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While we enjoy carrying good news on these pages, there was much to be excited about from outside sources over the past few days: Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 confirmed for PS3, Valkyria Chronicles DLC upcoming, and you can now pick up God of War: Chains of Olympus for just 20 bucks.

That’s why we put together this list. Find those stories and more below, and then share your own in the comments area. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of March 16, 2009)

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  • oh and i forgot, congrats on the new baby girl jeff!

  • Great read.

    I really want the Valkyria Chronicles DLC to be in the EU store aswell… I would be as sad as when i found out Ace Combat 6 was a 360 exclusive (retrospectively i don’t care) if it was only in the US.

  • “Okay, so I’m a little disappointed we haven’t been getting our regular dosage of firmware updates can we have some more soon please and by soon i mean like a week or 2”

    Sony said they would follow up with less updates with greater FW changes. Thats why we dont see a FW update every mounth like before.

    Hey, Jeff! Give us a golden nugget and tell us on 5 minutes before twitter when Xi@HOME is out. Ktxbye

  • Does Jeff know anything about this “secret ps3 exclusive” that they’re teasing over there on psxextreme??

  • Jeff, thanks for letting us know that you & your wife are expecting a girl. Congratulations!

    Will we be hearing any news about M.A.G. at GDC?

  • Hey Jeff, I didn’t know that there was a $1 surcharge on store funding from a pre paid credit card, what’s up with that? Also can you recommend that the minimum purchase in the store be done away with, I have multiple cards with just 2 and 3 dollars on em, perfect for LBP stuff but The $5 minimum will not let me use em. Just a though.

    The Uncharted 2 article was my favorite of these…

  • @ Jeff congratulations on your baby being a girl, let me tell you you’ll have fun in about a year, oh and you should give us the baby’s-r-us registry so we can buy some of the stuff lol

  • oh and i forgot to say F-U-C-K Aaron Greenberg I’ll call your name @ the end of this year when we see the 360 go down because they can keep out with the PS3. for real

  • Do you know if Gust have any plans to bring Atelier Rorana to North America ?

  • mean to say keep up sorry for that, i keep telling you Jeff we need the ability to edit our posts please

  • Congrats on the baby Jeff!!

    Any word on the killzone 2 rifle winners?

  • Hey when does GDC start? Monday?

  • Hi guys,

    When are you going to start advertising the PS3 more? You guys have tough competition especially with that Arron Greenburg twat… But seriously, are you guys going to be marketing inFamous soon? Or maybe Uncharted 2!?

  • Thanks for all the great news articles! Always a good read!

  • I am really starting to think i need to pick up a PSP now because of all the spin-offs. Only one thing though, i don’t want it lasting a year or so. The news of “PSP 2” stops me from buying. I also heard it is dropping UMD; so i am in sort of a pickle…

  • @Jeff

    First of all, Congratulations on the baby girl.

    Now straight to business. ;)
    Are we going to hear anything about GOD OF WAR III on the blog “this week” or at GDC’09?

    In the other hand, did you discussed with Konami about all of the fans comments on MGS4 Trophy Patch?

    • We\’ll have those God of War Fan Question Interviews all week on the Blog. And yes, I know that Konami has noticed reader comments on the blog. That doesn\’t necessarily mean it\’ll happen, but you\’ve been heard.

  • New firmware, please.

    Also, Jeff, can you please take a gun to corporate and force them to start putting 1st party PS2 and older PSP games onto PSN for download to PS3? This is an obvious goldmine and I can’t, for the life of me, understand why this hasn’t:

    a. been thought of


    b. been enacted yet.

    Thanks! and congrats on the baby girl. I’m the proud father of three and let me tell you, those first few months are the hardest. After that? Cakewalk. Good luck!

  • I’ll bet you will a great dad, Jeff. :)

  • Congrats on the baby girl Jeff. If you could play one game with her what would it be?

  • I bet he’d play Pixel Junk Eden. Congratulations on the Baby Girl. She’s got a Great Man for a Dad.

  • Ben Dutka, PSX Extreme Editor-in-Chief here-

    Thanks for the links Jeff, and thanks to those who left cool comments. As for the PS3 exclusive we teased (accidentally, I promise), we can’t give out any information at this time, but I CAN say it’s a title that has been in the news, and has been rumored (perhaps even pseudo-confirmed in some way).

    Beyond that, we remain silent. :)

  • A lot of great reading this week, thanks Jeff.

    Any news on GT5 updates coming soon? other than competitions i cannot enter due to where i live.
    Also any new maps coming for Resistance 2?

  • Where’s Silent Hill 1 for North America? The UK got it in their PSN on Thursday!

    Also, forget about all those pretty much useless features that people WANT, like voice messaging, in-game private chat rooms, more avatars, etc…

    In a firmware what we NEED is upscaling to 1080i AND 1080p for PS3 titles that do not natively support it! Does Sony not realize that native 1080p LCD displays have to upscale 720p titles, resulting in much greater gaming lag? Not to mention those who have older HDTVs that do not even support 720p have a good majority of their titles downscaled to 480p. I mean really….

    Sony released a statement waaaaaaaay back in December of 2007 confirming the issue & commenting that a patch would be released soon.

    Where is it?

    Someone around there has got to have some answers… Jeff? Anything?

  • Hey Ben , do you have a link for that tease ?

  • @ SOOPERGOOMAN187 #57

    I believe you’re being charged the $1 fee by the pre-paid card company, not by Sony. I used to use prepaid cards a lot, and they usually charge a fee of at least $1 on every purchase made.

  • re: top article
    How about some more PS3 greatest hits? It’s been forever since the first batch.

    p.s. Congrats on the bambina.

  • Hi Jeff,Do you know if Yakuza 3 coming in Us in the future??

    Any comment on these rumors?

    Fumito Ueda will be there at GDC ’09. He will announce 2 projects. One of them is Shadow of the Colossus Online.

    Syphon Filter is underway to PS3. Apparently the developers are using the same engine behind Killzone2.

    Insomniac is developing a new action platformer RPG. It looks like a Zelda clone.

    Jak 4 is on the way too.

    Legend of Dragoon is under development and is to be launched in japan this year.

  • Defintely need s a Fumito Ueda interview too :d That’s the ONLY person who matters.

    Please Jeff.

    Reason I bought a PS3 right there.

  • Hey Jeff,

    Congratulations on the little girl!

    I have a couple small child units myself. They’ll provide more joy than any gaming console ever could, but they’ll also break your heart and drive you nuts at times too.

    I dread when my little girl turns into a teenager….

  • nice. i can’t wait for ninja gaiden sigma 2. the 360 took a lot of ps3 exclusives and now it’s time for the ps3 to take theirs also.

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