God of War Developer Interview #1 – Game Director Stig Asmussen Answers Your Questions

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Right before God of War III’s first playthrough was revealed to the media, we asked you: If you could ask the development team anything, what would it be? I then scribbled your queries onto a card and ran off to the event. We rolled camera, and since we’re now at GDC week, what better time to meet the team and get those questions answered?

So here we are, the first of five videos, beginning with a familiar face: Stig Asmussen, God of War III’s Game Director answers your questions, ranging from the game’s accessibility, influences, and what the power of the PS3 allows the team to do.

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  • Jeff can you plz forward this msg for me to Stig? Thanks, ‘Stig, you look so much like Brucie in GTA IV, whats ur secret?!”

  • I’d like to see an interview with the mo cap actors for the ‘mini games’….


    Congrats on the baby news Jeff.


    Commenting from the PS3 on the blog still results in me getting kicked to a 404 page after submitting. I cleared the cache as you last advised but same result. Any other hints? Not the end of the world but slightly annoying as I do use the PS3 to browse ALOT.

    (Corner Dylan Jobe…We need answers!)

    • Ah, you were on the PS3! We\’re optimizing the blog for the PS3 browser, a result of that survey we ran a few weeks back! Please, be patient in the meantime.

  • @ Jeff, Reply to #26

    So basically Killzone 2 is being ousted already in terms of visual quality?? haha
    PS3 and Cell ftw!

    • Really, it\’s apples and oranges to compare the two, but let me just say, you will be amazed when you see God of War III.

  • Wow, can’t wait for the next interview & the final game!!!!
    Jeff, my brother saw you in the video & said he looks so familiar & he thinks he has seen you in a TV series before.

  • @54


    (I kid)

  • Lucky!!!!!!

  • I have only beaten God of War (first) and was totally disappointed by some aspects of it. I thought it was a fun game, but Pandoras box was just a Mario Mushroom and it took 90% of the game! Not to mention 3 boss battles.

    Is God of War II better? I’ll have to pick it up soon.

  • Great interview. Are we going to be seeing anything new during GDC this week?

  • Sucks to be you, angelcoma. :p

  • Can you ask Stig, what his most favorite next gen game is, besides God OF War PS3?

  • Cool interview, looking forward to next ones.

  • Jaffe, Barlog, Asmussen. Why do GOW directors names keep getting weirder!?

  • hi, I don’t know if this the right place to ask but since you seem one of the more respectable representatives of sony I would very much like to ask..

    why is there no PSN support or acknowledgment of the arab world or north africa until now? we have to export unavailable psn cards from other countries, change our countries to the USA in the ID country selection just to be able to purchase games or media, why must it be such a hassle?

    I would appreciate if you could forward this to the responsible people or redirect me to where I can try to find out anything else.

    oh and good luck on GDC :)

  • Great work man, see if you can get them to tell you something about the “trademark” GOW scenes and how it will be implemented in this game.

  • @HmcR

    I couldn’t agree with you more man. Not just North Africa, more like the whole of Africa… sucks but oh well. A PS3 goes for over $1000 in Nigeria. And that is getting it cheap.

  • So Jeff. What do you have to say about David Gaffe’s take on the game so far as “a painting come to life” and such. Do you agree from what you’ve seen? Is it an understatement, exageration?

    BTW: glad to see gamers questions and so many responses from you . looks like the average gamer can finally get his voice across to the developers.

  • 4 hours of interviews?


    Still he could have cheered up a bit for the loyal PSBlog fans eh? That looked like the coldest interview I have ever seen on this blog!

  • “Better than anything I’ve ever seen!”

    Man, this game will SO ROCK!

  • Taking away Kratos’s powers for him to have to unlock again seems so been there done that.
    I really hope they find a way around this, like new bad a$$ powers for example.

  • omg cant w8 for this!!!!!!!

  • @lordDeff,

    thnx for the support man, but it really is getting on my nerves to see all these great psn games like SSF2THD, the pixeljunk series, savage moon and others not being in my reach when I am so willing to, it’s been 2 years and a half and still we’re neglected, yes the service has been more than excellent and the ps3 is the best console I owned to date but still the full experience is yet to be seen by many loyal sony fans over here in africa and the arab world, especially egypt.

  • I liked the reference to Shadow of the Colossus, hope to see something from those guys this week at GDC.

  • wow Jeff great interview , and i like that you were asking questions that WE the fans wanted to know , excellent man , keep it up and i have been pumped for GOW3 since sony unveiled it last E3 lol

  • hey jeff, just wanna clear something. that footage shown with the video, is that the demo that u guys saw. I only ask you that co i have downloaded that video from the PlayStation store. so i would really appreciate if u could confirm the fact whether the demo is the same as the game footage shown during the video or is the demo something completely different.if i am asking a question which has already been answered, i apologise. thanks

  • @ Jeff, Reply to #53

    I’ll take your word for it man..

    ooo and I don’t know if its possible, but can a reply “tree” be coded into the blog?
    Basically when a “red” reply occurs, the original commenter, can reply to the red comment and it appears right under the red comment.

    That would be great..and organised! :P

  • It looks awesome! Thanks guys

  • Nice interview just beat GOd of war on the psp yesterday. Such an awesome game!
    lookin forward 2 this game
    “The game is better than any5thing I ve ever seen”-OUCH to killzone 2 jk lol!

  • Question!

    I just noticed my avatar shows up as a generic face thing. On my PS3, I have the Killzone icon. Any clue why my avatar shows up differently here?

  • Nice interview Jeff!

  • This game looks awesome! top notch epicness! Great job on this game so far! :)

    And a very good interview …

  • Great interview thanks
    cant wait to hear more about it

  • I am working on my working right now so I can’t really listen to the interview, but from what I’m reading people are pretty excited. I can’t wait to actually hear this.

  • Thanks for directing our questions to the lead game director Jeff!! Stig’s responses were very shallow and insubstantial; the games development is still in the preliminary stages. Please dedicate a section on the PSN Store for GDC ’09 content for the upcoming Thursday update. Integration between the PS Blog and Store is vital. Are these interviews on the spot or planned ahead of time?

  • When will see the stuff that you saw?!! The gameplay?!!

  • Awesome, good work Jeff. Thanks for all the great interviews. I’m looking forward to the next couple God of War III videos and inFamous.

  • Jeff Rubenstein, thank you for sharing this interview with God of War III fans. Much appreciated. Can’t wait for #2 and so on.

    Stig specifically referenced Gears of War 2 as a game that he really liked when you questioned him about influences on God of War III.

    You’ve said God of War III is the best thing you’ve ever seen. Have you seen Gears of War 2? In your opinion, is God of War III better than what you’ve seen in Gears of War 2?

  • Nice interview, can’t wait to see!

    Also, am i the only one who thinks Stig looks like Phil Harrison?

  • stig is the effing man!! hes right up there with jaffe and barlog. i hope that they duplicate and push GoW3 farther in the same way they did with 1 going into 2. cannot wait for the other interviews!


  • Hey Jeff… I saw you comment to some guys question yesterday and you said that the PlayStation Official Magazine was getting a new feature. Is that feature for the game you were talking about, or is this going to be something completely new for the mag.

    BTW, thanks for the interview. This game is really looking great.

  • cool interview… what’s with the evil stare @ 5:40?

  • When we will be able to see the footage shown at GDC???

  • Jeff i have been told to talk to you. One of the people on my site said tell you that i have a site, and he told me to tell you that maybe you could help us promote out site alittle and we could promote playstation blog on ours.

  • Kewl, this game is continually slipping on and off my radar. Looks like its back on for now. Hopefully we can get a game that looks fantastic AND plays well. Not to mention I hope it has a good story with a decent script and voice acting.

  • Hmm, Jeff does work for Sony, so it’s his job to praise it…but “better than anything I’ve ever seen”..that’s a statement and a half.

    Is that based upon stuff that you saw that we haven’t? The trailer is good, but I wouldn’t say it’s absolutely the best thing I’ve ever seen…still good though :D

  • i cant wait 4 this game

  • Hi Jeff!
    Thanks for posting this. Great way for me to get back on this site after I’ve been computer-less for months now, but I finally got one.

    I have never played any other GoW game (PS3 first console, before it was PC), so its great to know that I can get into this game without getting lost. I’m excited!

  • Fantastic. Keep up the interview and the good work. Cool to hear about some GOW 3 stuff! Hope you guys are have a good time.

  • Are the graphics you saw in GoW3 better than what we saw in the trailer on PSN?
    because the trailer graphics didn’t impress me at all.

  • Harpies have boobies o_o

  • I’m getting pretty tired of every journalist raving about this game, some even making outlandish remarks like ‘best game ive ever seen’… and yet we the readers are left to wait outside in the dark haha.

    the expectations are pretty huge on this one.. hope to see something soon

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