Ratchet & Clank Live Q&A with Insomniac Games

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With all the great Ratchet & Clank news of late — the reveal of Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time, and the ridiculously cool weapons contest — we figured you’d all have tons of questions in need of answers. So as promised, today at 1 PM Pacific / 4 PM Eastern, a trio of Insomniacs will be here to field all your inquires in this week’s PlayStation.Blog live chat. Attending from Insomniac Games will be Creative Director Brian Allgeier, Project Manager Bryan Bernal, and Community Manager James Stevenson. See you soon!

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who participated, and we hope you enjoyed the time with Insomniac. Don’t forget, you can view the entire chat by simply clicking “Replay” below. See you next time!

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  • Yep. My “OMG Insomniac” comment got through, but none of my questions…

    But Insomniac is still awesome.

  • why wont my comments show up?

  • Man this chat is lame. Letting through dumb stuff like “Insomniac you’re the best” which is true btw but is not a question. Isn’t this suppose to be Live Q&A? Isn’t that what the title says? You know Q&A as in QUESTIONS & Answers.

    LAME! Never meeting up for one of these again thats for sure.

  • OMG this is making me mad. I try hard to ask very good questions and I think other people probably are as well. I know Chris/Jeff has his hands full of questions, but why the hell is it, all I see is ‘Insomniac Rules!!’ posts!?!

    A lot of the questions posted arent even about the new game, I see very few ‘good’ questions up there. Cmon guys, search for the good ones, dont just post the ‘fanfare’ crap.

  • Will there be online co-op?

  • Learn to Moderate. 50% of the question are not questions, they are love letters. Don’t need to see those on chat while the true questions don’t get posted.

  • So, from reading everyone’s comments, I can tell that you’re all pretty ticked about notbeing listened to, right? that and the idiots that don’t even have an intelligent question or comment are the only ones that pop up, am I right? Who here’s from the East Coast? I think that only people from the West Coast get in.

  • I submitted about 30 questions and none of them even got posted. :|

  • I think captain Quwark must be moderating the comments.

  • I’m from the East Coast. I asked the same question about 100 times and haven’t been answered.

  • 53: RE: kdiep

    I totally agree, this is crap. We all know Insomniac rules, but we only have a freakin HOUR with them, why waist every ones time with nothing but fanfare! Even the guy that posted before you said his ‘omg Insomniac rules’ post was approved but none of his actual questions got posted.

    I went out of my way today to make sure Id be here for this chat. I want to at least see some good questions being posted.. Or.. just.. questions..

  • You know what, i think that everyone with an intelligent question should E- mail insomniac instead, we probably have a better chance of getting through, anyway.

  • “Even my parents love your game!”

    Why does that make it in? >:(

  • @ Griffins 22: thanks for replying to my frist post, it’s the only reply I’ve gotten for… FORTY- NINE MINUTES. You just lost some respect, Insomniac.

  • haha yeah waffman11. I think your right. I think this would actually be better if it wasnt a live chat and more like the Killzone chat they had a LONG time ago. I believe it was just a blog post (or a forum post, cant remember) and they replied to like almost every question over a long period of time.

    I really like the idea of real time chats, but it doesnt work when there arent any interesting questions getting through

  • “Get those last questions in!”

    And what do you call the last 50 minutes?

  • It’s official. My first and last live chat ever.

    The fanservice comments being let through instead of QUESTIONS, is incredible. I know of at least 10 people on GAF that have submitted Online and multiplayer questions, but none have showed up. But over a dozen stupid comments have.

  • “We only have a few minutes left with the Insomniacs! Get those last questions in…”\

    That’s what I’ve been trying to do the whole chat…

  • Seriously, i’ve sent so many good questions in and none have been answered:(
    I want to know more about the game, we had the Insomniacs in 60 minutes but none interesting questions came through.

  • Waffman11, you cant expect to actually get your post through, I came into this with some nice questions, but I never actually expect for them to get through.

    I did however expect for them to post some real good questions, instead all it is, is “OMG INSOMNIAC YAY!” and other questions that are really sadly not very good (not saying all are bad).

    The Live chats are great, just post some good questions damnit!

  • Seriously, one whole hour to get some information and all we get are a bunch of “OMG UR TE BOM I WUV U” comments.

  • maybe we should leave them some comments to tick them off, we might as well send them the junk that they let through and actually reply to. EVEN IF IT’S NOT A LEGITIMATE QUESTION!

  • They seem to care more about the weapon contest than the actual game.

  • So I asked two. Never saw them on the chat.

    WEIRD!!! Only certain questions allowed? puh!

  • Who filters the questions? None of my questions showed up.

  • Griffins22 = My thoughts exactly.

  • This is bull crap I asked a ton of relevant questions but I didn’t get any through, and then there is a crap ton of “ooo my favorite series” and joke questions. I am really pissed off.

  • Hey, Griffins 22, starBlinky01, we should become a band of crusaders against the few things that Sony does wrong, it’s so hard to find people who are sensible and hasn’t sold out completely to Sony being a god- like corpration on the internet.

  • What a joke that was. Want to know what I learned? A lot of people like Insomniac.

  • That was great thanks guys and keep up the great work!!! :D

  • This was very dissapointing :( I’ve been so excited about this, and none interesting questions came through. I should have practiced on the exam i am having tomorrow, but I was so excited about this :(

  • E3 can’t come soon enought, along with this game being shown, as well as Hideo Kohima’s next game reveal, the dang PS3 will be getting too many great games. YAY!!!

  • That was AWESOME :D!

  • Haha, that sounds fun. Insomniac’s my favorite game developer, but they really missed a good chance to conncect with their fans today.

  • What a turd. The only thing I really got through was “Thanks for answering all of our questions!”, and I wasn’t even serious — I was being sarcastic. ‘-.-

  • P.S. to my #78 comment: no offense to those of you posting comments now, i’m just uber ticked off right now.

  • Im so upset! I wanted to know about online plaY!!!


  • Mleh. Nothing substantive learned. Waste of time. Atleast the chat wasn’t as sucky as the Watchmen chat.

    I will not be making any effort to attend future chats.

  • I asked:
    1. About any potential online functionality
    2. About a Collector’s Edition
    3. If there are any fresh new design ideas
    4. How this being their 4th PS3 game has helped

    and lots more. none got in :(

  • Was it region locked or something. I asked 3 question and none got through.

  • Stupid Chris.

  • whoever was moderating those questions was making me mad!
    i was asking about the toys?
    when is there gonna be a trailer for it?
    is quark gonna be playable in this one since he is getting more face time than ever?
    come on!!!
    nothing was getting through except people kissing their butts!

  • Also, it wasn’t region locked. My brother got some questions through.

  • yeah i got a couple through..like awesome! and can you submit multiple weapon designs? that was the only question i got through. geez

  • I’m on the west coast, My questions didn’t make it.

    My main question is simply. Is A Crack in Time approximately the same length as Tools of Destruction?

  • WAY COOL ! my wife is a design artist and she submitted one called the
    ALIEN ABDUCTIONATOR .. She says she hopes you guys over at INSOMNIAC like her concept .AND that she loves your games …

  • Keeping in mind that any questions regarding things like co-op, online, or length of the game, would not be approved by whoever moderated them, the chat wasn’t too bad. No one should have really expected any big reveals to come out of this.

    Whoever moderated the chat should have allowed many more questions to be asked, rather than all the compliments and whatnot though.

  • None of my questions went through.

  • Darn! Missed it by that (“”) much!!!

  • I think we can all agree that if you are over the age of 13 and formed an intelligible question, your query was left unanswered. Insomniac, you guys rock, but the dodging of relevant, interesting questions has robbed me an hour of my life. Good riddance to your silly live chats!

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