I just felt to write and if my writing seems offensive, then I apologize in advance. But please Sony, do not ignore the gamers with your lack of attention.

  • Was that Two Face at the beginning?

  • RurouniSaiya-jin

    I don’t know who made this trailer but he definitely deserves a raise ^,^

    I’ve been looking to get into the Monster Hunter Series so I’ll probably pick this one up. And yeah, I hope Ad Hoc Party does come to N/A.

  • Ad-hoc party for US. Please.




  • Wow, I must be living in a hole, because I have not heard of this game. I have been wanting a really good reason to buy the PSP and I think this just might be it. Finally, the PSP is getting the respect it deserves!

  • Great article! …except for the “Join with three of your friends to hunt monsters that you simply couldn’t defeat on your own.” line. There is no monster that you cannot solo, but that is the just HR 6 in me being all “J00 1s wr0ngz!!!111!!!!!!1”

    Finally sounds like they are going to do some DECENT advertising for the game! About time! I am looking forward to watching the videos about the weapons, monsters, and strategies. As someone who has thousands of hours on the MH games, I really think those will be quite enjoyable! …as long as they show GAMEPLAY!

    The trailer that is posted in this blog and that is in Home is just lame and that is being nice. It hardly shows any gameplay, just focuses on the fact that it is huge in Japan. It also makes it sound like there has never been a MH released outside of Japan before. There have been 3 released in the US…

    …I don’t think this trailer is going to draw in any more hunters and it kind of mocks the current MH fanbase in the West. Speaking of the West was that filmed in London…? Really.

    Now about that ‘surprise’…

    …anyone else thinking it is AD HOC PARTY for the US!?

  • That guy is crazy, haha.

  • @ TakiFuGu

    Well they sure bought Mad World, Metroid Prime 3, No More Heroes, and House of the Dead Overkill huh?

  • I would be excited for this, if it wasn’t so late and still has no FRICKIN INFRASTRUCTURE!

    C’mon Capcom! Monster Hunter may be the biggest thing in Japan but in the west it’s not and I bet one of the main reason it’s not is because people here are more used to playing ONLINE! I really wanna get into this series and I can see why playing locally with 3 friends might be so addicting and fun. Well unfortunately none of my mates are into this series and I quite frankly don’t have time for hunting weekends as I’m too busy working, studying and spending what little time I have playing ONLINE on my PS3. If MHFU had online, I would be able to jump into it from work, uni or home without having to know people who are into it. Sadly you just do not get this through your heads.

  • Last but not least, Colin, you can say what you like mate but the truth is MH on the Wii will NOT be great with gimicky controls and online service that is pathetic a best. Capcom has treated PlayStation fans as nothing but garbage this generation and to give MH3 exclusively to the Wii is just a stab in the back of all the PlayStation fans who have supported this series since the beginning. Face it Colin, the only reason MH3 is even on the Wii is because it will be cheap to develop so you can make a truckload of money. I can only imagine how good MH3 could have been with the PSN and the hardware capabilities of the PS3. But Capcom is obviously only interested in making the biggest margin of profit instead of the best MH game.

  • I want MH3 on PS3, Capcom you backstabbers, it was originally announced for PS3 then Nintendo moneyhatted and you announced it for the Wii and canceled the PS3 version.

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