Jak & Daxter Are BACK!

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If there wasn’t enough excitement from GDC last week, here’s even more! We are happy to announce that Jak & Daxter are coming to the PSP and PS2!

Developed by High Impact Games, Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier takes the intrepid pair all the way to the edge of the world. There they must battle their way past air pirates and sinister creatures in their quest to find a cure for the world’s eco shortage. Keep an eye out for this title to be available later this year!

Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier Brink Castaway

Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier screenshotost Frontier screenshot Brink Volcano

Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier screenshot Brink Castaway 2

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  • The real April Fools joke would be SONY lowers price on PS3. Ha ha, good times.

  • Uhhh PS3??? I mean im no fan of Jak and Dexter, but putting it on the PS2 seems like a mistake, like the one that happened with GoW2, and that was excusible because of the timeline, but here we are like 2 years later and your still putting big names on PS2, which is good bc of your price drop, but how about some PS3 love?

  • dang… was really hoping this would be for PS3. i guess i can wait a couple more years though seeing as how this years PS3 exclusives are going to be setting me back quite a bit!


  • ps2 is still going strong, i will buy a slim-ps2 soon.
    seeing as i still have an old one without built-in Ethernet :P

    i like the PS2 because it’s a bit more casual than the PS3, it’s got all the 3rd party games the wii got and it’s more than 50% cheaper both hardware and games.
    the PS2 is a much better choice than a wii “dollar per dollar value”.

  • PS3 version plz

  • Will the PS2 / PSP versions of the game be the same story?? If so I will prolly just rock teh PS2 version on my oldschool PS3, hooray for backwards compat. :)

  • this is april 1st ;)
    it’s a joke ;)

    it’s going to be on the PS3.

  • This is a bad april fool’s joke because this is something I actually want.

  • Great but was hoping for a ps3 game.

  • Not on PS3 ? That’s the WORST IDEA EVER.

  • Yeah…..suuuuure I’ll believe this one.

  • y must they joke about making another jak and daxter the greatest game ever made

  • I dont mind a PSP version but a PS2 version! come on I know you guys want to keep supporting PS2 but this game MUST be a PS3/PSP exclusive. I have 5 friends waiting on a J&D PS3 exclusive game. They said that they wont buy one until that happens. Please let it be an April Fools joke and announce the game exclusively to the PS3/PSP!

  • Totally April Fools, the graphics look worse then Jak 3. It looks like a PC mod from the 90s.

  • @50 Yeah, right. It’s more the PS2 thing that’s puzzling people, not that the next Jak & Daxter will be on PSP, as well. That last bit makes at least some sense. PSP’s a great platform. But, why relegate a revered AAA franchise to an aging platform, like PS2?

    Whatever you try to do, on a decent set, it’s just still going to look bad.

  • It also makes me wonder if the PSP and PS2 versions are both identical?

  • I saw the title and got all excited for a PS3 version, so this was kind of a letdown, but still cool. Especially another PSP game.

  • Folks, Naughty Dog will most likely develop J@D4 on the PS3… right? Or did we miss something and did ND sold the entire franchise all of the sudden?

  • @65 They handled part of the Ratchet and Clank franchise pretty well on PSP and PS2,so it’s not a big stretch of the imagination.
    Plus 140 million consoles sold is quite a larger user base than what the PS3 has currently.

  • hahaha, enewtabie,
    keep fighting the good fight man. People are so MAD! PR tip – never announce anything on April Fool’s Day.

  • no way i’m believing anything that’s posted ANY WHERE today. lol.

  • Hopefully high impact games will update their website so people can check to see it’s legit.

  • Hey people, if these screens were screens of Jak on Dexter PS3 in an early stage of development ? That would be AWESOME !

    But PS2 = no buy.

  • WoW this is just wrong. Happy april fool every one I know this was all you was waiting on!!!!! (I’M ON THE FLOOR)Where is Naughty Dog’s say in this?

  • Wolverine movie leaked, G-20 summit protesters, Republican call for repeal of stimulus bill, etc. – I CALL APRIL FOOL’S!
    Nothing can possibly happen today because everyone on the internet is not gullible enough to buy into it. You guys are wise beyond your years. Most of you are 12 right?

  • April fools? But if this game is true, then I probably won’t get it. I was disappointed with R&C: Size Matters, so I may feel the same way with this game too.

  • @70 StalkingSilence

    Yeah,that probably wasn’t the best idea in the world. Oh well. I guess when folks are using J&D to help Kiera and using the gunstaff it won’t be a joke :)
    I hate this day.

  • April Fools! nice try!

  • sorry for offtop,but whats about new Playstation Eye Games? There is no good games for ps eye.

  • come on sony get this game on ps3 no one wants it for ps2 maybe a psp verison is ok but man we need this on ps3.

  • I’m gonna be pissed if this is not coming to the PS3…

  • hey guy, secret multiplayer skins for Killzone 2 have been revealed…you can play as Emperor Vidari and Colonel Radec!!! check it out


  • lol I wonder if this is an April Fools joke. If it isn’t, then I’d like to say that I wish Naughty Dog worked on the game instead, AND that it would be so much better on PS3! lol. Ah, whatevs, I just hope it’ll turn out good.

  • Awesome, day one purchase for PSP. We need a PS3 version.

  • Um folks.
    Sony sent out a press release for this.

  • If this isn’t an April Fool’s joke, then I’m glad I have a BC-PS3!

    I can’t wait! Maybe this will lead to a PS3 version next year… Hey, one can wish…

  • Looks like it could be fun, as long as it isn’t like Jak 2… lol.
    Also, curious why the textures are sooo blurry, both the PSP and PS2 can do better than that, I know they can!

  • lol a ps2 game…its should be ONLY psp or only PS3…why are you alienating your psp audience?

    first size matters, then secret agent clank, then motorstorm, now this (if its real that is) whats next? resistance? littlebigplanet?

  • The first jak & daxter was great but it kinda lost it’s charm when they added guns to the sequels and everything got all serious.

  • I think that Naughty Dog doesn’t want to hand the reigns of a current-gen Jak and Daxter to another dev and the High Impact guys seem to have a knack for this stuff.

    I’m sure it’ll be fun. Although I have to admit that their Ratchet games didn’t do much for me.

  • Seeing as the PSP has gotten the main franchises from the PS2 days is there any chance the PSP will get Sly Cooper Next?

    Also I know the PS2 was just lowered to 100 dollars but I really do not want to keep seeing more PS2 games come out.

    Because now this game can’t use all the power of the PSP. It would be better to have just made this game a PSP game or PS2 game so the game could have used the power of the system.

    So I hope next time if there is a new PSP game it will be just for the PSP or at least have the PSP game a set amount of time as exclusive. Because right now if you own a PS2 there would be no need to buy the PSP version seeing as the PS2 version will most likely be the better one.

    That being said is there any chance of Jak on the PS3 and a new Sly game too?

  • @Enewtabie, you should realize that people don’t buy a PS3 without a reason, namely to get new games in HD gfx’s and not games that are being focussed on a last gen console while the PS3 is already over 2 years old.

    This is probably not the main game and most likely not Jak 4, ND will, hopefully, develop that for on the PS3.

    “Plus 140 million consoles sold is quite a larger user base than what the PS3 has currently”

    Um then perhaps all PS3 games should have better been released on the PS2 hey. Really what you’re saying is nonsense.

  • ” lowhonor | April 1st, 2009 at 10:21 am

    lol a ps2 game…its should be ONLY psp or only PS3…why are you alienating your psp audience?

    first size matters, then secret agent clank, then motorstorm, now this (if its real that is) whats next? resistance? littlebigplanet?”

    In case you’ve been sleeping under a rock lately, Resistance Retribution for on the PSP has just been released and LBP has been announced a long time ago for on the PSP…

  • WooHoo…Love me some Jak and Daxter:)

  • @91
    You should probably read what I typed again as maybe it wasn’t clear to you. PS3 titles don’t get made in a hurry unless your “Insomniac.”** and with a large user base it makes sense to make titles that can be turned around in a hurry while giving the PSP/PS2 a sort of exclusivity to them. I have no doubt a J&D will follow down the road,but not this year. So it’s not nonsense..just common sense bud.

    This is the real deal. Sony has issued a press release for the game.

  • Great news, High Impact Games have a good track record on PSP with the two Ratchet & Clank games.
    The next “big” Jak & Daxter game should come from Naughty Dog themselves, so this is a pretty good compromise.

  • WooHoo..I Love Jak and Daxter:)

  • @Enewtabie then you should have said that in more words, because that one sentence made it sound entirely different…

  • FAKE, if it was real Ready at Dawn would have been making it

  • Sony needs to start concentrating more on PS3/PSP and stop all this PS2 stuff. The PS2 is dying and the new baby is the PS3. PS3 is the future and NOT the PS2. GET IT RIGHT SONY!!!!!

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