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The world’s first console-based Alternate Reality Game starts today in PlayStation Home.

Called Xi , the adventure takes place in a series of secret areas in Home – and beyond – changing day by day, week by week, in real time. Anyone with a PLAYSTATION 3 can join in the fun for free.

To discover the mystery of Xi, simply log on to PlayStation Home and look for the graffiti on the wall in the main square. Find that, and all will be revealed….

xi graffiti

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  • To that guy that deleted Home:
    That’s what you get for not being patient. For someone who (most likely) like innovation, you didn’t have the vision to see where Home could go. THEN you complained. I hate people like you.

  • It’s so busy now, all you naysayers may wanna wait some more. Let the Home faithful finish with it since you will just get bored and complain anyway.

  • Fantastic. The very first alternate reality game on a console. This is beginning to get interesting. First scavenger hunt, what’s next laser tag? LOL. Great job Home Team

  • this looks really fun, i definitely have to check this out

  • sounds tight. can’t wait to find some graffiti and try this out. new features are a HUGE +++!


  • The new space is kinda fun. i mean you can browse the web while in HOME from this new space. that’s a nice feature right there.

  • this is the best space so far im lovein it and im textin this from the hub space in home thanks team i hope u find jess im helpin gd job team

  • That was fun. When are the three teleporters going to work?

  • ARGs make me go crazy, but this is seriously one of the coolest events US/EU Home has put together that I’ve seen thus far.

  • CydoniaX … we need to dance some time.

    PS…was there REALLY a USB key found or did they have to ‘feed’ that clue :)

  • the Hub looks very cool… Q: are we going to have access to that browser from outside the hub? also, when do we get the next challenges?

  • its gonna be a bloodbath

  • i just found one now..and the place is called the HUB….

  • I feel sad for not having a PS3 right now… :(

  • That’s the greek letter Ξ, pronounced ‘X’. The greek X is ‘H’. So where does this all fit in?


    us playstation forums gurus have been following this Xi mystery since it popped up in february.

    cant wait to see what the end of this is. sweet.

  • Very cool. I will check it out but I have to agree with ruffneckc.

    I think some man power should be dedicated into implementing the below features ASAP as well as giving interface control a once over. I long for new messages to auto open.

    1) XMB – Voice Chat across games
    2) XMB – Voice messaging(30 sec clip)
    3) HOME – Game Launching for all games

  • Xi Kicks ass! Thanx devs

  • I checked it out, unlock one butterfly and a part of that document or paper, or what ever it is.
    Is this going have new “quests” added daily/weekly/monthly or how is this going to work.
    Or have i just missed something, because I’m pretty sure i clicked on almost everything in that place.

  • Hi, Cydonia,

    Thank you for this addition into Home. it was good surprise , indeed. I finished the first expedition, it took me a while to complete it, but it was worth it when I did. Just waiting for the updates to continue the other expeditions, and when will the teleports finally work & where will they take us to?, and when will we get the long awaited Trophy room? It’s long over due. another question for you…will we receive any Trophy or prizes after finishing single expeditions or the entire series of expeditions?
    Thanks Cyd & locust for the new adventure. Look forward for all the new udates coming to Home in the next few months.

  • HAHAHAHAHAH sounds interesting!

  • You guys should have home trophies. all of them being bronze since home keeps getting bigger.

  • you should change the name from The Hub to The lag

  • when i try to do the puzzle, how come it says “javascript is not enabled” when really it is enabled… what gives?

  • Waiting for server. Please wait…

  • xi is really cool

  • is it available for us european home users aswell? cause really compared to the US and japan our home sucks monkey balls

  • but for the puzzel iit says i need javascript enalbed

  • F YEAH this is frickin fantastic

  • Does “open to anyone” actually mean it? It’s not US-only? Can Canadians participate?

  • Whoa…I think I might check out Home today.

  • Is this anything like the uncharted bottom door code in the home closed beta? If so I’ll pass (that door had my brain hurting) but it did bring the community together, which was good and bad (everyone bunched up in front of the door putting in random codes)

  • whats jess favorite band? pls tell me sombody?

  • @ Odium_Generis, what gives you the right to HATE ON someone because they think HOME SUCKS? HUH who are you to be oh so mighty to tell him what he did was wrong, you’re a little punk know it all, why don’t you just go back to the BORING PLACE THAT IS HOME. Really I can’t understand people LIKE YOU who complain about other peoples actions when it doesn’t even reflect or cause harm to you in any way shape or form.

    Go play your XBOX BUDDY!

  • it’s on the european home aswell hey this is quite fun :)

  • ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    1) XMB – Voice Chat across games
    2) XMB – Voice messaging(30 sec clip)
    3) HOME – Game Launching for all games

    Cmon keep this up!!

  • Cy when you say in development that means it could be out next year right?

  • I understand how hard it is to do all these things you guys are doing and I just wanted to say thank you! Most people just complain about what they don’t have but fail to realize everything else you all are doing for your fans. I personally love Sony products and have really put my trust in the brand and have never been disappointed, Keep up the good work guys!

  • Glad to hear there are regular updates. Haven’t been Home in a while. Will have to check things out tonight…

  • This is pretty cool! I’m glad Home is evolving. The PS3 is the only console I’ve felt that’s worth owning this generation. I think the Wii is worth the 250, but I paid 150 for another crappy current gen system and I feel like it’s garbage. I use my PS3 everyday!

    Also Sony, you should make an XMB Join game. Whereas, you can send a Join game invitation and all the other person has to do is press Triangle on your name (with the game disc) and you directly join their game! It would seriously be the ONLY thing the PS3 needs. I feel everything else is amazing. I would also like to see Custom Soundtracks implemented in many more games like RPGs or sports games.

    Thanks for reading this

  • Oh, and GET MICROPHONES fixed in Home if they aren’t already. Home feels dead without hearing people talking when I move around!

  • Love the space but how do I activate the service? kinda confusing?

  • Wonderful Cyd, something to rival even 1024…

  • Its a great Home Space Home team thank you now i can do this to hold me over for the EA space and ill do this daily afterwards anyway.

  • Yeah! I just got my first butterfly! Do you know when there will be new missions and stuff? We on the forums (Vive La Resistance!!!) have been waiting for this and 1 mission seems too little. I’m going to explore The Hub and see if I can find more things.

  • sounds……hmmmmmm

  • Very interesting guys. I am going to look into this

  • Please answer my question,
    How can i wear the stuff i unlocked from RE5 and SFIV?

    thanks in advance.

  • @86 read what they responded to the OP about that :O

  • Thanks for the update for Home, it sounds like a good update.
    It’s great to hear voice chat and in game invite are in development, thanks for that. Is the use of custom soundtracks for all our games also in development as well? I mean will we be able to select our music from the XMB like the Xbox 360 can and play it while playing a game? I and several other PSN members would really love this feature as quite a lot of games have not been patched by developers to include custom soundtracks. It would be so much easier if you could implement this function to run direct from the PS3.
    Thanks again for the update for Home.

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