LittleBigChallenge: The Golf Course Challenge

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LBP Hot Shots Golf contest

To celebrate the release of SackBoy in Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds, we’re putting together the first official LittleBigPlanet golf course where each hole is designed and created by the LBP community.

The best 9 holes and a driving range from North America and the most popular 9 holes and club house from Europe will form the official LittleBigPlanet golf course. So not only can you win individual glory at having your hole selected, but your creation will forever be part of this course!

Every winning entry will be awarded a LittleBigPlanet prize crown, so start drafting up your designs and switch to create mode! The Challenge has officially begun!

How to take part:

To enter, simply create and publish your hole or driving range in LittleBigPlanet before midnight on April 14, 2009 (Pacific Time). What makes a good hole? That’s entirely up to you – think Hot Shots Golf, think LittleBigPlanet, mash the two together and see what you come up with.

So that we can easily identify entries, and if you live in the US or Canada, you need to name your level in a specific way:

    LBPGolfNA” for US entries and “LBPGolfCA” for Canadian entries

You can then follow this name by either “Driving Range” or “Par 3, 4, 5” etc, depending on how long or difficult your level is. For example:

    LBPGolfCA- Par 4” is a moderately difficult, average length hole from a Canadian Creator.
    LBPGolfNA- Driving Range” is a driving range from a US Creator.

(Note – Driving Range levels are limited to the US for this Challenge.)

We’ll then have a two-week voting period from Tuesday April 14 to Monday April 27 where you can play, vote and “heart” your favorite golf levels. Media Molecule will select the 9 winning holes and driving range for North America from eligible levels that get the best ratings during this time.

Click here for US Terms & Conditions

Click here for Canadian Terms & Conditions

Good luck and we’ll see you on the links!

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  • I want to participate but I’m not sure if we simple do a Fiel or we actually have to implement a Swinging Mechanic to it?

  • my friends and i got the trophies for this game – cause it was toooo easy at golf trophies & awards they’re funny lol

  • Another level pack would be nice.
    A Mega Man level/costume pack would be EPIC!

  • The best 9 holes and a driving range from North America

    but in the rules it says

    Seven (7) Level winners and One (1) Driving Range winner will
    be selected among all qualifying entries

    So which is it, 7 or 9?

  • I have published my entry!
    please could people check out “LBPGolfEU Par 4” by “mmmpieisgood”!

  • i have little to no understanding why something about this doesn’t show up on the “NEWS” or “FEATURED LEVELS” or anything. I know searching reveals the levels fairly easily for those of us who know about this, but what about those LBP players who are not aware there is a competition taking place, and to vote now that we’re in the voting period?!

    NEWS never gets updated in LBP

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