Noby Noby Boy Multiplayer Teaser

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Just wanted to let you know I’m going to talk a lot about Noby Noby Boy during my panel at GDC. I’d like to proclaim with confidence that I’ll be there on the 26th. Please come and enjoy my stories about the game! However, since I have been busy working on the update, I haven’t had the chance to think about what to say. What a dilemma! I’ll be putting my thoughts together during my flight to San Francisco. So, please excuse me for the blog being so short. But for now, please enjoy this teaser video of the multiplayer mode.

Too many boys… uh…gross, aren’t they? Well, this is Takahashi.

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  • PS3 & PSP:
    -ATSC digital TV Tuner Add-on for PS3 and PSP.
    -Transfer files wirelessly between PSP and PS3.
    -Non-Playstation titles available as digital downloads (Playable on both PS3 and PSP).
    -Music Store (DRM Free).
    -Game Installation: copy PS1, PS2 & PSP games to the hard drive, installed games will require a disc check after a certain amount of time, could be from 24 hours to a week. To Copy PSP games connect it via usb.

  • -Game Kiosks: •Will offer various game demos that can be downloaded to the PSP wirelessly.
    •Will offer Full PSP games on Memory Sticks. You cannot play the game until you link it to your account, once the game has been activated you’ll be able to play it. The game will show on your “owned digital games” list; you can delete the game and re-download it later. Copying the game to your PC before it has being activated will lock it. You won’t be able to use copied files even if they were activated.
    •Will allow people to trade their games (disc version) for the digital version. Your game has to have a Digital Version available or you won’t be able to trade. If the digital version is $30 you have to pay $10 + your game. Most people who own the disc version don’t plan on buying the same game twice, so they won’t be buying the digital version, so by doing this not only are they getting rid of used game sells (GameStop, which gives them no money), but they are also making money off of it.

  • i still dont know how this game works

  • @48 – My spending habits are that obligation.

    If they want me to spend my money on their products, it *must* be in a way that is satisfactory to me.

    Physical media *is* better and the customer (me) is always right.

  • I can’t wait to eat my friends Boy… =D Or steal his dropped tail!

    … I’m itching to know whether the stretch-length will multiply for multiple people, so our goal of Mars is closer.

  • Awesome! My kids love your game and I do as well!

    Thanks for the support and we’re heading to Mars…yohoooo!

  • i spotted three =]
    and i got an idea.
    Noby Noby Boy In Little big planet!


    …If you were a “hardcore gamer” you’d play any game, guns or not.

    Stop labeling yourself something you aren’t. kthxbi.

  • @54

    Actually you’re still wrong, it’s not an obligation, it’s an oppourtunity. An obligation means they have to do something, or they must do something. Obviously you’re money isn’t worth the cost.

    In addition, you’re not a customer, at least not when it comes to this game. You’re a potential customer, and the potential customer is not always right. If sony thought you had even a shred of truth to your arguments, you would see them putting these types of games on disc. Obviously they know something you don’t.

    And as for the customer is always right… well there seem to be a lot more customers against you than with you on this issue.

  • Looking forward to the update. Have a great flight!

  • @59

    They have an obligation to satisfy PS3 owners. I am a PS3 owner, and *that* makes me a customer. Therefore, they are obligated to satisfy me. It’s that simple.

    At the *very least* there should be both versions – physical and DLC – for those who want it.

    It’s not that they know something I don’t. It’s that they are simply misguided and care more about killing the used game market than fulfulling customer demands.

  • If they released this on a disc, they wouldn’t make any money due to the disc cost and case and such. I hope if they ever do put things on a disc its more expensive so people like Gumbydunzeeto can just shut up and download a cheap, fun game like everyone else seems to be able to

  • @62 – Yes everyone who doesn’t agree with the majority should just shut up.

    That’s what forums are for.


  • i cant wait for this! i thought id never get into this game but its so odd its addicting

  • looks like a weird game…. in a good way, CANT WAIT :D

  • haha gumby you really should shut up, you’re embarrassing yourself mate. the only obligation sony has to ps3 owners is to repair your console if it breaks within the first 12 months. thats the only contract you have with them my friend. buy enough shares to become a member of the board if you want your personal opinion to matter, otherwise STFU

  • Why is everyone saying two? Pause it RIGHT when they come out.

    One.. two.. three. Three BOYs! Ah-ah-ah-ah!

    @20: No. You’re stretching and reporting the accumulative amount you’ve stretched to GIRL. Eating is pretty much just a function unnecessary to the game, except for a few trophies.

    @28: Noby Noby Boy launched with in-game custom soundtracks.

    You’re just one customer. Don’t try and speak as if you’re the majority. As much as I love Noby Noby Boy, it’s not a game suited to disc. It’d be like putting Flock or Fat Princess on a disc, albeit Noby Noby Boy is.. somewhat different than those games. If you don’t have CC, then get a PSN card.

  • Oh!

    I’m looking forward to the new updates, Takahashi. Will we just get the content included in the 3 daydreams or do you have some surprises for us yet?

    Also, please do not pay attention to the negative comments and whining that some people leave in the comments section. The folks who leave those are non-contributing zeros who only like to hear themselves whine.

    Well, until next time, we’ll see you Keita.

    Oh! One more thing!

    Good luck with your GDC speech!

  • Demand there is probably only 1 – 3% of PS3 owners that would want that. That isn’t demand. Demand is what the market as a majority wants. You sound like a fifty year old man not under standing the concept of paying for a service and getting something in return even if it isn’t physical. Disc versions are not better playing nothing but games that play just off the disc killed the Laser in my PS3 in two years and I had to replace it myself. Disc’s get scratched you have to buy a new one lets see you scratch a download and make it unplayable.

    Oh and yea damn Sony for making it possible for developers that could of never even gotten anything on the PS2 a chance because they had to be put on disc. I hate how they made it possible for anyone with an idea and linux to program their own games and try to submit them to Sony. (sarcasm if you didn’t notice) lol

  • More I read from Keita and more I read that “he didn’t think”. Yet, in this case. Keita, are you what, a sensitive? Probably a pure creationist! :D

  • @65 – That’s not the point. The point is I want a *real, physical* game. I will not and cannot accept buying DLC.

    @66 – You’re wrong.

  • @Gumbydunzeeto STFU!!!

    I assume everyone understands what I mean with this. If you don’t want to be a part of modern technology then go play on your last gen consoles and leave this website alone,… p… lease.

  • @72

    This is a forum for expressing opinions.

    If you don’t like what I have to say, you’re equally free to leave.

  • This is a place to discus the interview or game they are talking about if you want to [DELETED] about them not putting games on disc go to the actual forums and start a thread this is a blog to ask questions about the games they are discussing.

  • This is a good game, but nowhere near as great as Katamari Damacy games. I still hope they will port over Beautiful Katamari to the PS3. Please Namco, listen to your fans!

    Also, fix the camera in Noby Noby Boy, it is so freaking annoying it kills the fun.

    Noby could also use a few things like a GOAL in each stage, other than flying up in the air and stretching and reporting. That gets old real fast. We need GOALs in each stage please. And make it some kind of challenge to streth the BOY.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • Pshoooo. Thrill_Kill, there is a goal! The goal is to stretch GIRL until she reaches all planets in the Solar System or maybe even beyond. Hopefully there will be some way in the future to grow faster.

    As far as Katamari goes, Keita said he doesn’t have anything else to express with that concept. However, Namco is releasing a ‘Katamari Tribute’ game on the PS3 if you want your Katamari fix.

  • I wish the update would be released already! I’m bored out of my mind switching between earth and the moon. When is she going to get to the new planet? You can only play it for so much until there’s an update. Anyone else feel the same way?

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